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March 22, 2022


Good morning! Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • The deeper significance of Hunter laptop story, Part 1
  • Daring to speak up
  • “Are you better off now than you were a year ago?”
  • Russian losses mount in Ukraine
  • And much more

Prayers today for those who were in the path of a number of tornadoes that ripped through Texas on Monday. Thank God, there have so far been no reports of deaths or injuries, but several of the terrifying twisters were caught in jaw-dropping video footage. One came down in a Walmart parking lot and threw a large SUV 400 feet. Another blew a red pickup truck off the road, hurtling it sideway and rolling it over. But in the ultimate Texan act of defiance, the pickup rolled back upright, and the driver shifted back into gear and drove on.


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2. The deeper significance of Hunter laptop story, Part 1

With all that’s been discussed about Hunter Biden’s laptop --- what it reveals about the Biden family and the shocking lengths to which government agencies, politicians and the media LIED, at least until Biden was safely in office --- there’s yet another aspect to the story, one we touched on last week but would like to examine more deeply now.

Doesn’t it seem like an odd coincidence that the very parts of the world that are exploding now are the ones the Biden family was greatly profiting from; namely, Ukraine, Russia and China? (For this discussion, we’re focusing on Ukraine.) This is why voters deserve to know all about a candidate’s potential conflicts of interest before putting him in office.

And doesn’t it also seem weird that the same people whose names we first heard during Trump's first impeachment, some of them officials at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, are now popping up in revelations about the Trump/Russia Hoax? The two casts of characters overlap --- why is that?

It’s long been known by people in government that the corruption in Ukraine made it possible for some Americans to profit hugely. Hunter Biden is an easy example, but numerous people with marketable influence in both parties have apparently used corrupt institutions in Ukraine as their own personal ATM, laundering huge piles of cash as they changed hands for various reasons. Nobody asked questions. The elite members of this club brought in their families, friends and colleagues. It’s been going on for decades.

NOTE: As we’ve said before, the corruption in Ukraine in no way excuses the cold disregard and unforgivable violence Putin has shown to its people, most of whom were just trying to make a living and support their families and communities. Russia is chock-full of corruption as well. So is America, for that matter, as we’re learning more each day. Those who use Ukrainian corruption to rationalize what Putin is doing are trying to defend the indefensible.

That said, it’s also important to recognize that what we’re seeing of the corruption is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine if Hunter had somehow dimly remembered his laptop was at the repair shop and had managed, in his drug-addled state, to crawl his way back there and pick it up. Life would have gone on, with most of us likely never knowing the extent of Biden family graft. Maybe a few dedicated reporters like Miranda Devine and Peter Schweizer would have succeeded in nibbling around the edges, perhaps written books that conservatives would read, but that would’ve been it.

Likewise, what if Hillary’s use of a private server as Secretary of State had never been exposed? What if Guccifer had never hacked into Sidney Blumenthal’s account and ended up with her private address on classified emails about Benghazi, and if State Department lawyers hadn’t noticed that address themselves and looked into it? Hillary’s criminal (yes) use of a private server for classified official business would have remained a secret. With her load of baggage lightened, she might’ve been elected President after all. At any rate, she would’ve gotten away clean.

Some of my readers –- I know, because they write to me –- are thinking, “Well, she DID get away clean. Why do we even bother talking about these scandals? Nothing ever happens.” At the risk of sounding like Hillary herself, they carp, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

I would argue that it makes a tremendous difference that we don’t just live with the lies. Those of us who’ve been investigating this for years are at last breaking through to the public at large, who only now are learning what we’ve known for some time: that a reasonable prosecutor WOULD have taken Hillary’s case, that there really ARE deep-state actors in our bureaucracy, that the Bidens --- including “the big guy” --- ARE corrupt, that “Russia” WAS a hoax all along, that the laptop IS real and the FBI withheld it during Trump’s impeachment, that social media is a leftist propaganda arm, and that some people who say they care about “our democracy” really just want to keep their personal gravy train rolling. Americans are wising up. The next step (and it’s a loo-loo) is to acknowledge that suppressing the laptop WAS election interference, likely changing the outcome of the Biden-Trump race.

Incidentally, Barr also says that Biden knowingly lied about the laptop being Russian disinformation. He was “shocked,” he says. Barr tells us this...NOW??

According to investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, the timing of the admission in The New York Times that the laptop is real, with the coordination we might assume they had with Hunter’s legal team and the White House, indicates to him that Hunter is likely to be indicted. (So, does he then get pardoned by his father?) Jonathan Turley, in an interview with Brian Kilmeade Monday night, agreed. “There’s only so long you can deny something that’s staring you in the face,” he said. He noted that since they’ve finally acknowledged it’s real, we can move forward to talk about what it means.

