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June 17, 2022



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When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

Isaiah 43:2

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Thursday's January 6 hearing: Pence's role

During NBC’s Thursday coverage of the January 6 committee hearings, they cut away to golf. Hey, it was the U.S. Open. Here’s Nick Arama at REDSTATE.

The focus on Thursday was Vice President Mike Pence and what he went through that day. Not that there was any cross-examination in an attempt to really know. We did learn that Pence spent several hours in a secure location, which appeared to be a loading area deep within the complex, and we heard committee Democrats praise him lavishly for his courage in not going along with Trump. Greg Jacob, former counsel to Pence, said that “Pence’s instinct” told him there was no way the framers of the Constitution intended the VP to have that kind of power.

It seems to me that being pulled into this story might actually have helped some viewers understand how Trump was feeling at the time. Obviously, he believed the election HAD been stolen by Democrats in those battleground states and that the Judicial Branch had not done its job. Yes, he chose to listen to the advisers who said what he wanted to hear, as we all do. And the way he saw it, he wasn’t trying to instigate a coup. He was hoping to prevent one, by the left. And some on the right did go way too far.

Mark Levin, speaking Thursday night on HANNITY, pointed out that while Biden, Schumer and Pelosi criticize Trump for not responding “quickly enough” to the January 6 riot, they still haven’t responded to the assassination plot against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanugh, which would certainly represent a more serious threat to our Republic than a bunch of unarmed ragtag Trump supporters.

They also haven’t responded to “the threats that are coming down, the potential need for the National Guard to protect the Supreme Court” when the decision is announced on their landmark abortion case.

He reminded viewers of how “extraordinarily violent” the left is, evoking the summer of 2020, the riots accompanying Trump’s inauguration –- to try to prevent HIM being sworn in as President (that apparently was okay) –- and the attack at the White House that injured 50 Secret Service agents.

So after putting January 6 in perspective, he said he was “disgusted” at the 40 minutes he watched on Thursday, seeing that it was “choreographed,” with teleprompters, spliced-up and cherry-picked video, and no contrary witnesses, contrary evidence, motions, challenges or cross-examination. No opposition whatsoever.

Even the legal analysts sit there on TV and say, we learned a lot today, he said. “You learned NOTHING."

As for the testimony regarding Pence, Levin pointed out that their chief witness, Michael Luttig, was not an adviser to Pence and never spoke to Pence. Levin’s sources close to Pence say Luttig “volunteered” his analysis by submitting it unsolicited to the Vice President’s office. None of that came out in testimony on Thursday --- could it possibly be because there was no cross-examination?

J. Michael Luttig is a conservative former federal judge who testified that Pence had no authority to stop Congress from certifying the election –- he had tweeted this on January 5 –- and that this would have brought on a “constitutional crisis.” He painted a picture of Trump as someone desperately trying to cling to power and called his efforts a “war on democracy.”

FORBES reports that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz clerked for Luttig and considers him to be a mentor. It would be very interesting to get Cruz’s take on his testimony. Amazingly, Luttig’s other law clerk was Trump attorney John Eastman, the very adviser who was the one encouraging Trump –- and Pence –- to challenge the election. What an interesting scenario. If only there were some real Republicans involved in these hearings, to bring in some cross-examination…

Levin also brought up the letter we reported on yesterday, from former U.S. attorney in Philadelphia William McSwain to President Trump, dating from June 2021. Recall that he was telling Trump that Attorney General Bill Barr had instructed him not to say anything publicly about the allegations of election “irregularities” that had been coming to his office, but to pass these along to the state attorney general, who had said Trump could not win.

“Wouldn’t it be nice when Barr was testifying, that somebody was there to challenge Barr? Somebody was there to challenge Luttig?” Levin asked. He pointed out that even some leftist legal professors agreed with Trump attorney John Eastman’s position “before it was John Eastman’s [and Trump’s] position.” The final say on election law was supposed to be with state legislators, he said, not with judges, and Levin holds that Trump “had every right” to ask state legislatures to look into these matters.

He also said it’s not clear under the 12th Amendment what the responsibilities of the Vice President are in such a situation. There needed to be challenges in the hearing about this.

“This is a railroad job,” Levin said of these hearings, “pure and simple. And it’s time the media get off its a-- and pay attention, and legal analysts act like real lawyers.”

Couldn’t have said it better.

D'Souza vs. Barr: Let the election fraud debate begin!

During the January 6 committee hearings, a recorded testimony of former Attorney General Bill Barr was played in which he laughed derisively at the idea that the documentary 2,000 MULES should be taken seriously. He found the geotracking evidence from cellphone data “singularly unimpressive,” he said.

