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May 12, 2022

Hollywood attorney-to-the-stars Kevin Morris, a pal to Hunter Biden, is the individual who paid Hunter’s approximately $2 million IRS bill and who funds his extravagant lifestyle in Malibu, including his $20,000-a-month rental. This “sugar brother” reportedly has been developing a legal and media strategy for Hunter and also helped structure the plan for selling his “artwork” to anonymous (“anonymous”?) buyers.

But he’s done much more. When production was going on –- in Siberia –- for a biopic about Hunter’s life, Morris traveled there on a private jet with two associates and got onto the set under false pretenses, apparently to spy on them. According to the New York Post, he told the producer that he himself was working on a documentary that detailed Hunter’s corrupt business practices.

The real production was called MY SON HUNTER, an indie film produced by Phelim McAleer. Morris and his fake “production team” were given full access to the set and interviewed cast and crew over several days, even sharing meals. But…

“They seemed to never switch the camera off,” Mcleer told the Post. “Now I know why. This was an information-gathering exercise by a lawyer and his associates for their client. (Recall that Hunter has a different attorney, Chris Clark, handling the investigation into his finances.)

McAleer is described in the Post as a conservative, so it’s likely Hunter and his generous benefactor are concerned that the film might put the President’s son in a harsh light. Never mind that he's already put himself in one.

You have to give Morris one thing: for whatever reason he has to help Hunter, he’s dedicated. It’s not just that he gave Hunter $2 million and continues to pay his lavish expenses. Would your lawyer leave the beautiful Malibu beach and fly to SIBERIA for you? A place where "hanging ten" refers to the risk of toe frostbite? To go undercover and spy on your behalf? I’ve heard of attorneys lying for their clients, but, until now, not lying AND SPYING.

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