Which brings us back to Ukraine. Mollie Hemingway’s book RIGGED, the chapter “Burying Biden Corruption,” details not only Hunter’s profits in Ukraine ‘serving’ on the Burisma board but also how committee chairman Adam Schiff made sure this were never brought up in the hearings, as it would’ve justified Trump’s “impeachable” phone call to President Zelenskyy. The word “rigged” applies just as well to that sham impeachment as it does to the election.

Dan Bongino has been talking about the curious re-emergence of the same Ukrainian names we heard during the impeachment. He dug up an article in Politico from November 2019, about Ukrainian-American DNC political consultant Alexandra Chalupa wanting to “raise the alarm” about Trump campaign director Paul Manafort’s alleged Russian ties. Recall that Manafort was forced to resign, and later hounded by Robert Mueller’s special counsel, over the so-called “black ledger” of payments supposedly made to him by a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine –- a ledger that has been determined to be fake. What Politico said at the time about Republicans trying to hold back “a mountain of emerging evidence” that showed Trump “used his leverage over Ukraine to pressure the country’s leaders to investigate his political rivals” seems laughable now. What a waste of our nation’s time and taxpayers’ money.

Let’s see...I can think of an American VICE-President who used his leverage to pressure Ukraine’s leaders NOT to investigate someone. That was joe Biden.

A photo turned up of Chalupa in the White House, standing next to the man identified as the impeachment “whistleblower” over Trump’s phone call. Recall that we were never supposed to say his name, but we did: Eric Ciaramella. The big take-away: These people were all working together, folks, and that’s the real “collusion.” Remember this about Ciaramella, from Paul Sperry?

Look for our Part 2 tomorrow. In the meantime, we recommend two chapters in Bongino’s 2020 book “FOLLOW THE MONEY: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti-Trump Cabal”: Chapter 1 --- “Insane in Ukraine,” and Chapter 8 --- “Whistleblowing in the Dark.”

3. Daring to speak up

It’s good to see that more people are finally daring to speak up about the outrageous unfairness of allowing biological males to compete against female athletes and steal all their records, awards and scholarships.

Let’s hope it’s a sign that people are finally shaking off their fear of “cancel culture” and letting a tiny minority whose voices are amplified by social media cow them into quietly accepting – or at least not speaking up about -- things that are obviously wrong.

As a reminder, revisit this story from last November.

It reported that Pew Research Center found only about 6% of the electorate are far-left “progressives” who believe the kind of radical “social justice” views that are being forced onto the rest of us. Ironically, these champions of “diversity and inclusion” are mostly young, white, college-indoctrinated (I can’t bring myself to say “educated”) atheists who’ve decided that their point of view is the only one that’s allowed to be expressed. If any other group that looked like them were doing the same thing they’re doing, they’d call those people racists and fascists. But at a paltry 6% of the population, they’re not just the tail wagging the dog, they’re a stub tail.

On a related subject, if you haven’t seen this weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN yet, then check out my interview with Dr. Todd Rose, author of one of the most important books of the decade, “Collective Illusions.” It’s a game-changer and a mind-opener.

It will make you realize how people have been misled to believe this nation is irreparably divided into warring radical camps with no common ground, when in fact, most of us still believe in the same traditional American values we’ve always believed in. We’ve just been bullied and brainwashed by a small group of far-too-influential loudmouths into accepting poisonous media and political narratives that aren’t true.

4. “Are you better off now than you were a year ago?”

One of the standard questions anyone running for reelection will have to face from opponents is “Are you better off now than you were a year ago?” A new Issues & Insights/TIPP poll asked Americans that question, and the answer doesn’t bode well for the Democrats who’ve been completely in charge of the government since January 2020.

42% said they’re worse off, 36% said they’re “about the same” (and remember what a year ago was like), and fewer than 20% said they were better off.

As noted at the link, Biden told fellow Democrats earlier this month that under him, the US has experienced the “best economic growth in the last four decades,” claiming, “We did it alone. Without one single solitary Republican vote. It was the Democrats — it was you — that brought us back.”

It’s interesting how he phrased that – “brought us back” – because that’s the only part of that claim that’s true, and this poll shows the vast majority of Americans know it. It was the Democrats who led the push to artificially shut down the booming Trump economy, and it was red states who led the way in ending those lockdowns and bringing that economy back. Americans aren’t idiots; they know that allowing businesses to reopen is NOT “economic growth,” nor is letting people finally go back to work “creating jobs.”

And what he’s bragging about Democrats passing with no Republican votes were massive spending bills that flooded the economy with dollars and helped fan inflation, so that even though wages are up by an average of 5%, inflation since last year has hit 7.9%, so spending power has dropped. That’s called “being worse off” than you were a year ago.

