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February 4, 2022

Matt Taibbi, the red-pilled former Rolling Stone writer, has a must-read article on Substack about the way Facebook and the “fact-checking” site it often relies on, Lead Stories, use the phrase “missing context” to disparage and discourage the sharing of stories that are “true, but inconvenient.”

The story it centers on was an accurate account of a whistleblower’s accusations about a company that was involved in the trials of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. The author of that story, a meticulous former Congressional researcher, said Lead Stories and Facebook didn’t do a fact-check, they just didn’t like the story and were “checking narrative, not fact.”

What’s frightening about this is that it’s not only being used as an excuse to censor information under the guise of it being “misinformation,” but the current White House occupants not only approve but are encouraging more of it:

The Founders in their wisdom understood that the free exchange of ideas and information was the best way to ensure that good ideas prevail. Anyone espousing bad ideas could be exposed by people freely destroying their arguments. When governments (or in this case, politicized speech platforms doing the bidding of their CEOs or the White House) block that free speech, it doesn’t go away. It just goes underground, where there’s less chance of it being exposed.

“Misinformation” has become a pseudonym for “things we don’t like people talking about,” just as “dangerous misinformation” now means, “things people shouldn't be allowed to talk about." But that all depends on who’s defining “dangerous misinformation.”

Every day, I see the same media outlets who want Joe Rogan silenced giving air time to racial dividers, anti-police campaigners and America-hating socialists, all of whom are spewing what I consider extremely dangerous misinformation, and I can point to the tragic consequences of their policies to prove it. But providing a platform to those spewers of dangerous garbage is MSNBC’s business model.

If these alleged “fact-checkers” have a legitimate reason for disputing a story, then let’s hear it. But first, let’s hear the original story. And let’s all remember that we have a God-given right to free speech and freedom of the press, and the President has no right whatsoever to interfere in that. If Biden faces impeachment over facilitating the breaking of immigration laws thousands of times over, then please throw into the charges that he also unconstitutionally abused his power by leaning on private companies to censor Americans’ right to free speech.

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  • James Michels

    02/09/2022 03:01 PM

    Dear Gov. Mike ---- I recently requested your comments on Sen Ron Johnson's Jan. 20th forum (5+ hours) with several caring and well-informed participants discussing the Covid PLandemic and the (better) options for prevention & EARLY TREATMENT. Here it is again, and again I welcome your response as well as your perspectives. ----- "I recently listened to the [entire 5+ hour] Jan. 20th forum with Senator Ron Johnson and several "very credible, knowledgeable & well-informed" participants discussing the very obvious distortions, lies and disinformation the global public has been fed regarding Covid-19 ---- and the various EFFECTIVE precautions, treatments and remedies which have been [and continue to be] discredited, rejected and ridiculed by many [various evil] forces. The evil motivations include financial greed as well as a perverse commitment to CONTROL [through F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)] the masses --- many of which have [like zombies] been willing participants in a form of GROUPTHINK which is unwilling to consider any perspective which is in any way in conflict with [or even inconsistent with] the prevailing propaganda/narratives established by and perpetuated by the close-minded so-called experts and their foolish zombies who refuse to consider any alternative reality. -----
    Dear Friends,
    would you be kind enough [and courageous enough] to listen to this Jan 20th forum [on Rumble and also on O.A.N.] ---- and share your perspectives? ----
    ***** You can find the entire forum presentaion on my FB post of Jan 29th" ------