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April 26, 2022

Monday, Elon Musk clinched his hard-fought and brilliantly strategized plan to buy Twitter. His first tweet was very encouraging, and let’s hope he keeps to this path:

"Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated. I also want to make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans. Twitter has tremendous potential — I look forward to working with the company and the community of users to unlock it.”

And here’s more good news: we’ll soon be able to see just how much slanted censoring was really going on, and the outgoing leftist termites won’t be able to cover their tracks or plant digital landmines before they’re shown to the door.

Surprisingly, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey seems to be a-okay with Musk buying Twitter. If this is a hint to his real feelings, maybe he secretly hated Twitter’s woke board and its Stalinist staff of leftist censors in footie pajamas just as much as everyone else did.

Musk might want to unlock Twitter, but judging from the unhinged reactions of the leftists who had been using it as a bludgeon to pummel political opponents, they’ll need to be locked into rubber rooms for a while. Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted a great line in response to all their rage and caterwauling: “Elon Musk now literally owns the libs.”

Glenn Greenwald also had some sharp comments about all the whining from people who are suddenly alarmed that a “billionaire controls a social media platform,” unlike all the other media platforms owned by billionaires, some of which the whiners work for.

I especially loved all the hysterical threats to pack up their snark and leave Twitter, as if it can’t survive without a handful of leftist loudmouths filling it with idiotic political ideas, threats, censorship, name-calling and childish tantrums. My response: Yes, please leave. Not that I believe they really will, but if they did, it would make it even more pleasant for all the mature adults who will be rejoining Twitter now.

(Incidentally, former President Trump said he will not be rejoining Twitter, but will stay on his own new platform, Truth Social.)

Here’s an example of some of the worst, most race-baiting hysteria, courtesy of MSNBC and Joy Reid, not surprisingly. Money quote: that Musk thinks free speech means white men can say “whatever the hell they want.” Actually, free speech means anyone can say whatever they want. (Warning, don’t read if you have high blood pressure):

Funny that most of these bawling babies went to college, but they’re just now learning their first lesson in capitalism: a public company can be purchased. Also, its board has a fiduciary duty to make decisions in the best interests of shareholders, not the radical political views of a tiny minority of users.

If they are serious about leaving, I’d offer them the same advice they sneeringly gave to conservatives who were banned from Twitter for wrongthink: “Start your own social media platform!” There already are a number of alternatives, including Parler, Gab and Trump’s new platform, Truth Social. Unfortunately, those also allow the thing leftists hate even more than correct pronoun usage: freedom of speech. Maybe they could go back to Facebook, until Musk buys that.

Or they could do as Donald Trump did and raise the money to start their own platform, just for people like them: whining, immature, self-centered brats who think they know everything and throw temper tantrums if anyone dares to question them. I even have a suggested name for their new social media home: “Romper Room.”

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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • Mary Gentry

    05/02/2022 10:36 AM

    I have a slightly more cynical take on Jack Dorsey's apparent about face regarding Twitter and new owner Elon Musk. It's hard for me to trust that someone who hounded conservatives for years is now happy that Musk might be turning it into a real free speech platform. He was either being a hypocrite before the takeover or he's being a hypocrite now. His motives are highly suspect.

  • Kathryn Schmidt Steffen

    05/02/2022 09:49 AM

    Love the commentary on the Musk purchase of Twitter. I have never used Twitter but may give it a try if freedom of speech improves on it. I absolutely LOVE the name Romper Roomer for the bawling brats who whine when they are confronted or don’t get their way !! Perfect !!!

  • Paul King

    05/02/2022 08:04 AM

    Can’t add a thing. Well said Governor, we’ll said.

  • Jennifer Wolke

    05/02/2022 07:57 AM

    Great article! You expressed my feelings about Twitter and the left members exactly. It reminds me of when the left was going to move to Canada and elsewhere! They are STILL here! Romper room for sure.

  • Marie Renaud

    05/02/2022 06:21 AM

    I believe that no election in history has been more corrupt than 2020! I’m personally sick of hearing everyone talk about doing something yet nothing happens. This cannot ever happen again and I wonder if we’ll ever have a secure election again. Most Dems. and many Reps.are so damn corrupt, they belong in exile for the rest of their lives.

  • M Schuman

    05/02/2022 01:24 AM

    Actually, I think it was called Miss Nancy 's Romper was on a station here in the San Francisco in the '60-70's

  • Carol Ann Smith

    05/01/2022 10:31 PM

    i'll be thrilled if the left leaves twitter. I did a long time ago. I just could not stand the snarky comments and lies!! I have zero tolerance for their deranged frames of mind. i.e. :men are women if they want to be, (No they are not!!) Trump was a great president and they lied and lied and lied about him. I don't like liars. Plus they were even good liars!! They made ridiculous stuff up that didn't make sense and didn't fit with the facts. Then when he protested, they laughed at him. Crummy people. Not worth bothering about.

  • R Reedy

    05/01/2022 10:26 PM

    Twitter will be irrelevant if new DHS unit is implemented. If Twitter is sold and taken private, what happens to unsettled lawsuits on behalf of the deplatformed?

  • Lee Marcum

    04/26/2022 12:33 PM

    I realize and unlike one side of the house I accept the fact that my questions of Why or What IF maybe somewhat extreme even if practical and feasible they just GO against the grian of the general populace thinking TOO MUCH! However that said, What does IT REALLY MEAN WHEN FACEBOOK IS SPENDING $16 BILLION TO BUILD A NEW ALGRORHTIUM "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Platform? Wy are they advertising on FOX an average of every five minutes for the last month or more to "brainwash" US into beliving how great this NEW AI is going to be for everyone? How many people realize that AI stands for "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE?" It serves everyone of us right if We the People allow our lives be led and manipulated by something that tells us every time you breath DO NOT TRUST ME, I AM ARTIFICIAL, I AM A LIE, I AM BAD FOR MAN KIND!"