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May 3, 2022

With so much breaking news to cover this past week, updates on the Durham investigation were held a few days. (As it was, we had so much commentary that we reached the limit for what we could post on Substack.) But Durham is building the case that this was a widely coordinated plan. Let's start with what we know about Marc Elias.

As Aaron Kliegman of JUST THE NEWS reports, Elias was “a central figure in both the Russia collusion hoax, which cast doubt on Trump’s victory in 2016, and the effort to upend the nation’s voting laws in unprecedented ways, which cast doubt on Biden’s victory in 2020.” Elias takes the prize: in his actions over two presidential elections, he appears to be the legal mastermind behind the destruction of America’s election integrity.

Elias, as you know, was a partner along with Michael Sussmann in the law firm Perkins Coie, which in 2016 represented both Hillary For America and the DNC (same thing) and hired Fusion GPS, which in turn hired Christopher Steele, who created the “dossier.” They also worked with Rodney Joffe to create the Alfa Bank hoax and shop it to the intel bureaucracy and the media. That’s the period Durham is looking at.

But for 2020, Elias filed lawsuits around the country, particularly in battleground states, to undermine basic security protocols. COVID was used as a pretext for adopting mail-in balloting on a massive scale. (Aside: look for the same strategy this fall.) He also sued to challenge laws such as voter ID requirements and absentee ballot witness requirements, which he argued disenfranchised voters. Never mind how racist it is to imply black voters can’t get an ID.

Elias focused on “four pillars”: 1) free postage for mail-in ballots, 2) ballots postmarked on or before Election Day must count, even if they arrive late, 3) signature matching should be “softened,” and 4) ballot harvesting should be legalized.

Ballot harvesting is perhaps the “pillar” most obviously associated with rampant cheating. As we recently reported, Wisconsin is currently conducting an investigation into a coordinated ballot harvesting operation in nursing homes across the state. And in Georgia, secretary of state George Raffensperger has opened a criminal investigation into illegal ballot harvesting.

Aside: Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, 2,000 MULES, shows how it was done in Maricopa County, Arizona. If you can’t get to a theater this week --- many showings are sold out, hooray! --- the live-stream premiere is Saturday, May 7, at 8PM Eastern Time. Here’s where to reserve tickets.

If Elias wants to talk about “pillars,” I would say one of the pillars on which our Republic stands is election integrity –- without it, we don’t have a country –- and Marc Elias has probably done more than any other individual to destroy that. (Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros are up there, though.) And yet it appears to be Elias’ life’s work. He says he’s trying to help people get their votes counted during a pandemic, but the website for his law firm, The Elias Firm, states its purpose as supporting progressive policies and getting more Democrats elected to office. Now that Democrats run everything and it’s turning out very, very badly, I’d say the only way he’s going to be able to fulfill his mission is to help them cheat like mad.

Next, Rodney Joffe. Durham’s team says that Joffe, the man identified in legal filings as “Tech Executive – 1,” who worked with Michael Sussmann on the Alfa Bank and “YotaPhone” hoaxes, remains the subject of an ongoing investigation. It looks as though he’s being scrutinized for possibly defrauding the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the Defense Department. This report from the Washington Examiner explains why we might suspect that. It would certainly explain why Joffe was denied immunity from prosecution.

Sussmann’s attorneys appear to be quite upset at Durham’s focus on Joffe. But the trial starts in two weeks (May 16), and Durham says “evidence at trial will show” that Sussmann, Joffe and agents of the Clinton campaign were “acting in concert toward a common goal” of “assembling and disseminating the [Alfa Bank] allegations and other derogatory information about Trump and his associates to the media and the U.S. government.”

Joffe’s attorney sent a letter to Sussmann’s office on April 1, saying Joffe would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights if called to testify, “even though he very much wants to set the record straight.”

Moving to Christopher Steele, you’ll recall that Sussmann’s attorneys at Democrat-connected Latham and Watkins are trying very hard to keep evidence regarding Steele out of court. Durham has countered by saying there is a “strong intersection” between the activities of Steele and Sussmann. If you’re keeping up with details, this FOX News report has them.

In fact, both sides agree that Sussmann met with Steele in July 2016, after which time Steele was tasked with investigating allegations into Alpha Bank. There’s your intersection. Prosecutors consider Steele’s efforts to be part of the “work stream” between law firm Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS, and that’s the big picture Durham intends to show.

Also recommended is this commentary from legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy, who reports that at his trial, Sussmann will not be contending that data he provided to government agencies, supposedly showing communications between Trump Tower and the Kremlin, were accurate. Funny, when he took them to the FBI, he behaved as if he thought they were.

Based on that concession, Judge Christopher Cooper has ruled that the prosecution can’t spend time presenting “extensive evidence” that the data were inaccurate. Too bad; that would have been fun. More importantly, sparing Sussmann from proof in court that he was peddling evidence he surely knew was false is more than he deserves. But if Durham can independently show Sussmann knew it was deceptive, then that would go to criminal intent and “open the door” to allow prosecutors to discredit all his data piece by piece.

Finally, Margot Cleveland reported something intriguing a couple of weeks ago that got lost in the shuffle. The Federalist obtained an email dated July 23, 2021, following a second subpoena for materials relating to Durham’s investigation of the Alfa Bank hoax. It included a list of documents thought to be responsive to that subpoena, including “whitepapers” prepared for DARPA (again, Department of Defense):

1. “Whitepaper on DNC attack attribution”

2. “Analysis of attacks of EOP [Executive Office of the President] networks”

3. “Whitepaper for DOJ on APT-29 related hackers, crypto coin transactions, and analysis that includes Yota-related domains”

4. “’Mueller List’ – list of domains and indicator related to APT-28”

APT-28 is another name for the Russian group of hackers known as Fancy Bear. What we see from this is that the Georgia Tech group was also working for the Mueller investigation. They and DARPA were evidently involved in investigating the so-called “Russian hack” of the DNC. (Pause to let that sink in.)

Talk about an intersection. Details at the link. If you like getting into the weeds, read about the evolving Georgia Tech defense.

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  • Russell R. Griffin

    05/06/2022 09:46 AM

    Politician's need to keep efforts to themselves, or get eaten by their opponent.