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June 7, 2022


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But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

James 1:6

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ELECTION DAY: STILL TIME TO VOTE: Primary elections are being held today in California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota. If you live in one of those states and haven’t voted already, be sure to do so today. I’ll have a round-up of election news tomorrow.

One of the most closely-watched races isn’t a primary but the recall election of San Francisco’s crime wave-inciting, radical leftist D.A., Chesa Boudin.

Polls show the public favors kicking him to the curb by margins ranging from 57 to 70%. The best poll for him shows a 47%-47% tie between keeping him and recalling him. Which suggests that between residents fleeing and criminals moving in, the voting population of San Francisco is now 47% criminals.

Here’s an interesting report on a pro-Boudin rally, attended by “a drag queen, a communist and a domestic terrorist,” plus a smattering of “boomer hippies, dirtbag leftists, trust fund kids (and) weirdos,” who are convinced that people are going to vote to keep Boudin in power. I’d say his best hope is that thanks to him, people may be too terrified to leave their homes and vote to throw him out of office.


BIDEN KEEPS HIS PROMISES: Here’s another poll showing that President Biden has at least kept his promise to bring Americans together. According to a new Wall Street Journal/NORC poll, thanks to him, a record number of Americans are in agreement that they feel “deeply pessimistic” about the economy.

The running mate of the man whose slogan was “Hope and Change” has taken our hope and left us with nothing but spare change. 38% said their financial situation has gotten worse, the highest number since the Great Recession. 83% said the economy is either poor or “not so good,” and 35% aren’t satisfied at all with their financial situation, the highest level of dissatisfaction since this poll began in 1972. Almost 60% doubt that most people can achieve the American dream. And 86% think the nation is deeply divided over the most important issues, and over half expect it to get worse.

Biden’s response to this has been to complain about the failure in “messaging” that’s kept Americans from realizing he’s presided over the strongest economic recovery in history (FYI: letting businesses reopen is not a “recovery” and letting people go back to work isn’t “creating jobs.") But he has a plan to fix that: he’s going on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Like Jimmy Kimmel, I’m not being funny; he’s actually doing that.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture that’s worth more than all the words Biden will manage to mangle on Kimmel’s show. It’s a photo of a California gas pump showing regular at $9.45 a gallon.

Here’s yet another example of why Americans need to vote for politicians who will respect their Constitutional rights and not just hope that courts will stop them from abusing our rights. The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from Mark and Patricia McCloskey to restore their law licenses that were put on probation simply because they used their Second Amendment rights and brandished weapons – didn’t even fire them, just showed them – to scare a threatening mob of leftist protesters away from their home.

This happened in St. Louis, Missouri, which Google Maps claims is in the United States of America, but I can’t see how that’s possible.


TEXAS SHOOTING: MORE DETAILS: The more we learn about the terrible Uvalde, Texas, school shooting, the worse the local police response looks. We’ve already heard about how they waited for 45 minutes while the shooter was killing children inside, and how they prevented parents from going in to try to stop him or save their kids. Now, here’s another story that demands investigation.

Cody Briseno, a worker at the funeral home across the street from the school, says that the shooter fired at him and another worker, but they managed to escape into their office building. The shooter then turned toward the school. Briseno called his wife to bring him his gun. By the time she arrived with it, the shooter was already inside the school. Briseno headed for the school with his gun to try to intervene, but he says an officer stopped him from going in and told him to “stay back and shut up.”

Briseno said he felt guilty because he couldn’t stop it, and the memory came back with every grave he had to dig, including one for his own cousin. He shouldn’t feel guilty, but that doesn’t apply to the cops who refused to do anything and stopped others from doing anything.

I’ve heard several commentators point out that for the past few years, leftists have been relentlessly attacking police for being too quick to take violent action, and demanding that police be softer, that they stand back and don’t intervene or else risk being vilified and prosecuted. They got the soft policing they wanted, and now they blame the guns for the resulting violence and death.

And if you think it’s unfair to apply that reasoning to Uvalde, consider that maybe I’m not even talking about Uvalde. Maybe I’m talking about New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and other blue cities that are having the equivalent of a mass shooting every week.

Related: Oliver North touches on my argument that there’s a major causal factor in school shootings that the left refuses to consider because they’ve spent so many years working to bring it about.


D-DAY IS FORGOTTEN ON THE LEFT: In yesterday’s newsletter, I wrote extensively about the 78th anniversary of D-Day, the turning point of World War II and the day when thousands of heroes risked or sacrificed their lives, facing Nazi fire head on to save Europe and “make the world safe for democracy.” It was one of the most important days in history. So why does the Biden Administration keep forgetting it?

Presidents always issue statements to commemorate D-Day, but last year, the day passed without a word from President Biden. This year, despite the recent report that Biden has a digital communications staff of over SEVENTY people, there was yet again not a peep about D-Day for most of the day. Biden seemed too busy vacationing on a beach in Delaware to remember what happened on the beaches of Normandy. After being blasted all day by conservative media for the unconscionable snub, the White House finally put out a tweet about D-Day at 8:45 p.m. Eastern Time, just under the wire.

It seems like only a week or so ago that he was eerily whispering to Annapolis grads that he was the Commander-in-Chief of the military. Someone should whisper that to him.

In his defense, at least he finally did say something about D-Day. On Google, where the “Google Doodle” illustration marks what’s most historic about each day, the search giant chose June 6th to honor the birthday of the inventor of the espresso machine. Did they even try Googling “June 6th”?

I’m sure that to Silicon Valley leftists, their daily espresso seems far more important than D-Day, but without the sacrifices of all those non-PC, gun-toting men, they might be sipping German beer while figuring out ways to help the Fuhrer maintain surveillance of the people. Because, yeah…that’s probably what they’d be doing.


