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February 11, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Tonight's stories include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Proverbs 3:5-6
  • In case you missed it
  • Inflation update
  • And much more.


Mike Huckabee

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Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3: 5-6

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2. Inflation Update:

Yesterday, I told you that year-to-year inflation in January hit 7.5%, the highest in 40 years. PJ Media reports that that sparked several analysts to calculate what that means to you.

Ryan Sweet of Moody’s Analytics says that it’s costing the average American family an extra $276 a month just to buy the exact same things as last year.

Your individual hit depends on what you buy. It’s an average, so for instance, housing costs are only up by 3.3%, but washing machines are 12.1% higher, used car prices are up by 37.3% and gas prices are up 49.5%.

And since the media love to add this line to every story that reflects badly on Republicans, I’ll add it myself, and for once, it’s true:

Inflation disproportionately hurts the poor and middle class.

3. In Case You Missed It:

Check out the video from Tuesday of Republican Sen. Ron Johnson grilling Deborah Lipstadt, President Biden’s nominee to head the State Department’s office to monitor and combat antisemitism. She’s a historian described by the Washington Post as an expert on antisemitism.

Last year in a radio interview, Johnson said he wasn’t concerned about Trump supporters filling Washington on January 6th, because he knew they were people who loved America, respected law enforcement and wouldn’t break the laws. But he “might have been a little concerned” if Trump had won and BLM and Antifa protesters had flooded Washington.

To most of us that sounds like common sense born of observation and experience. But Lipstadt took to Twitter to slam Johnson, calling his comments “white supremacy/nationalism. Pure and simple,” and calling him a “white nationalist sympathizer.”

On Tuesday, with Lipstadt under oath in front of him, Johnson, in the most rational of tones, forced her to see that she engaged in the same malicious, partisan poison that Biden claimed he would end by going in front of the world on social media and calling people racists and white supremacists when she’d never met them and didn’t know what was in their hearts.

She apologized and he accepted her apology, but said he could not support her nomination and hoped his colleagues wouldn’t either because “you’re simply not qualified for it.”

Watch the video and read the transcript. It’s one of the most skillful eviscerations of the left’s politics of mindless slander and personal destruction that I’ve ever seen. And it’s a beautiful thing to see someone squirm as she's forced to confront the real world seriousness of the kind of slander that’s unfortunately become the coin of the realm on social media, where distance and anonymity allow people to show the worst of their natures without fear of consequences. At least, if they're on the left.

Of course, it’s no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention that calling people racists and white supremacists has become cheap, meaningless political rhetoric. When Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg were sued for defamation for doing it, that was actually their legal defense: hey, it’s just a personal opinion, it doesn’t actually mean anything.

Well, it means a lot to the person being slandered, but obviously not to the political hacks slinging the slander.

4. Keep An Eye On This:

Another reason for parents to watch what their kids are being taught in schools: Schools across America are observing the controversial Black Lives Matter “Week of Action” by drilling the divisive, Marxist principles of BLM into their captive audience of kids. These include such poisonous precepts as “Disruption of the Western nuclear family” and pushing Critical Race Theory in schools.

Fox News Digital contacted all 50 state boards of education to ask if they had endorsed or implemented that. Several said they specifically rejected or barred it. Only one – Washington state – said they supported school districts that wanted to recognize BLM’s agenda.

To be clear: many schools will do this without having the state board endorse it, which is why it’s so important to know what your own kids’ school is doing. It’s also why so many liberal office holders and activists are so desperate to keep parents from having any knowledge or say over what their kids are being taught in school.

Personally, I believe that people should know the truth, and the truth shall set them free. So here’s the truth about BLM.

5. Careful Al:

Former Sen. Al Franken, who resigned at the height of the “Me,Too” frenzy over a vulgar photo taken on a USO tour with a sleeping actress, said it would be “tempting” to run again.

Careful, Al. You know what happens when you give in to temptation.

6. New Podcast Episodes:

Episode 108: 

Governor Huckabee sits down for a chat with cultural apologist and the co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of the Denison Forum, Jim Denison.

Episode 107:

This week on The People's Podcast, Governor Huckabee shares his thoughts on this year's Winter Olympics and chats with Jason Riley of Wall Street Journal fame about his new book, The Black Boom.

To listen and subscribe, go here:

7. I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

For more news of my news coverage, visit my website here.

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Comments 1-7 of 7

  • brian jennings

    02/12/2022 02:57 PM

    Cameras should be installed in every public classroom in the US. Only people who can watch are the parents of the kids in the class through a login on their laptop.

  • Floyd A Unger

    02/12/2022 02:29 PM

    Thank you

  • Ann Williams

    02/12/2022 11:19 AM

    The article about Senator Johnson's grilling of the Supreme Court candidate brought to mind George Schultz's quote, "Trust is the coin of the realm." It is not something that the liberal political elites bank on.

  • Jerry

    02/12/2022 08:38 AM

    Mike I am filled with rage that the msm has put all its focus on Ukraine and Russia while China lays in bush without much mentioning our country is in deep trouble on all fronts and are focusing about a pair of corrupt entities biden and Ukraine the most important border is Americas southern border no one is concerned about that biden has Americans backed into a corner

  • Anne Turner

    02/11/2022 11:07 PM

    May I suggest this Bible Verse, John 3:16

    I guess the second part has been changed to say love the neighbor as thyself as long as they agree with you and vilify them if they don’t.

  • Paul Kern

    02/11/2022 10:03 PM

    Appreciated the article where the senator exposed the hypocrisy of another one of the president's picks. The LGBTQ and others controlling him are showing their real colors
    I live in Washington and we are flooded with illegals, cartels and bigots from California and Oregon. People are deeply divided and now they have ruined the school system. The governor is leading the charge to ban guns by devious means. Be nice if your people see what a shambles his people are creating. The infrastructure is falling apart but he keeps trying to tax people to death here.

  • James Drury Jr.

    02/11/2022 07:35 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!