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May 5, 2022

It’s always hard to choose the dumbest, most hysterical reaction from the left to any news story that doesn’t go their way, but it’s a safe bet that the best place to start is with Rep. Eric Swalwell. Although to be fair, he’s not the only one to make the jaw-droppingly stupid claim that “the Republicans won’t stop with banning abortion. They want to ban interracial marriage. Do you want to save that? Well, then you should probably vote.”

That’s about the most succinct example I’ve seen that the Democrats intend to demagogue the SCOTUS’ Roe ruling to the hilt in a cynical attempt to get people to vote for more of the misery that having them in power inflicts on us all. I would never insult anyone by assuming they’re dumb enough to actually swallow (or Swalowell) this tripe, but for the record:

The Alito draft decision makes it crystal clear that this decision applies solely to the uniquely incorrectly-decided Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion and not to any other ruling or right.

One of the conservative Justices concurring in the opinion is Clarence Thomas, who is in an interracial marriage. He would probably agree with the outrage expressed by a number of other black Republicans at the idea that they want to outlaw their own interracial marriages.

Also worth noting: polls show that 94% of Americans approve of interracial marriages while 71% want abortion banned or restricted. Why are the Democrats attacking our democracy?

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  • Howard Potter

    05/11/2022 05:59 AM

    As long as there is sin in the world abortion will be a reality.
    Using it as a means of birth control is just wrong, and consequently a poor reflection on the moral compass of the people of the USA. Christ set the ultimate example on the cross, He yielded to the purpose of the creator and not mans selfish philosophy: "My Body My Choice". But gave himself so that others might live. (A much better philosophy).
    (and that is my 2 cents worth)

  • Howard Potter

    05/11/2022 05:36 AM

    Race or Racial is another term for Bigot or Bigotry.
    Race, Racial is an awkward term for creating division and dehumanizing by the elitist or secular Pharisees of our time. In the Beginning God created Man, and gave him a help mate called woman (not to be less or more, but each designed with a purpose).
    One Race of mankind that now has a diversity of color from Dark to light.

  • Wilma Heflin

    05/10/2022 08:06 AM

    I am very disturbed that AT&T cancelled OAN News from my viewing. What can I do to get them back. I really miss the REAL news. I’m old and very upset by all of this “cancel culture” and political bickering.
    Thank you for helping me with this problem.

  • Wayne Kretzing

    05/09/2022 05:52 PM

    Leaking the preliminary Supreme Court Decision is a serious issue, and I think that the person who leaked the decision should be caught and prosecuted.

    However, my greatest concern is if there was someone or a group trying to get a copy of the preliminary Supreme Court decision, and offering bribes to employees at the Supreme Court in exchange for the Supreme Court decision.

    I think that everyone who works at the Supreme Court should be asked if an organization or person offered them a bribe to obtain confidential Supreme Court documents, and if so, that group or person should be prosecuted.

  • Debra Shepherd

    05/09/2022 03:16 PM

    Swalwell is a traitor. Why had he not been forced out of our congress. To listen to anything the traitor says should be a flag to others that if his lips are moving, he is lying. The DemoRats are baiting the nation to raise even more problems by raising the issue of interratial marriage. They are attempting to stir the perfect storm to cause horrible damage. Soros and the Clintons are behind this also. Someone please put those sterling criminals away!

  • Richard P. Talley

    05/09/2022 10:55 AM

    That should be older not lover. Dam spell check.

  • Marie RENAUD

    05/09/2022 10:25 AM

    Majority of democrats are radical and need to be voted out. They act like a bunch of toddlers.

  • Kathleen Riley

    05/09/2022 09:55 AM

    The democrats will stop at Nothing to win elections. The abortion hysteria is an example. Lie. Twist. Steal. D'Souza's 2000 Mules expose' shows how relatively easy it was to cheat in 2020. Do we really think they're not, at this very minute, thinking up other ways?? We lose our freedom when we cannot trust in even a modicum of ethical behavior. Until we get on top of the cheating, our nation will never be valued or respected again.

  • Linda Meyer

    05/09/2022 06:59 AM

    Why? You know the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia “? Just change the words to be “Washington”. Instead of Georgia. It runs through my mind a lot. Maybe “Johnny”. Can be changed to “Elon”

  • Red Green

    05/08/2022 08:19 PM

    Leftist , rino and media deceit continues to create division among Americas, which is paramount to their destruction of America and our democracy. This narrative must be continued at any cost and for any reason. Their marxist sheep must be fed.
    The left is all in at this point. Their fear of accountability and legal retribution drives them insanely forward to justify their deceit and their treason. As evidenced time and time again on a daily basis, the marxist dems and rinos will literally stop at nothing to win. There is no bottom to their treachery.