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May 26, 2022


Blessings on you and your family and from all the Huckabee staff! Today's newsletter includes:

  • Sussmann trial, Day 8: Durham takes another step towards Hillary
  • Other People’s Kids: An American Tragedy by Colonel Kenneth Allard
  • Uvalde update
  • And much more...


Mike Huckabee


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

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2. Sussmann trial, Day 8: Durham takes another step towards Hillary

If Special Counsel John Durham hadn’t obtained the Perkins Coie billing records showing attorney Michael Sussmnn billed Hillary’s campaign for his FBI visit, he might not have had a case. Those billing records prove Sussmann was indeed working for a client when he pointedly told the FBI he wasn’t.

On Wednesday, Durham's prosecution team introduced them into evidence.

In the entry for September 19, 2016, the date of Sussmann’s meeting with FBI general counsel James Baker, Hillary For America is listed as the client. The time allotted is 3.3 hours, and the description is “work and communication regarding confidential project.” He’d originally logged it as 4.5 hours but scaled it back.

I wonder how much this top DC attorney was billing by the hour for such a shady bit of business. We know Perkins Coie pocketed nearly $12 million from the DNC, Hillary For America, and (yes) from Obama’s group Organizing For Action to hire Fusion GPS to create faux-Russian dirt. With so many middle men to hide the source of the “dossier,” all of them taking their cut, ex-spy Christopher Steele was paid a measly $168,000 for his determined gossip-gathering and fiction-writing. Here’s that story from AMERICAN THINKER; notice it goes all the way back to November 2017. You and I have known the real story behind the fake “dossier” for SO LONG.

By the way, guess who else was paying Fusion GPS for fake evidence against Trump? The hilariously-named Democracy Integrity Project, funded by...(drum roll, please)...George Soros. I am not kidding –- here’s the story from last year. This group is run by Daniel Jones, former intelligence staffer for California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein. He’s the one who contracted with Fusion GPS and Steele.

Bonchie at RedState says the billing statement obtained by Durham proves Sussmann lied when he said –- and texted –- that he was a concerned citizen rather than a paid advocate, but he goes further to say “it shows that Clinton herself, as leader of her campaign, didn’t just approve the false story going to the media, but also to the FBI.”

As we discussed yesterday, there’s a huge difference, legally, between taking phony evidence to the media and taking it to the FBI, and witnesses have been careful to link her only with the media campaign. Presenting fake evidence to the FBI to frame someone is a crime. And we just didn’t buy the idea that Sussmann would’ve gone to the FBI behind Hillary’s back and then billed her for the meeting! In other words, Hillary had to know.

The candidate is ultimately in charge of his or her own campaign. (“I’m so-and-so, and I approved this message.”)  Robby Mook, as campaign manager, answered to Hillary. Sussmann, as attorney for the campaign, answered to Hillary. And we know, if anyone insists on running everything she can get her hands on, it’s Hillary Clinton. The jury might be too biased to even care, but you and I know she approved Sussmann’s FBI visit.

Bonchie concurs, and says, “...the fact that the Hillary campaign hatched a false conspiracy theory and fed it to the FBI for political gain is overwhelming.”

He sees Sussmann as “the first shoe that must drop” on the path towards Hillary. This step is “another direct link to Hillary herself,” he says. Of course, with a jury stacked in Sussmann’s favor, conviction is far from assured, no matter how strong the evidence. But what Durham is really doing is putting a story together, and all the major thoroughfares and interesting side routes lead back to Hillary.

Yesterday, we reported on FBI official Curtis Heide’s testimony that the ‘Justice’ Department was listed in the opening document as the origin of the Alfa Bank “evidence,” not just an “anonymous third party” (Sussmann), and that this was due to a “paperwork error.” Legal analyst Andrew McCarthy told the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, “This investigation opening document is totally outrageous. It not only claims that the information came from the Justice Department. It suggests that the Justice Department commissioned and may even vouch for the ‘white paper,’ when they hadn’t.

Nick Arama at RedState does not believe it was a “paperwork error.” He says, “So, the excuse is that he [Heide] doesn’t even know the basic structure or breakdown of the FBI and the DOJ? What do these guys take us for, fools?” Arama suggests we “grab the popcorn,” as there is more to come.

As for Wednesday, after addressing the billing records and whether they indeed reflect that meeting, the prosecution rested its case, and it was time for the defense to call witnesses. The defense wants to show that the FBI was well aware Sussmann was representing Hillary For America. The FOX News story linked to below has details on the witnesses they called to create doubt in the jurors’ minds.

