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June 30, 2022



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America: We are headed the wrong way

President Biden ran on a promise of bringing Americans together, and despite his divisive rhetoric, he finally seems to be accomplishing that. According to a new AP/NORC poll, a whopping 85% of Americans agree that the nation is headed in the wrong direction. That includes 92% of Republicans and even 78% of Democrats. You couldn't get that many people to agree that chocolate tastes good.

So there’s finally an issue that the vast majority of both Democrats and Republicans agree on. And I can honestly say that without Joe Biden’s efforts, I don’t think that would be true.

Georgia: Keep an eye on this poll

For years, I’ve been warning people not to place too much stock in polls. The media love them because it gives them that “horse race” element to jawbone over so they can ignore real issues. But with the rise of cell phones and Caller ID, polls have become less accurate, many are hopelessly slanted, and a lot of them are taken too far out from the elections to mean anything. Now, I’m going to talk about some polls, but please bear those caveats in mind.

One poll should put Republicans in Georgia on alert that November might not be a cakewalk. The new Quinnipiac Poll shows far-left Democrat incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock with a 10-point lead over Republican Herschel Walker and, stunningly, Gov. Brian Kemp in a virtual tie with Stacey Abrams.

Yes, I know, Abrams’ major accomplishment in life has been turning whining about losing a fair election into a multi-million-dollar media payday, and her groundless accusations of racist voter suppression helped cost Atlanta $100 million in lost revenues from the Major League All-Star Game alone. I’m sure that you, like me, would rather vote for Darth Vader for your Governor than Stacey Abrams. But that doesn’t mean she can’t actually get elected in Georgia. So don’t get complacent and lean back to wait for the red wave to come in. Keep working and volunteering and donating to make sure it happens.

No abortion poll bump for Democrats

Democrats are also hoping that the overthrow of Roe v. Wade will energize their voter base and give them a boost, but so far, that’s not showing up in the polling. Noah Rothman at Commentary magazine reports that a Monmonth poll shows Americans are still about evenly split between whether they want to see Congress pass a federal abortion standard or leave it up to the states.

The hysterical calls for radical changes to the system are also going over like New Coke. A majority of voters said the Court ruling won’t personally impact their lives, and only 38% back expanding the Supreme Court. Both numbers are mostly unchanged from previous polls.

Also, Tuesday’s primaries didn’t show any big groundswell for Democrats. Turnout was actually pretty anemic. That could partly be due to all the early voting. But thanks to the SCOTUS leaker, people pretty much knew what the decision would be all during the early voting period, and unaffiliated voters returned more ballots for Republicans, a reversal from 2020 and 2018.

Meanwhile, in the first YouGov generic Congressional ballot poll taken after Roe was overturned, the Republican lead over Democrats actually increased slightly to 45%-40%.

And remember, this was in the first flush of the hair-on-fire media response. If that’s the best this issue can do for the Dems, imagine what a wet squib it will be by November, after people have a chance to realize that the Court didn’t ban abortion, it just sent the issue back to the states. All those furious liberals in places like New York and California will gradually realize that nothing has changed for them, other than that their local abortion laws will probably get even more barbaric.

I’m sure this YouGov poll will be a shock to Democrat politicians, news media figures and celebrities, since they assume everyone agrees with them about how peachy abortion is. When a poll says a certain number of people think abortion is a major issue, they never even consider that at least half of those people might think it’s a major issue because they’re pro-life. They never even talk to people like that.

For recommended further reading, check out the great Kurt Schlicter’s new column, in which he tries to figure out why the Democrats have made abortion such an unholy crusade. It can’t be because they care about personal freedom or bodily autonomy, as we learned during the pandemic. Or about women’s or minorities’ lives, since they’ll gladly let criminals go free to kill them and deny them weapons for self-defense.

Also, click to read Ann Coulter’s new column in which she digs into the abortion numbers (numbers that have already been dropping for years) to show just how few people this ruling will actually affect.

To close, I’ll quote something a friend told me: “As I was filling up my Kia, paying over $40 for eight gallons of gas, it occurred to me that this was the third time I’d had to do that this month. Then I thought, ‘How many times have I needed a late-term abortion this month? Zero. How many times has anyone in my family needed a late-term abortion this month? Zero. How many times have I or anyone in my family ever needed any kind of abortion? Zero. And the Dems think this is the #1 issue we’ll all be thinking about as we drive to the polls to cast our ballots?”


Far-left Sen. Elizabeth Warren has gone so moonbat loco over abortion being returned to the people’s elected representatives that she’s now trying to abuse federal legislative power to target pro-life pregnancy centers for the heinous crime of…helping women who want to keep their babies to receive pre-natal care, diapers, formula and other necessities. Bonchie at has the story.

As a financial supporter of a pro-life pregnancy center, Bonchie calls Warren’s assault on them “evil.” Raving fanatics like her have moved far past wanting to keep abortion as a safe and legal option and into waging all-out war on kind people who are just trying to help families who don’t want to kill their own babies. He makes the same point I recently made: they are not “pro-choice,” they are openly “pro-baby death at this point.” I doubt that’s an attitude that will win over many voters, but in a more rational time, it would have earned you a trip to a rubber room in a straitjacket.