There’s more from the poll at the link, but it was already summed up long ago by Abe Lincoln, who observed that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

5. Russian losses mount in Ukraine

Here is today’s link to Fox News’ continually-updated bulletins on the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Among the major headlines of the last 24 hours: Ukraine’s President says that the city of Mariupol, which refused Putin’s demand to surrender, has been “completely destroyed” by Russian shelling, but his military is putting up a “fierce fight” against Russian troops. The US Embassy accused Russian troops of kidnapping nearly 2400 Ukrainian children. Putin downplayed suggestions that Russia is planning cyberattacks on the US. The Pentagon said there’s “clear evidence” that Russia has committed war crimes. They also said Russia is clearly frustrated with the unexpectedly slow, bloody invasion. They don’t know what Putin’s end game is, but analysts say reports of FSB agents and others being placed under house arrest suggest that Putin fears insiders are plotting against him.

The Russian forces are being slowed down not only by Ukrainian resistance, but by the weather, with thick mud preventing movement of troops and tanks, and deliveries of supplies. Supply lines are also reportedly being disrupted by sabotage attacks in Belarus.

And a pro-Kremlin tabloid posted a story, then quickly removed it, which seemed to contain leaked Russian Ministry of Defense casualty numbers. It said that 9,861 Russian soldiers had died and 16,153 were injured so far. The last official KIA number they released on March 2nd was 498. If those leaked numbers are true (which can’t be verified), that would mean Russia has lost nearly two-thirds as many soldiers in less than a month than the 15,000 who died over 10 years in Afghanistan. Other estimates have Russia's KIA number even higher, up to more than 17,000.

6. Day 1 Supreme Court Hearing Recap

The first day of the Senate confirmation hearings for Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson consisted of nothing but opening statements by Jackson and the Senators.

Jackson said, “During this hearing, I hope you will see how much I love this country, the Constitution, and the rights that make us free. I decide cases from a neutral posture. I evaluate the facts, and I interpret and apply the law to the facts of the case before me without fear or favor, consistent with my judicial oath. I know that my role as a judge is a limited one – that the Constitution empowers me only to decide cases and controversies that are properly presented. And I know that my judicial role is further constrained by careful adherence to precedent.”

That’s reassuring, but also hard to believe. Jackson wasn’t chosen by whoever’s making President Biden’s decisions for him just because she brings much-needed diversity to the SCOTUS by being yet another liberal Harvard alum. There were other judges who checked Biden’s “black/female” boxes, but Jackson was known as the most leftwing activist of the choices.

Senate Democrats provided the comic relief by admonishing Republicans that they had promised to keep the process “civil.” This from the same people who accused Judge Barrett of being in a "Handmaid's Tale" style religious cult and who smeared Brett Kavanaugh as a drunk, rapist and rape gang organizer with zero evidence.

As Sen. Ted Cruz reminded them, it’s the Democrats who have a disgusting history of turning SCOTUS hearings into “high tech lynchings” (Clarence Thomas’ term for the hearings he faced, thanks to then-Senator Joe Biden.) Biden also voted against a black female Bush nominee. He claimed it was because he disagreed with her philosophy and rulings, but by the Democrats' own claims, we can assume he just was being a racist.

The Republicans launched no personal attacks on Judge Jackson, but they made it clear that they had serious reservations about her previous statements and rulings. These include seven cases in which she gave pedophiles sentences far more lenient than federal guidelines called for, and her comments praising “The 1619 Project” and saying that judges should consider Critical Race Theory in sentencing defendants.

That doesn’t sound like being neutral and applying the facts without favor and in adherence to precedent. It would be nice to know more on her thinking about sentencing, but Sen. Chuck Grassley complained that his request for public records on Jackson’s four years on the US Sentencing Commission (which Democrats cited as part of her valuable experience) had been blocked and 48,000 pages worth of documents withheld from view.

Republican Senators, and indeed all Americans, deserve to know whether an unelected judge who may be handing down decisions that affect all our lives for decades to come is telling the truth about respecting the Constitution, the rule of law and limits on judicial power. Without that reassurance, we could end up with a two-tiered “justice” system – one in which people who, say, attempted to block the sacred duties of Congress by creating a disturbance in the chamber to block the Kavanaugh confirmation were let go without being accused of “insurrection” while a Trump supporter who was told by a Capitol Police officer that he could enter the Capitol, so he came in, looked around and left, faces up to 20 years in prison.

It never used to be necessary even to ask SCOTUS nominees if they believed in the type of banana republic “justice” system where people are punished or released based on their political beliefs rather than their actions. Unfortunately, now it is. And Republicans didn’t create that.

7. This CSPAN poll will shake you

We all like to think, or at least hope, that likely voters are the best informed voters. But a shocking new CSPAN poll of likely voters may shake our faith.