Example: A project assistant at the firm representing Sussmann --- Democrat legal powerhouse Latham and Watkins --- was called to the stand and asked to comment on a chart that showed various internal FBI documents that referred to Sussmann as working for the Hillary campaign, the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Of course, they could be well aware of his Democrat connections and still be lied to by Sussmann about the purpose of that particular visit. But that’s about all the defense can do.

The claims the defense is making now are in direct conflict with what James Baker testified last week. Baker said he remembered with 100 percent certainty that Sussmann told him he was not there on behalf of any client. And, of course, Sussmann had already texted him the same thing. Why would Sussmann say that if he knew the FBI already believed he was working for Hillary?

We still don’t know if Sussmann will take the stand in his own defense. FOX News has reported that it depends on whether the judge will bar prosecutors from questioning him about pre-indictment negotiations between his counsel and Special Counsel John Durham’s office. They don’t want prosecutors asking him about materials that were submitted to the government before charges against him were filed. These probably would have been materials submitted to try to persuade Durham not to indict Sussmann. Apparently, these did not work, and now our curiosity is peaked.

If Sussmann chooses to testify, that will likely be Thursday, with closing arguments to begin Tuesday, after Memorial Day. If he decides not to testify, closing arguments would likely begin Thursday, and the trial might even be over this week. I have the sneaking suspicion that this judge will rule whichever way leads to the choice Sussmann prefers to make.

In the meantime, law professor Jonathan Turley has an excellent question for us to ponder: Given that researchers were practically ridiculing the bogus data that Sussmann gave to the FBI, why were James Comey and the rest of the 7th Floor so “fired up” (agent Joe Pienkta’s testimony) that they demanded a FULL INVESTIGATION! I think we know.

3. Other People’s Kids: An American Tragedy

By Colonel Kenneth Allard

This Memorial Day may be a good time for Americans to ask ourselves: Do we still deserve our freedom? I’m not talking about our slumping economy nor even descrying our media’s unblinking distortion of issues from our porous southern border to the perfidy of Hillary Clinton. But today we are seeing the tumultuous confluence of two basic decisions reached nearly 50 years ago: the “right” of abortion decided by Roe v Wade in 1973; and the adoption of the All-Volunteer Force (AVF) in 1974. While each choice was made separately, their protagonists could hardly have imagined how those separate choices would evolve to create twin challenges to our way of life.  

 Barely a year apart, two fundamental norms of American life had changed. The right of an unborn infant to live was now outweighed by the right of the mother to choose life or death for her baby. The historical obligation of the American citizen for wartime service had also changed, now becoming a career choice like pursuing orthodontics or agri-business. The rationales were correspondingly different. Abortion, whether or not guaranteed by the Constitution, needed to be safe and legal; the Vietnam-era draft simply needed to end. Fifty years later, we have an expensive, professional military in which less than half of one (>0.5) percent of Americans defend the other 99%. The death toll since Roe v Wade: at least 60 million infants although no one knows for sure.

As one of the last draftees, my reprieve came too late. But ten years into the AVF experiment, I served on the West Point faculty, once moderating a campus-wide debate on the role of women, The contending advocates: conservative doyenne Phyllis Schlafly versus Sarah Weddington, victorious counsel in Roe V. Wade. Even in West Point’s disciplined environment, the debate was a raucous affair; but at least our cadets witnessed the emotions and intricacies of the constitutional process they would soon defend.

 But for me that argument was settled forever the next year, when our newly adopted 4-day-old daughter wrapped her entire hand around my little finger. I was thankful beyond words that her birth mother, finding herself “in trouble,” decided to protect this new life, choosing to set aside every lesser consideration.  Thirty years later, a father’s emotions still run strong looking into her eyes and each of my three grand-sons!

Meanwhile, the Army kept getting smaller, post-Cold War reductions leaving the active force with a half-million soldiers. But then came the shock of 9/11. The voluminous memoirs of President George W. Bush, his vice-president, and his secretaries of State and Defense reveal a stunning omission: None of them apparently asked whether the AVF could sustain a long conflict. Rather than mobilizing the nation for war, the National Guard and Reserves were dragooned for extended overseas tours. Ordinary Americans were encouraged to return to the shopping malls or college campuses. “So your kid goes to Kandahar while mine goes to Yale. So what’s your point?”   

With the War on Terror dragging  on for almost 20 years, manpower became even more scarce and expensive. Meeting combat requirements meant sending the troops back for multiple combat tours to various hell-holes. Not only were our soldiers running exponential risks of PTSD, but they were also becoming increasingly isolated from American society as a segregated warrior caste. And what happened when these Other People’s Kids returned home as veterans? Although the Veterans Administration is unsure of the exact numbers, they estimate that 17-20 veterans commit suicide each day.·

As you may have noticed, the United States is now involved in two separate Cold Wars but is seriously outmanned in each. (Air Force pilots describe this condition as “discovering you’re out of airspeed, altitude and ideas.”) Making matters even worse are our internal contradictions, voices from the left made even more strident by the prospect that Roe v Wade may be reversed. Listening to them, one ponders our national responsibility for the Holocaust of the Unborn, those Other People’s Kids now being aborted.