Congratulations to George Washington University

I don’t get too many chances to praise universities for refusing to knuckle under to leftist, cancel culture crybullies, so I’m happy to be able to do so for George Washington University (which, I’ll also point out, still has that “problematic” name.) Triggered students got 7,000 signatures on a petition demanding that Justice Clarence Thomas be removed as an adjunct professor, because what could they possibly learn from him? You can guess their political slant by the fact that their petition refers to women as “people with wombs.”

To their credit, university officials sent a letter to students reading, “Because we steadfastly support the robust exchange of ideas and deliberation and because debate is an essential part of our university’s academic and educational mission to train future leaders who are prepared to address the world’s most urgent problems, the university will neither terminate Justice Thomas’ employment nor cancel his class in response to his legal opinions. Just as we affirm our commitment to academic freedom, we affirm the right of all members of our community to voice their opinions and contribute to the critical discussions that are foundational to our academic mission.”

In short, they told those students what a university is actually supposed to be. They also taught them an important lesson. Someday, they might end up working for someone like Elon Musk, who will react to their childish demands by firing them.

I do wish they had been a bit clearer in their caveat that Thomas’ opinions do not represent those of the college. It can be taken two ways: as boilerplate put on any professor’s opinions, including radical leftists; or as a message that the college agrees with leftist orthodoxy but still backs Thomas’ right to free speech. I’d like to know that it was the former, not the latter. Too many colleges have leftist hive-mind faculties where you’re lucky to find any non-leftist professors – and if there are any, they’re afraid to say so.

For all the money they spend on “diversity and inclusion” offices, most universities seek diversity of only the shallowest, literally skin-deep kind. Diversity of thought is what students should be exposed to at college. Instead, many colleges not only oppose diversity of thought, but they’ve trained an entire generation to be so hostile to it that they believe having to hear a viewpoint different from their own is the same thing as violence. Employers should be very wary of hiring anyone with those colleges on their resumes.

A Cornell University mystery

In contrast to George Washington University, we turn to Cornell University. A bust of Abraham Lincoln and a bronze copy of the Gettysburg Address that had long been on display in the library were removed, and “why” is a mystery. Law Prof. Jonathan Turley has a post on it, revealing that a professor there says he was told it was removed after “someone complained,” but the university has yet to respond to enquiries about the reason for the disappearance.

In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln spoke of our nation being “conceived in liberty,” and said, “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.” That war is long over, but the new war is being fought in schools and colleges, over the minds of the young generation. If we don’t stop them from being poisoned with anti-American lies and hatred of their own country, how much longer will this nation, and the liberties previous generations fought and died to secure for them, endure?

Democrat Priority Update

While voters are telling pollsters that their major concerns are inflation, gas prices, the economy, crime and illegal immigration, House Democrats know what’s really important. That’s why they’re pushing a “Transgender Bill of Rights” to expand access to “gender-affirming care,” or making it easier to mutilate your children with surgery and dangerous puberty-blocking drugs.

I wonder if that “Transgender Bill of Rights” will include the right to an attorney to sue quacks who ruin their lives by grossly misleading and disfiguring them?

More winning

A New York judge has lifted the contempt of court finding against former President Trump for allegedly failing to turn over business documents to New York Attorney General Letitia James’ witch hunt. Trump claimed he didn’t have any more documents to turn over. James, knowing nothing of how large businesses work but trying to keep her campaign promise to find something, anything, to charge Trump with, apparently thinks that he personally makes nefarious plans in longhand on Trump Tower stationery.

It’s worth reading the link to see how Trump trolled James by turning over literally everything he had written on, including some design documents on which he wrote, “OK,” and some photos of golfer Gary Player that he’d inscribed, “Great.” Hey, don’t laugh: The Biden DOJ could make those the basis of a three-year, $30 million investigation. And I bet the January 6th Kommittee has already subpoenaed them.


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  • Robin Rebhan

    07/01/2022 10:06 AM

    RE: "No abortion poll bump for Democrats". If I understand the Constitution and the recent U.S. Supreme Courts ruling on Roe vs. Wade. The only way Congress can overrule the Court's decision is for a Constitutional Amendment to be made giving the right to abortion.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/01/2022 09:12 AM

    I pointed out (as others have done also) that no matter how many voters turn out returns of 70-90 % are impossible but that's what happened in the Georgia Primaries and that proved their voting system is still screwed.

  • James Drury Jr.

    07/01/2022 06:20 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • John Lindley

    06/30/2022 11:22 PM

    I believe that it is past time to no longer use the term "abortion" as it is too bland of a word for the horror of what is actually happening. Would you consider changing from using "abortion" to a mother having her unborn child killed? We have to take the gloves off.

  • Paul Kern

    06/30/2022 09:58 PM

    I am not surprised by people like Warren and other death lovers in Congress. I have met many who realize Washington DC is evil to the core! It is basically a temple of Ba'al and Mammon now! Most of the federal government are now acolytes of Satan!