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March 8, 2022

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The Flaws in “Fact-Checking”

As an aside to the story about the Washington Post saying in 2020 that “experts” found Trump’s claim that oil prices would spike under Biden “dubious,” and that prices would more likely be lower, this is a good opportunity to point out one of the many glaring flaws in the methodology of what currently passes for “fact-checking.” And that is the reliance on so-called "expert" opinion as a substitute for objective facts.

There’s a term for that: the “appeal to authority.” It means claiming that something must be true if one “credible” source believes it. It’s one of the most common logical fallacies.

(I apologize for citing logic, since we now know that’s just a form of white supremacy.)

Many modern “fact-checkers” rely on this, and media and social media outlets use them to censor any questioning of their pronouncements as if they are unassailable fact, handed down from Mt. Sinai on stone tablets. Later, when we discover they were wrong, we’re told, “The science has changed.” But science doesn’t change, we just learn that our original understanding of it was WRONG. And the only way to figure that out is to question authority. Which we’re not allowed to do because that’s known as the “scientific method,” and that’s also now been branded as “white supremacy.”

I’d like to recommend a book that should be required reading for all people who want to declare themselves “fact-checkers.” It’s by Christopher Cerf, and it’s called “The Experts Speak: The Definitive Compendium of Authoritative Misinformation.” It’s a history of the many false things that experts once assured us were true, such as that man could never fly, that it would be fatal for a human to travel faster than 30 mph, that there’s no reason any person would ever need a home computer, and many more. And my favorite genius, the Decca Records executive who turned down the Beatles, telling them that guitar groups were on the way out.

Yes, these are the “experts,” the people we now rely on to tell us truths that are so irrefutable that some people want to make trying to refute them illegal. That's why when a "fact-checker" begins with "experts say," I say you should prepare for a snow job. By the way, "experts" assured us years ago that due to global warming, snow would be a thing of the past by now.

Former Director of the NIH mocks Christians and vaccine hesitant

Dr. Francis Collins, the former director of the NIH and current science adviser to President Biden – one of those public figures who famously proclaims himself pro-science and non-political -- was caught sounding pretty political on leaked audio obtained by the Daily Wire.

You can read the full quotes at the link. It was recorded at a Christianity Today event where Collins mocked Christians and the idea of individual rights in resisting vaccine mandates, made some pretty nasty comments about churches, and repeated information about virus spread that turned out to be factually incorrect. Only one of those things could be considered part of his job.

Defund Police Advocate spends $63k of taxpayer money on private security

In one of those “Shocking but not surprising” stories, newly-released records show that the biggest advocate of defunding the police among the far-left “Squad,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, spent $63,000 of her MRA (Member Representational Allowance – i.e., our tax money) on private security for herself.

Well, who can blame her? After all, her life matters.

Arrested, Jan 6 Defendant still hasn’t been charged

When we think of people being arrested and then waiting for months without charges being filed, we think of dictatorships and banana republics. So why is it happening here, in the very capital of the United States of America?

There’s a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo to weed through, but the upshot of that article is that a January 6th defendant, Lucas Denney, was arrested back in December and still had no idea what he was charged with. His attorney filed for the case to be dismissed because under the Speedy Trial Act, prosecutors are required to issue an indictment within 30 days of arrest. Denney had a hearing set for Monday, but the DOJ rushed through a one-count indictment at the last minute and cited various excuses, such as COVID delays.

The judge ruled on a technicality that he couldn’t dismiss the case that day, but if the law means anything anymore (an open question), the charge should be dropped because the DOJ clearly violated the Speedy Trial Act.

However, the judge sharply rebuked the DOJ, saying that if they’ve charged more people over January 6th than they can keep up with, that’s their fault, not the defendants’. He pointed out that they claim these are such important cases because they’re protecting the Constitution, then they violate the defendants’ Constitutional rights in the process of prosecuting them.

But then, that seems to be a recurring theme in all the Democrats’ zealous drum-banging over January 6th: they’re going to save the Constitution and “democracy,” even if they have to trample both of them to death to do it.

A special kind of stupid: Blaming Republicans for Ukraine

There are various levels of stupidity, each with a specific meaning. Some people are dumb. Below that are idiots and morons. And at the very bottom of the intelligence scale are MSNBC and CNN pundits. Like the ones who are trying to blame the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Republicans and comparing the plight of Ukrainians to the suffering of Americans under Republican rule. Because having your house blown up by Russian artillery is obviously comparable to having record low unemployment, rising wages, secure borders and gas under $2 a gallon.

FYI: Over the past 13 years, who was in office during the only US Presidential term in which Russia did NOT invade a neighboring country? Hint for MSNBC/CNN pundits: he wasn’t a Democrat.

Timeline: Gas Prices have been rising since Biden took office

Here’s a simple graphic courtesy of Instapundit that you can share with any liberal friends who try to claim that gas prices are only rising because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It shows clearly that gas prices began rising from the very moment that Biden and his crew invaded the White House.

Putin continues to tweet about Nazis and genocidal invasion of Ukraine, but President Trump cannot

In case you needed a reminder of how biased and destructive Twitter is, former President Trump is still banned from the platform over a false allegation that he encouraged violence, while the leader of Iran (“Death to America!”) is not, and neither is Vladimir Putin, who still has a Twitter account. So if he wants to tweet about how his genocidal invasion of Ukraine is going, he can.

Remind me again: why is this company designated as a “neutral” platform that has federal protection from lawsuits?

Argument: Who is the bigger Trump fan?

You could argue that it would be nice if sports and entertainment figures would stay out of politics entirely (Ricky Gervais made that argument to their faces at the Golden Globe Awards.) But as long as they are going to make political statements, it is refreshing to see two of them get into a big argument over which one is the bigger Trump supporter.

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  • Steven M. Bachelder

    03/10/2022 12:05 AM

    It seems to me that the enemy we are facing is much bigger than blaming Dems or Repubs. Where as the Dems scream about saving the democracy from the Fascist Republicans, they have installed a puppet president not holding to the vote of the people. Who is running the show anyway? It is not the American way but the Devos, WEF, Klaus and George buddy. My opinion is that phase (1) (pandemic) was to see how much control they could exert before the masses pushed back. (2) Russia: Designed for green new deal, war on fossil fuel, food shortage, nation alliance. (3) Financial reboot, global upheaval, People desperate for a savior from the turmoil. (4) The anti-christ. savior (small s). It's time to go into the back yard and jump up for rapture practice, But alas I keep coming back down. Soon though!! Jesus will be here soon!!!

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/09/2022 07:33 PM

    Thank you

  • Jerry

    03/09/2022 05:00 PM

    Joe biden is the Coward of the Country biden is comparable to the Gatlins raping another man’s wife while the man was at work Americans are getting close to catching up with biden and locking the doors behind them old yellow Joe will soil himself as he does on a daily basis as Americans are getting close to enough is enough of the bully things he is doing the country we either let biden run on own or Americans demand imprisonment for this failing fool one needs to be cautious biden may be training the military to fight against Americans

  • Patrick Canan

    03/09/2022 02:46 PM

    Given the high stakes of the ongoing war, it is disconcerting that there is no surviving record and, except for their first encounter, no American witness to what was said, or possibly agreed upon, in the five face-to-face meetings between presidents Trump and Putin.