As I write these words, my friends and neighbors in Uvalde Texas are grief-stricken by the senseless slaughter of 19 elementary school students and 2 teachers by a gun-toting monster quickly dispatched by local law enforcement. Might this latest outrage finally move our secular, prodigal nation to lower our voices, bow our heads and pray for God’s forgiveness? 


4. Uvalde Update

We’ve learned more since yesterday about the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. An early report that the 18-year-old shooter (who, as always, I refuse to name) was wearing body armor turned out to be incorrect. He had on a tactical vest, but not armor. The dead include 19 children, two teachers and the shooter, who was killed by a Border Patrol agent who was injured in the leg during the confrontation. The injured include the shooter’s grandmother, whom he reportedly shot in the face before going to the school. Police hope to get more information from her, but she’s still hospitalized in critical condition. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the only warnings the shooter posted were three real-time Facebook messages that didn’t give authorities time to react.

I hope you will keep praying for the victims, the parents and those who were injured and still being treated.

Here’s a timeline of what is currently known as the attack unfolded.

And here’s Fox News’ page of continually updated news:

5. Politics intrudes

The politicizing of the tragic shooting began almost immediately, with Democrats claiming Republicans had “blood on their hands” and demanding more gun control laws, whether they would have prevented this or not. Some of the most blatant politicizing ranged from former President Obama invoking George Floyd in his comments…

...To Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate “Beto” O’Rourke, who staged one of the most disgusting stunts I’ve ever seen when he interrupted Gov. Greg Abbott’s news conference with Uvalde’s Mayor Don McLaughlin to try to blame Abbott for the shooting. He was immediately escorted out by police. The Mayor had requested that people not politicize this meeting, and he angrily shouted, “You’re out of line” and called O’Rourke a “sick son-of-a-b****.” Later, he told Fox News, “If he wants to have that discussion, that's fine. But today at that conference was not the time or place to do that."

I can’t imagine what O’Rourke thought he would accomplish with that tasteless, ghoulish stunt. Other than letting Texans know that he’s gone from “Hell, yes, we’ll take your guns” to no, he won't take your guns, back to “Hell, yes, we’ll take your guns” again

I Just Wanted to Say

Thank you for reading my newsletter. 

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  • Nancy Martin

    05/30/2022 02:24 AM

    My son is a felon and he and his "friends" could get any kind of weapon they want. Gun laws only keep guns out of the hands of safe and reasonable citizens.

    If you want to make a real difference, start with MENTAL HEALTH.

  • Evelyn Clark

    05/29/2022 12:27 AM

    The NRA had their meeting here in Houston, TX.
    When the local stations reported on the Meeting, they only showed a head shot of Trump and said he was at the meeting. We did get to hear what Senator Ted Cruz had to say. The rest of the report was from the people who came to protest. On one station the protestors were so loud you could hardly hear the reporter.
    It was all about bashing 'gun' people who they said were Republicans.
    As a seventh generation Texan from at least four family lines and a 6th generation from another family line. If we had not had our guns we would not be in Texas. Santa Anna took peoples land, raised taxes.... all kinds of things.
    My husband would take a 22 rifle to go out to bring in the cows when he was only in the 2nd grade. We needed guns to protect from javalina hogs, snakes etc.
    Most of the Southern part of the United States was rural. They owned guns.

  • jack macdonald

    05/28/2022 10:50 AM

    Dear Mike: You say you read all submissions and I asked for your explanation of how inflation is computed and sincerely wished for your response/explanation. How can they derive 8.5% inflation when no item involved in our purchases has not risen far in excess of 10%. Gas is an essential purchase and affects everything else in the supply chain. It alone has risen over 40%. As a person who subscribes to logic, I believe 8.5% defies logic. Can you explain this for me? jack

  • Jerry

    05/28/2022 09:44 AM

    Leftist biden pelosi schumer durban nadler shittff most of these Democrats love abortion and I could not figure why> Looking for reason why abortion is a huge issue for them is they embrace sexual encounters by prostitution or sex slavery human Trafficking for sex for sale also the sex with only lust as its motivation and pregnancies that are unwanted abortion is the easy way out also unwedded women that do bring a child into the world without a father figure leads to a gang membership and the cycle continues of crime and civil unrest so the Democrat are mostly all in on this idea of civil discord the outlook of the Democrat is, crime does pay with its corruption and civil unrest and abortion also is big business where lots of money is made by people that thrive on Godless behaviors. The democrat is very successful in this endeavor as we view our society today. That is how I see the Democrat today and I have a low life view of them closely related to the devil itself.

