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March 24, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

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  • Tipping=Racism
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Mike Huckabee


But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

James 1:6

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Intriguing idea

I’m naturally skeptical of any voting system that involves the Internet, but this is at least an intriguing idea.

A company called Redo Voting is touting its new ballot system based on the same security protocols as state lotteries. They say that while it’s technically possible to hack it, it would be so difficult that that’s why nobody has ever been able to rig a lottery. It would give every registered voter one ballot synched to their ID (if you lose it, it can be replaced, but you can’t vote twice.) You can vote from anywhere, the vote is tallied immediately, and anyone can look at the results to ensure they’re honest. There would be no chain-of-custody issues, no influence buying by tech billionaires, and no stopping ballot counts at midnight. They claim it’s transparent, unhackable and incorruptible.

If I were a betting man, I’d wager everything I own that the Democrats will fight it tooth and claw.

Time for alternatives to Twitter

Here’s yet another reason why everyone should stop using Twitter and switch to an alternative site that respects freedom of speech. Here are a few options (hint: not Facebook):

Not only did Twitter ban the Babylon Bee over a satirical story that accurately described HHS official Rachel Levine as a biological male, now they’ve suspended the account of the Christian Post for the same reason. Only to make matters worse, they claimed the CP might be in violation of French hate speech laws, and that if they disagreed, they might have to challenge the decision in a French court.

I didn’t realize that Twitter is a French company. Maybe that would explain why they seem to be totally ignorant of such American traditions as the First Amendment and Section 230 of the Communications Act that protects them from lawsuits only as long as they act as a neutral platform and not a publisher/editor.

As that linked story notes, Twitter has a strange set of standards for what it does and doesn’t allow. Former President Trump is banned for allegedly fomenting violence, but the leaders of Iran who take daily breaks to chant “Death to America” still have Twitter accounts. The President of a nation that perpetuates genocide can stay on Twitter, but they ban comedians who tweet jokes pointing out that that nation perpetuates genocide.

Also, while they censor many conservative sites (including this one) for “disinformation” even though we’re telling the truth, there have been no repercussions for liberals who’ve wildly mischaracterized Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill and falsely labeled it as the “Don’t Say Gay Law.” In fact, they’re openly promoting that disinformation.

Of course, Twitter is hardly alone in its attempts to silence people for speaking obvious truths that counteract leftist narratives. Take a look at how NBC applied more Photoshopping to “trans” swimmer Lia Thomas you’d see on a Vogue magazine cover shot of Kamala Harris.

I would say the assaults on reality by both big media and social media have become trans…parent.

“Harrison Bergeron 2022”

Parents are furious at the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado for doing away with the concept of a class Valedictorian because “learning is not a competition” and “class rank and Valedictorian status” are outdated.

I’m betting that nobody on that school board was class valedictorian.

In a story that I’m sure is totally unrelated, the New York Post reports that over 120,000 students and families have left the New York City public school system over the past five years.


Wait, so you’re saying that electing leftist radicals who gut your police department and hand your city over to anarchists, rioters and criminals results in a “criminal and humanitarian emergency”? Why didn’t someone warn the voters of Seattle about this?!

This happened for REAL

Yet more proof of why it’s so hard to be a satirist these days: No matter how ridiculous a story you make up, it won’t be long before the “woke” left do it for real.

Kamala Harris: In the Deep End

Those who suspect that Kamala Harris is in over her head don’t even realize just how far off the deep end she is, at least according to a new book by two New York Times reporters.

In addition to the well-documented public fumbles and endless staff turnovers we’ve all seen, the book claims that Harris tortures her staff with diva-like behavior like complaining about the photo of her that appeared on the cover of Vogue (staffers warned that her griping would come across as the very definition of a “first world problem”), and demanding to know why everyone stood when Biden entered the room but not when she did (uh…because he’s the President and she’s not?)

Caveat: I tend to take any revelations from tell-all books, especially those involving anonymous sources and New York Times reporters, with a pillar of salt. There were a lot of those during the Trump years, and with my White House connections, I knew that many of the outrageous stories they peddled were complete garbage. As to whether the horror stories about Harris are true or not, I don’t have a clue. But I do know that the people pushing the anti-Trump books had a strong ulterior motive to harm and undermine him, while the same people are desperate to shore up support for Biden and Harris. If this is the best they can make her look, I can only imagine what it’s really like.


“1619 Project” author Nikole Hannah-Jones (who actually won a Pulitzer Prize for that widely-debunked piece of historically illiterate claptrap) has found yet another thing that’s a racist legacy of slavery: tipping. She claims it arose after the Civil War as an excuse for underpaying black service workers, and that’s why “we tip in the US and nowhere else.”

But as Nina Bookout at the Victory Girls blog points out, none of that is true. Service workers are all races and always have been. Tipping is common around the world, even in nations that aren’t multi-racial, and has been for centuries. She even reproduced a tweet from a real historian who scanned a page on tipping from a travel guide to Europe written in the 1730s.

