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May 25, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Tonight's newsletter includes: 

  • Other People’s Kids: An American Tragedy by Col. Kenneth Allard
  • Report: Biden’s Education Dept is planning to withhold food from poor children until school districts accept transgender policies
  • And more…


Mike Huckabee


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Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.

Psalm 16:8 NKJV

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Report: Biden’s Education Dept is planning to withhold food from poor children until school districts accept transgender policies

The Federalist reports (and I’ll bet many news outlets won’t) that the Biden Department of Education plans to announce in June that schools that don’t allow biological males into girls’ private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms will not be able to obtain federal funds for school breakfasts, lunches and snacks. That’s right, they’re going to blackmail schools by threatening to withhold food from poor children unless they also let them shove radical transgender policies down their throats.

And yet, they’re baffled about why so many parents are yelling at school board meetings and pulling their kids out of public schools.

Security concerns

It’s not just “Dreamers” pouring across our open Southern border. Forbes reviewed some unsealed FBI documents that suggest our immigration system is rife with asylum claim fraud. The documents revealed that an alleged ISIS operative who claimed to have helped murder Americans in Iraq in 2003-2006 had been living in Columbus, Ohio, since 2020 while his asylum application was pending.

He also allegedly boasted of smuggling two Hezbollah terrorists into the US for $100,000, and he told an FBI informant that he was planning to smuggle four Iraqi nationals across our porous Southern border in a plot to murder former President George W. Bush.

As noted at the link, this is hardly the only concern arising from this Administration's incompetence/indifference about national security. During the botched Afghanistan pullout, the Biden Administration left many Afghans who had helped America to the clutches of the Taliban, but they flew dozens of Afghans to the US without vetting them. Some were deemed “significant security concerns,” but they’ve since disappeared. I have a bad feeling that they will eventually turn up.

See, this is why every other country on Earth secures its borders.

Not a good sign

I can’t imagine that it’s a good sign for how well Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is going that Russian lawmakers just passed a bill eliminating the maximum age limit of 40 for serving in the Russian military.


MSNBC’s promotional welcome campaign for Jen Psaki confirms what we’ve all long suspected: they have no idea what the word “trusted” means.


Jacob Sullum at has an interesting op-ed on why most of the gun law changes Democrats call for after mass shootings would’ve had no impact on preventing the shootings, they would just inconvenience and infringe on the rights of innocent people.

And, Rick Moran at PJ Media seconds the uselessness of the proposed gun law changes for actually stopping any recent mass shooting.

Other People’s Kids: An American Tragedy

By Colonel Kenneth Allard

This Memorial Day may be a good time for Americans to ask ourselves: Do we still deserve our freedom? I’m not talking about our slumping economy nor even descrying our media’s unblinking distortion of issues from our porous southern border to the perfidy of Hillary Clinton. But today we are seeing the tumultuous confluence of two basic decisions reached nearly 50 years ago: the “right” of abortion decided by Roe v Wade in 1973; and the adoption of the All-Volunteer Force (AVF) in 1974. While each choice was made separately, their protagonists could hardly have imagined how those separate choices would evolve to create twin challenges to our way of life.  

 Barely a year apart, two fundamental norms of American life had changed. The right of an unborn infant to live was now outweighed by the right of the mother to choose life or death for her baby. The historical obligation of the American citizen for wartime service had also changed, now becoming a career choice like pursuing orthodontics or agri-business. The rationales were correspondingly different. Abortion, whether or not guaranteed by the Constitution, needed to be safe and legal; the Vietnam-era draft simply needed to end. Fifty years later, we have an expensive, professional military in which less than half of one (>0.5) percent of Americans defend the other 99%. The death toll since Roe v Wade: at least 60 million infants although no one knows for sure.

As one of the last draftees, my reprieve came too late. But ten years into the AVF experiment, I served on the West Point faculty, once moderating a campus-wide debate on the role of women, The contending advocates: conservative doyenne Phyllis Schlafly versus Sarah Weddington, victorious counsel in Roe V. Wade. Even in West Point’s disciplined environment, the debate was a raucous affair; but at least our cadets witnessed the emotions and intricacies of the constitutional process they would soon defend.

 But for me that argument was settled forever the next year, when our newly adopted 4-day-old daughter wrapped her entire hand around my little finger. I was thankful beyond words that her birth mother, finding herself “in trouble,” decided to protect this new life, choosing to set aside every lesser consideration.  Thirty years later, a father’s emotions still run strong looking into her eyes and each of my three grand-sons!

Meanwhile, the Army kept getting smaller, post-Cold War reductions leaving the active force with a half-million soldiers. But then came the shock of 9/11. The voluminous memoirs of President George W. Bush, his vice-president, and his secretaries of State and Defense reveal a stunning omission: None of them apparently asked whether the AVF could sustain a long conflict. Rather than mobilizing the nation for war, the National Guard and Reserves were dragooned for extended overseas tours. Ordinary Americans were encouraged to return to the shopping malls or college campuses. “So your kid goes to Kandahar while mine goes to Yale. So what’s your point?”   