EXPENSIVE TRAVELERSwalwell doing his part to jumpstart travel industry thanks to donors to his campaign. Nothing like the “common touch” for the Congressman! Eric Swalwell's campaign dropped $60K on travel in six weeks, including hotels in Miami and Paris - Fox News



Just as I predicted, the trial of Michael Sussman who was prosecuted by special prosecutor James Durham revealed at least 4 very important realities: The first was the overwhelming evidence that not only did Michael Sussman lie to the FBI in trying to sell a totally concocted sham of a story that Donald Trump was in cahoots with the Russians, a story that the FBI knew was phony but acted on it anyway, and that the whole lie was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee and personally approved by Hillary herself. The second was that in today’s highly partisan judicial system, Sussman was going to be found innocent no matter what the evidence showed. And the third was that the media would once again play the stooge for Hillary and the Democrats and keep the facts of the story from reaching most Americans.

Special prosecutor Durham produced compelling evidence from multiple documents that showed that Sussman was billing the Clinton campaign for a meeting he took with former FBI official James Baker all the while insisting that he was acting on his own and as a “friend” not affiliated with a campaign. At the very least Hillary ought to get her money back since he made her pay for the meeting that he said was done as a “public service.” Sussman made up a story that was a bigger fake than Big Foot and the Abominable Snowman combined and took it to James Baker at the FBI. Baker knew it was phonier than Lady Gaga’s modesty, but acted upon it anyway. Multiple sources such as text messages, FBI notes, and verbal testimony corroborated that Sussman was lying, but Sussman wasn’t convicted by a DC jury. And who honestly thought he would be? I sure didn’t and have said so publicly for weeks.

Of the jurors, 3 were actual donors to the Hillary for President campaign. One was a donor to left-wing Congressional kook Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And yet another had a daughter who played on a sports team with the daughter of…wait for it…Michael Sussman himself! Since you only have to convince one of the 12 jurors to block a conviction, in this case there were actually 5 pretty solid jurors who could be expected to see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing, and in the end do nothing.

Did I mention that Judge Cooper, the trial judge who wouldn’t allow some of the most important evidence against Sussman is married to a lawyer who represents Lisa Page, the disgraced former FBI agent who helped cook the whole Russia story and work with her adulterous partner Peter Strzok to bring down President Trump? Yes, the same happy couple who described Trump voters as people they could actually smell at Walmart? There was more home-cooking of the judicial process than in Paula Deen’s kitchen.

And naturally the media ignored the facts presented at the trial (which they didn’t cover by the way) but declared that the verdict “vindicated” Sussman and vilified prosecutor Durham. It would be accurate to call the defendant O. J. Sussman who declared after the trial that he will devote the rest of his life to find the true liar…in between games of golf of course!

It’s hard not to be cynical about our justice system that treats people on the right or the politically unempowered quite differently than it does those who are highly connected or whose politics are left of center. But we can’t win by just being angry and especially not by giving up and surrendering to the scams. We must persevere with patience and dogged persistence to vote in every election and to lift our voices loud against the lies, the corruption, and the double standards. And we should know that even if justice never prevails on this earth, one day we will all stand before our Creator and give account. No one will be given a pass on that day. Not me, not you, and not even the politically well-connected who have shredded our Constitution and the application of law.


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  • Chelsea R. Martin

    06/08/2022 12:06 PM

    "In yesterday’s newsletter, I wrote extensively about the 78th anniversary of D-Day, the turning point of World War II and the day when thousands of heroes risked or sacrificed their lives, facing Nazi fire head on to save Europe and “make the world safe for democracy.” It was one of the most important days in history. So why does the Biden Administration keep forgetting it?"

    Why would they "forget" D-Day? Because the "Biden Administration" is seeking to "fundamentally transform" (re: dismantle) America, and they along with the brass hats ruling over the newly-minted "Woke Military" wholeheartedly embrace the exact same fascism as the Nazi Party, complete with:

    Calls for disarmament of the populace;
    The unquestionable enshrinement of the privileges and rights of one "Master Race" (in this case "oppressed minorities") over all others;
    The establishment of a Goebbels-style "disinformation board;"
    Use of weaponized legalism to trample the legal rights of, and to intimidate, their political opponents;
    A rampant "national socialist" style desire to centralize the means of production under the auspices of the federal government;
    Calls to "get rid of" half of the country, compliments of their apparatchiks on The View and their frothing faculty-lounge ilk.

    (...Did anyone ever think to ask the likes of Whoopie and Behar just how they plan to "get rid of" the entire GOP, by the way? Reckon they'll go for Cambodian-style Killing Fields, gas chambers, or the "currently in vogue" method of genocide, CCP-style "works training" camps?)

  • Joseph D Hedrick

    06/07/2022 09:21 PM

    Governor Huckabee
    I wrote you a while back on the trial of Sussman and told you then that he would not go to jail and as it turned out I was right. None of those people will ever see the inside of a jail cell. I am convinced that they could cold bloodily kill someone on live TV and get away with it. These people are so far disconnected from the rest of us and live with a different set of rules and laws that it is a disgrace, it is no wonder that people feel the way they do about what is going on in this country. In my opinion they all should be hung for treason for what they have done but then again that won't happen either!
    Thank you

  • Jim

    06/07/2022 07:41 PM

    I would like to post your comments on Sussman on Facebook, but would need your permission.
    I doubt any left news is telling it how it was!! The country is being led by fools and maybe voters are the biggest ones, if they continue to support such illegal behaviors!!
    Thank you!

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/07/2022 07:40 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!