The inexplicable popularity of Nikole Hannah-Jones and her obsession with finding slavery at the root of every subject in American history reminds me of something that the late Dr. Carl Sagan said about Eric von Däniken, the writer who popularized the idea of space aliens building all the wonders of the ancient world. He said that everything von Däniken doesn’t understand, he attributes to aliens, and unfortunately, there are a LOT of things he doesn’t understand. Sagan also said this, which is equally applicable to the “1619 Project” author:

“That writing as careless as von Däniken's, whose principal thesis is that our ancestors were dummies, should be so popular is a sober commentary on the credulousness and despair of our times…I know of no recent books so riddled with logical and factual errors as the works of von Däniken.”

Well, now we do.

I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

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Comments 1-10 of 13

  • Lois Thurston

    03/26/2022 07:11 AM

    I'm really enjoying y our article on Pres. Trump's lawsuit against Clinton (et al.). Does my heart good!

  • John F Jones

    03/26/2022 04:29 AM

    I enjoy your Newsletter and your TBN program and have followed you for years.
    I am a 75-year-old conservative Christian and ordained minister.
    I along with many others have been concerned with election improprieties.
    I believe God has blessed me with an idea to ensure ELECTION INTERGRETY.
    I need help and advice on implementing this idea.

    In summary, in a recent Korean election a pastor offered a reward of $1,000,000.00 for
    anyone who reported suspected election fraud (and the suspect was subsequently arrested and convicted). This award appears to have had a very positive effect on the election.

    I would like to develop a Go Fund Me type of account to accept contributions from other concerned patriotic citizens, both Democrat and Republican as I believe this is a nonpartisan issue.

    This Fund would be administered by a non-paid commission on a lottery basis, depending on the funds collected there could be many awards. I am not looking to gain monetarily from this concept, I just want a fair and transparent election.

    However, I need advice on how to develop this concept without incurring any personal tax liability. I believe you too would endorse this idea and therefore help me implementation.
    If you would like to take this idea and run with it, that is fine with me as my objective is not personal gain but ELECTION INTERGRETY, a fair and transparent election.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    God Bless,

  • Joseph L Healy

    03/25/2022 12:22 PM

    Gov. Mike:
    Maybe Redo Voting should make a dry, test run of its ballot system with a "practice" election across a large area and large number of people, say, a hypothetical contest between Kamala Harris and Ron DeSantis, in 4 or 5 states.
    They claim it's un-hackable but I'll bet the DNC has already got their Russian cyber warfare experts working on it! Might not save them in November but '24 could be a different story!

  • Sandra Malone

    03/25/2022 09:29 AM

    Regarding your article on voting: I am very concerned about the upcoming election. I am worried that the Dems will do anything to get elected and stay in power. They will do anything except what is right for the country that is. We have voter ID laws here in Tennessee but we need them everywhere. I am not for the federal government telling states how to run their elections but voter ID would be one federal law I could go along with.

  • Lee Stafford

    03/25/2022 07:09 AM

    Did anyone notice the reporter who did not come to a complete stand and sat right back down yesterday when Biden entered the room?

  • judy gleason

    03/24/2022 11:20 PM

    Tip, as I have always been taught is actually an acronym and began in Europe a century or more ago. The word Tip is an abbreviation for "To Insure Promptness" and originally was paid in advance to couriers to make sure the senders' messages got delivered quickly.
    I don't see how anyone can twist that into racism.

  • Gary Stilwerll

    03/24/2022 10:26 PM

    RE: Kamala-deep end--
    trying to find some rational argument for this person's existence--still looking - nothing yet--

  • Anne Turner

    03/24/2022 09:59 PM

    It was obvious from the start that Kamala Harris did not have the experience to be VP, i.e., President. She did not have executive or legislative credentials and only bare judicial experience from being a prosecutor. Nevertheless, she filled the Black Woman slot. We have now reached the point in electing our leaders where the main qualifications are race and gender, not necessarily the gender to which we were born. This is so against the philosophy of MLK that it is very sad. I do not think that there is any question that Kamala will become president before the
    Biden term is completed. I actually think that people should stand for the
    VP and Speaker of the House out of respect for the offices.

    I do not want to hear complaints by those who voted DNC. They knew exactly what they were getting but let hatred overcome any judgement or conscience they might have had.

    The main purpose of getting an education is to prepare children to face life as an adult. When they go to work, the nature of business is to promote the producers of ideas, management, sales, and products. Therefore, they will be entering a competitive world. Rewarding achievement emulated their future working world. What are these people thinking?

    One reason the Ukrainians are doing so much better than expected is that the really, really care about defending their homeland, while the
    Russian soldier could care less. They are just doing what they are told to do. I sm mindful of the Israelis who fought off the Syrians and now own the Golan
    Height, despite being very out manned and out gunned. Sheer will can do amazing things. If Putin uses nukes, we should immediately reduce Moscow to ashes. If we dither the world is lost.

  • Kathleen Doucette

    03/24/2022 09:37 PM

    Babylon Bee has moved to the free speech platform Gab. You should recommend Gab as an alternative to Twitter, and you should have an account there, too!

  • David Clark

    03/24/2022 08:08 PM

    I would guess you know as well as anyone else that tipping is universal the world over. In Europe the service charge ("tip") is added automatically to restaurant bills, and tipping hotel staff and anyone offering official assistance is normal in Europe. In fact, in the US, tipping, other than restaurant wait staff, is uncommon.