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May 18, 2022

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Psalms 91:1-2

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Ultra MAGA

I’ve heard it said that many people expected Joe Biden to be an incompetent President, but they never imagined that everyone in his Administration was going to turn out to be a stunningly incompetent empty suit incapable of forming a coherent sentence. That seems to be the way it’s going, though. The only thing they’re proving capable of is prosecuting political opponents on phony charges.

You’d at least expect Democrats to be good at dirty politics (it’s their greatest field of expertise!), but they’ve even lost their mojo at that, too. Matt Vespa at reports that it took their highly-paid strategists six months of research to come up with the idea of defeating Republicans by calling them “Ultra Maga.”

They thought it would make voters believe it’s the Republicans who are dangerous extremists, rather than the rioting, criminal-coddling, police-defunding, child-grooming leftists. The actual result was that Republicans love it and are snapping up T-shirts, caps and banners with “Ultra MAGA” on them. It may be the coolest thing anyone has ever called a Republican.

Why do I get the feeling these are the same marketing geniuses who told Hillary Clinton to call half the country a “Basket of Deplorables”?

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Fed Up With Wokeness

Here’s more good news about the impending end of the era when a stub tail of leftists wagged every dog in the corporate world. “Get woke, go broke” has become literally true so often that many corporate boards are finally deciding it’s worse to go bankrupt than to be called a racist transphobe by your purple-haired interns with nose rings.

I’ve already reported several instances of good news, like Netflix finally telling its whiny woke employees that if they can’t bring themselves to recognize other people’s free speech, maybe they should find jobs elsewhere (and good luck with that!) Now here’s some more good news on that front.

The giant investment firm Blackrock announced that it will be reeling back the green activist “climate change” restrictions it let influence business decisions because they were threatening shareholder value.

Disney is serving as a stark example to other companies of what happens when you kowtow to leftwing activists. Once a trusted family entertainment institution, the company has been tainted by charges of indoctrinating small children with LGBTQ gender propaganda. Result: a shocking new NBC News poll found that Disney has 100% brand recognition (everybody knows their name), but in just one year, that good name has turned to mud as their favorability rating plunged from 77% to 33%.

And if that’s not enough to send the message to other companies that Americans are awake to the woke and have had enough of it, try this new Trafalgar Poll. It found that a massive 87% of respondents were either very or somewhat likely “to stop using a product or service of a company that openly advocates for a political agenda” they disagree with.

Americans once told rock stars who lectured audiences about politics to “shut up and sing!” Leftists have tried to politicize everything, and the inevitable result is that customers are saying, loud and clear, “Shut up about politics and just sell me your product, or I’ll buy it from someone else!”

Must-See Video

RNC Research created a great commercial that rounds up a full year’s worth of top Democrats’ feeble excuses, blame-shifting and failed predictions about inflation.

"Hope and Change," 2022 version

Biden’s energy plan: Make America more like Sri Lanka

Monday, the average price of a gallon of regular gas in America hit $4.48, and for the first time ever, prices were over $4 in all 50 states. And with the war still raging – I don’t mean Putin’s war on Ukraine, I mean President Biden’s war on the domestic oil and gas industry – experts predict that $5 a gallon gas will soon be here.

Apparently, Biden thinks it’s dangerous extremism to want to make America great again, but it’s a great idea to make America into Sri Lanka, which is in an economic crisis and on Monday, ran out of gas entirely.

But don’t worry, this Administration does have a plan! Everyone can just buy an electric car! A video went viral showing how that’s working out in Louisiana, where Teslas were lined up at the only charging station within 100 miles, waiting for a charge that takes an hour.

Even if you do have access to a charger, there might not be any power to run it this summer, thanks to the rushed push to replace gas with green energy sources we don’t have.

And even if you find a charger and it has power, it might not work…

But at least all those electric cars will reduce pollution, right? Right?...Uh, about that…

But I don’t want to be a Negative Ned, so here’s the good side to America becoming like Sri Lanka: thanks to widespread protests by furious citizens over high prices, gas shortages and empty food store shelves due to their leaders’ utter economic incompetence, their Prime Minister was just forced to resign. That’s one of those “It could happen here” scenarios that I don’t find all that frightening.

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  • Marilyn Madore

    05/19/2022 11:24 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee-I haven't seen much coverage on this and I'm not sure what it is all about but a W.H.O. meeting is taking place next week that calls for nations to sign onto an agreement that would surrender the sovereinty of health care to the W.H.O. and the UN. Do you have any information on this? Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. God Bless.

  • Robin Dunbar

    05/18/2022 09:43 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    What about this Biden plan to give WHO emergency powers over our country?