  • Firewagon

    05/27/2022 04:26 PM

    "Might this latest outrage finally move our secular, prodigal nation to lower our voices, bow our heads and pray for God’s forgiveness?" The results of the search to "find one righteous" in Sodom and Gomorrah to save that city comes to mind. Genisis 19:24

    My wife has already declared that I'm a pessimist. While that part is mostly genuine, I believe I'm more of a pragmatist or realist. IMNSHO, I think America has slid too far down that slippery slope to the ash heap of history to be turned around. In other words, America is treading the very deep stuff with insufficiently large enough waders!

    Just one or two examples for some perspective concerning the latest 'school tragedy' in Uvalde. All of these 'killings' are horrific. Consider, however, what occurred on that very same day in America: There were *2,363* abortions performed, 98 per hour, nearly one every 30 seconds! Who grieves for those "children," or memorializes them? Finally, how many "children" were killed in nearly every major city in America that day, 10, 20, 100s? Where are the posted pictures of those? Where is the media squeezing them for their unbridled grief to bolster their ratings? There would not be enough hours in the day to scroll through pictures of the thousands of kids killed by other kids, YEARLY!

    Back to the desire for prayer that God forgives us. God is certainly a forgiving God, however, who would think any nation that wantonly destroys 10s of millions of "God's Gifts" (children) would deserve forgiveness? I too pray for America, but the way God has been kicked to the curb here, I'm not too sure He is listening to that much. I am positive, however, that my children and certainly my grandchildren, sadly, will never know the America I grew up in!

    Thanks, Mike, for a good newsletter with a recap of 'terrible,' and not so terrible, news!

  • Jerry

    05/27/2022 07:35 AM

    Memorial Weekend is a time as important as my Religious seasons A former VFW post Commander our post visited 11 Cemeteries and Honored our Military personal that rest in what was called Flanders Field the poppy is a symbol of their sacrifice to keep America free. Today our quarrel is with biden and its Administration as it is trying to beat America down and displace its freedoms. Every American should wear a poppy for the month of June to the 4th of July to remind people that freedom is eroding here in America. biden is a vile and anti American president as was Obama and they are failing America this country should use the next 40 days and 40 nites to rebel against biden starting today for the men and women in our cemeteries deserve the respect for their sacrifice to keep America free. Please buy some poppies and give them to family members and explain to all their meaning. Socialism is knocking on our door and biden is pounding on the door do not answer this call reject it with fearlessness it time for all Americans to reject biden MAGA

  • Stephanie Wilson

    05/27/2022 01:17 AM

    IDK why the only time my POTUS is brought up is when people want to trash him & I'm REALLY sick of it. George W Bush went w/ the military we had, not w/ what he wished he had & as usual, that gets left out. Why do so many hate him? B/c he wouldn't kiss Trump's ring? W/ all due respect Pres. Trump lied about him in 2016 & continues to trash him every chance he gets, so why would Bush support him 4 POTUS? Would you vote 4 someone who trashes you? FTR, I did vote for Trump, both times too & I'm glad I did. I just feel my fellow conservatives treat W very unfairly & so I defend him against those who demonize him just like I do Pres. Trump. Enough is enough!

  • Gary Stilwell

    05/26/2022 09:11 PM

    Re: Sussman trial--
    I can only think of one thing about this kangaroo court--the classic phrase " The Fix Is In"
    Durham may be a brilliant digger of facts, but tell me why this man did NOT object to the jurors??? And why did he not stump for a change of venue?--the evidence for both was blatantly apparent well before the trial started--As long as this has been going on, a few more days of hard digging could have easily turned up the facts that the trial would be politically biased--why the man did this is very similar to comey's claim that there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute hilary(I guess smashing cell phones and wiping servers is not enough--just like challenging potential jurors and the venue are not enough--this smells like really old fish---

  • Helen Nees

    05/26/2022 03:39 PM

    Beto embarrassed himself with his political stunt. Although I don't think he realizes this I'm hoping those dems who will vote for him will step back and think about this person again and perhaps change their vote. Obvious his main agenda is himself and no one else. I'm hoping you Texans will wake up and see him for what he is.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/26/2022 11:55 AM

    Mike and these are the same Bunch who are threatening to burn down the Supreme Court and torch the nation if they're not granted their unbiblical an unconstitutional right to kill a child when they want to. All this tells Americans is that we don't need these Creeps in office any longer than we have to.