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza didn’t take kindly to that. “The level of ignorance displayed by Bill Barr here is truly stunning,” he tweeted. “He doesn’t seem to understand the very concept of geotracking.”

He invited Barr to “a public debate” on election fraud. “What do you say, Bill? Do you dare back up your belly laughs with arguments that can withstand rebuttal and cross-examination?”

I’m not holding my breath, but...oh, please, do it. If Bill Barr can laugh at and dismiss what is shown in 2,000 MULES, it would be great to see him try debunking it. The other “debunkers” have certainly not been successful in doing so, though the media have attempted to make it look as if they had.

Anyway, bring it on. I know I’d much rather watch this debate than yet another hearing in Pelosi’s kangaroo court. It’s not as if we’re going to get any rebuttal or cross-examination in that.

A tampon shortage

For once, the devastating results of dumb leftist policies might be mitigated somewhat by the results of another insane leftist policy. The latest twist in the supply chain crisis is worries over a shortage of tampons. But some women have figured out where to find tampons: they’re getting them from the men’s rooms that leftist officials required be stocked with tampons for “men who menstruate.”

But if women take them all, what will all those men who menstruate do? That’s the kind of lunacy nobody ever imagined anyone would have to deal with until voters made the huge mistake of putting today’s Democrats in charge of Congress and the White House.

Must-See Video

Someone edited together a video that’s gone viral, showing former President Trump on the campaign trail in 2020, making eerily accurate predictions about the disastrous effects of electing Joe Biden President.

While I’m more than willing to give Trump props for his prescience, I’d like to point out that readers of this newsletter were warned of the exact same things. Admittedly, it wasn't all that hard to see coming.

Johnny Depp may have started a trend that I hope to see more of

Fighting back against false accusations in court. A Democrat PAC called American Muckrakers made some scurrilous claims about Rep. Lauren Boebert’s past, claims she says are partisan, false, completely fabricated and disgusting. If a Republican PAC made them against a female Democrat, they’d be called grossly sexist, as well.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Rep. Boebert said she and her attorneys have irrefutable proof that the allegations are false. She plans to take legal action against the PAC, which she says must have incorrectly assumed that “publishing false statements against a public figure would not create legal liability." She says that will be a “costly miscalculation” for them and their donors, as she’s planning to press both a civil defamation suit and criminal charges for knowingly and recklessly circulating false information to influence an election, which is illegal in Colorado.

A spokesman for the PAC said they “stand behind their source.” I don’t think they’ll be able to hide from the process servers there.

When it rains, it pours

Sorry to have to report this, but that Abbott Labs factory in Michigan that was finally starting to produce baby formula has been shut down again, this time due to flooding caused by severe storms. This will delay production for another few weeks.

In a related story, we now have a clue about why that baby formula factory might have had problems with bacterial contamination, and it’s not because capitalists are greedy. It’s because government COVID lockdowns prevented any thorough FDA inspections for over two years. Overall, pandemic-driven staff shortages meant 15,000 inspections of food processing plants were skipped.

Tweet of the Day

After New York Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman accused Elon Musk of supporting “white supremacy” because he voted for his first Republican ever (Mayra Flores), Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted back:

“When you think an African American immigrant voting for a Mexican American woman is ‘white supremacy,’ it might be an indication your brain is broken.”

Fauci tests positive for COVID

Quadruple-vaxxed and boosted, double-masked enemy of freedom Dr. Anthony Fauci has tested positive for COVID, proving that it is an airborne virus and there ultimately just ain’t much you can do to hide from one of those. While we certainly have our differences, I wish him the best and pray he doesn’t get sick, although if he wants to take this opportune moment to retire, I won’t try to argue him out of it. political cartoonist Jim Thompson, however, just couldn’t resist using this story for inspiration.


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  • Gary Stilwell

    06/18/2022 02:02 AM

    D'Souza vs. Barr:
    just a note here,but statistically speaking the biden win could not have happened without outside influence--period. The punsters can have their day, but they can't explain the logic here - flipping a coin will not give you a heads or tails on any flip--they seem to think you can predict what will happen on the next flip--they do not control randomness(voter preferences)--it must necessarily be the result of outside influence--ie. "the Fix"

  • JoBeth Halferty

    06/17/2022 08:58 PM

    As always, you are spot on! Live your column!

  • stephen russell

    06/17/2022 03:37 PM

    Governor Newsom wants to join Truth Social to spy on Conservatives

  • Linda Mantonya

    06/17/2022 01:36 PM

    I did not receive yesterday's morning edition, nor the evening edition of your newsletter. I have also not received today's morning edition as of yet. Is there some kind of glitch that is preventing me from receiving these? Thank you for looking into this for me.