With the War on Terror dragging  on for almost 20 years, manpower became even more scarce and expensive. Meeting combat requirements meant sending the troops back for multiple combat tours to various hell-holes. Not only were our soldiers running exponential risks of PTSD, but they were also becoming increasingly isolated from American society as a segregated warrior caste. And what happened when these Other People’s Kids returned home as veterans? Although the Veterans Administration is unsure of the exact numbers, they estimate that 17-20 veterans commit suicide each day.·

As you may have noticed, the United States is now involved in two separate Cold Wars but is seriously outmanned in each. (Air Force pilots describe this condition as “discovering you’re out of airspeed, altitude and ideas.”) Making matters even worse are our internal contradictions, voices from the left made even more strident by the prospect that Roe v Wade may be reversed. Listening to them, one ponders our national responsibility for the Holocaust of the Unborn, those Other People’s Kids now being aborted.

As I write these words, my friends and neighbors in Uvalde Texas are grief-stricken by the senseless slaughter of 19 elementary school students and 2 teachers by a gun-toting monster quickly dispatched by local law enforcement. Might this latest outrage finally move our secular, prodigal nation to lower our voices, bow our heads and pray for God’s forgiveness? 


  • · EG: See Cole Lyle, “17 veterans die every day,” Austin American Stateman, April 7, 2022. But the most comprehensive review has been the 2021 research completed by Operation Deep Dive and the American Warriors Partnership. That research suggests that the horrendous suicide tallies reported by the VA mat be seriously underestimated.

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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • George Trever

    05/27/2022 07:45 AM

    When will we have hammer and knives reform? The DEMs have missed another crisis not waste.

  • Kathleen Norman

    05/26/2022 12:31 PM

    I don't know what to say. There is so much wrong going on in America that I never dreamed we would come to. I ask myself and God if I am going insane or is all of this happening. Besides Praying what can we do to fix this?

  • stephen russell

    05/26/2022 11:56 AM

    Detering school shooters:
    o Estd Red Flag Guide to examine suspect students & be pro active to deter shooters
    Uniform Guide for all schools
    Produce by school districts
    Or hold those who knew accomplices in crimes done

    ID actions that say Red Flag anyplace, any campus & social media

  • Robin Rebhan

    05/26/2022 10:26 AM

    RE: Other People’s Kids: An American Tragedy. What bothers me the most is abortion has turned into a huge Nation Wide Corporate Industry with the murderous morals of a "CYBORG ROBOT".

  • stephen russell

    05/26/2022 10:20 AM

    Countering school shooters:
    Use thier social media, texting accounts online
    & from statements in public & anyone who didnt act on said comments etc held as Accomplices for murder since the "red flags" are there

  • jerry

    05/26/2022 08:22 AM

    Biden's supported by bots and yes I had friends that supported biden and I have explained to them facts of this vile person and had predicted our current condition 2 years ago; today I do not hear from them and I do remember a few of them mocking me for being a supporting member of the Trump policies, today I am sure they can not face me for I have accused them of being a person pushing Socialism I would have called them a communist i did consider them pals. I remember these guys clipping 10cent coupons off a gallon of gas years ago which I agreed with today the same guy might be looking for a 3 dollar coupon off a gallon of gas maybe thats why they don't call any more I would like to say hello to them but that may sound like I told you so. I think they already know. biden is a farce just like his supporters just like the bot he shakes hands with it's not there and either is biden a complete farce. It is painful to endure.

  • James Drury Jr.

    05/26/2022 06:41 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Carmine Fea

    05/26/2022 05:13 AM

    Gov. Huckabee: Many changes have occurred in America over years some of which have changed our thinking, conduct, and culture and brought the country to the current degradation suffered. It will take a strong leader with above average intelligence, common sense, point perfect communication skills, concern for the well being of all people within our borders, a Constitutionalist who will assure rights "for all people", and the good sense to appoint the "best and brightest" administration that will help correct wrongs done and America's moral compass.

  • Anne Turner

    05/25/2022 09:54 PM

    I too am thankful the 16 year old biological mother of my now 50 year old son who chose not to abort. We brought him home at four days old. I love him, his wife and my two granddaughters from them very dearly and am very close to them.

    We mourn the loss of the school children as individuals and as a nation, but legally allow the killing a healthy six month old fetus, maybe even a nine month fetus. We try to cast blame on everything but the perpetrator of these mass murders. We ignore signs of their insanity because we don’t want, or afraid, to get, involved. We act like breeding rabbits and then expect society to pick up the pieces. We allow the government to blackmail schools and withhold food from poor children. One if our most efficient ways of making sure children are fed is through the school meal provisions. We foist material on children entirely unsuitable for their age. We allow a racist administration to foment their racist philosophy and demean the capabilities of of brothers and sisters of color. We cut law enforcement and then expect less crime. God must be crying or very angry.

    Finally, thanks to the Catholic Archbishop of California for standing up for morality.