It found that 44% of respondents didn’t know that the three branches of government were co-equal. Nearly half (46%) think the SCOTUS is a partisan institution (granted, they might have a point, at least unofficially.) 61% claimed they were closely following Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, but 72% have no idea who it is, and 85% didn’t know she’s a black female, which was Biden’s #1 criteria for choosing a nominee. And while Roe v. Wade was the best-known SCOTUS decision, only 6% knew Brown vs. Board of Education, the landmark ruling that ended segregation in schools.

But that’s not the only poll that reflects badly on the public’s grasp of important information. A YouGov America survey found that people must assume that the louder a voice a group has in the media, the larger it is, which ain’t necessarily so.

Asked to estimate the size of various groups, on average, respondents thought that 21% of the US population is transgender (it’s actually 1%), that 26% make over a million dollars a year (in reality, less than 1%), that 27% are Muslim (1%), 27% are Native American (1%), 30% are Jewish (2%), 30% are gay or lesbian (3%), 33% are atheist (3%), and that 41% of Americans are black (actually 12%.) Although it’s possible that 41% of people currently in TV commercials are black.

Again, this is a great example of the premise of Dr. Todd Rose’s book “Collective Illusions,” that so much of what people believe is based on misconceptions and falsehoods, many of them promulgated by groups with an agenda that are trying to sound bigger and more powerful than they really are. And the way they keep those illusions alive is by scaring people out of questioning them.

8. Thanks Brandon!

A Chicago man went viral with a video showing that it cost him nearly $1,000 to fill his RV’s gas tank. It’s become known as the “putting your mortgage payment in your tank” video.

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    03/28/2022 02:08 PM

    can you send me the hunter lap top edition of part 2 please and thanks
    i missed it
    can not find it

  • Gary Stilwell

    03/23/2022 07:37 PM

    RE: SCOTUS recap.
    The very fact the current nominee claims to rely so heavily on 'precedent' is very revealing--'Precedent' is a lawyers' blank check to NOT do the required due diligence in a case(relying on past cases{some of which may have already been overturned, but they cite it anyway}---NO CASE---and I mean NO CASE, is exactly like another--the respondents are different, the legal counsel is different, the jury is different, whether the judge had burnt bacon for breakfast is different, whether the defense dressed the alleged criminal in a brand new suit(which the defendant never owned), is different--
    -Precedent is folly--it NEVER addresses the case at hand, and should be patently dissallowed!

  • Judy Wiggins

    03/23/2022 11:21 AM

    One could argue that the three branches of government are NOT equal. In Federalist Paper 51, Madison said the legislative branch "necessarily predominates" because it is the branch that is closest to the people.

  • Jack macdonald

    03/22/2022 07:28 PM

    It's time for the world community thru the auspices of the United Nations to place a bounty on the war criminal, Putin. All free world countries could contribute to authorize a few millions dollars to the person or persons who could bring him before the world court or remove him "dead or alive".

  • Jerry

    03/22/2022 07:17 PM

    The visit to Europe by biden and his carnival of stooges will be missing the headliner Peppermint Psaki will miss the visit due to Covid after the great show on the planet having Harris visit Poland what an opening act she is The Calamity of Fools led by biden will Encore the folly harris left behind . The Embarrassment of the Oval Office continues on the International stage. As confidence of the American Government gets to the bottom level countries will start looking to China for help as Allies put bags over their heads as biden walks in. Biden endorses countries with dictators does anyone remember biden saying Islamic Terrorists or does one remember biden calling Americans white supremacists does any one see a pattern here? Look who he has helped Iran the Taliban leaving billions of dollars of lethal weapons for them to use does this sound like an American President yes only if your name is joe biden or barrak obama Americans in name only

  • Ty Bevington

    03/22/2022 05:53 PM

    CSPAN poll, Thanks Brandon .........both really SAD!

  • Ty Bevington

    03/22/2022 05:50 PM

    The only thing the Hunter Biden story did for me was make my blood boil even more so! I am so sick of the corruption of all these countries especially the good old USA I could cry NO SCREAM. All the God fearing people that made this country great and free are being crushed by the corruption that is more and more prevalent every day. It really is time to take our country back and make AMERICA first!

  • Samuel Clawser

    03/22/2022 05:35 PM

    As regarding your CSPAN article, how can we quieten the loud media minority that has America hostage?

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/22/2022 04:54 PM

    Thank you

  • Ira Edwards

    03/22/2022 04:45 PM

    To define gender:
    How we define male and female makes a difference. Define male with y chromosome, female without it. That would end much confusion and conflict.
    Half the population lacks a gene that promotes size and strength. It makes sense to give that half separate athletic status.
    Those with a Y chromosome should not intrude on the events of those lacking it.