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July 11, 2022

After our week of semi-vacation, I can’t think of a better way to bring you up to speed on the January 6 committee than with this monologue from Sunday’s LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN. Watch from the beginning, but he gets into specifics about ongoing problems with the committee at about the 2:30 mark.

As Levin points out, every last member of the committee voted to impeach President Trump; it’s even been called “the third impeachment.” At least five members “openly, publicly in the press, stated their purpose is to pressure the United States Department of Justice, under the attorney general appointed by Biden, and the U.S. attorney’s office, the U.S. attorney appointed by Biden, to indict former President Trump to ensure that he never gets close to the Oval Office again, that he can’t take over the Republican Party, that he can’t run for office again. That is a clearly unconstitutional process for the House of Representatives to be involved in.”

We’ve covered the various ways in which this committee is in flagrant disregard of the Constitution, but Levin goes on to list a number of them. He calls their Hollywood production, in which they read from scripts helpfully displayed on teleprompters, “a choreographed Stalinist show trial,” and it is.

They’re fishing –- netting secretly obtained emails, texts and phone records. (Since they do this secretly, targets can’t challenge it in court.) They're after the Republican National Committee, “scores of private and non-profit organizations,” Republican state officials, election attorneys (aside: not Marc Elias, of course), and conservative media and organizations.

Levin cites the numerous violations of attorney-client privilege and other issues of confidentiality. “This is a core fundamental principle in our system of justice,” he says. He also notes the committee is working with left-wing groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which even bragged about it to POLITICO. Here’s more on that…

You know the SPLC from its insistence on labeling Christian and conservative organizations “hate groups” in order to censor them. They’re reportedly funneling information to the January 6 committee. “Our work has helped to document coordination between Trump, his allies and two extremist groups we’ve tracked for years,” SPLC Senior Policy Counsel on Hate and Extremism (yes, that’s his job title) Michael Lieberman told POLITICO.

In his monologue, Levin also mentions that testimony given behind closed doors remains secret. They cherry-pick what we see. One thing they don’t talk about is the 20,000 National Guard troops that Trump authorized ahead of the rally and that House Speaker Pelosi and Washington DC mayor Bowser refused.

Something new: Former Defense Department Chief of Staff Kash Patel, on Levin’s radio show, told the story of Trump authorizing the DoD, in NOVEMBER 2020, to prepare for the transition to a Biden administration. Does that sound like the behavior of an insurrectionist to you?

“You can challenge an election while at the same time allowing the government to go forward with a likely or possible transition,” Levin says. That appears to be exactly what Trump did. But never mind –-- Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland and his ‘Justice’ Department are coordinating with Pelosi’s committee, “attempting to criminalize challenges to the 2020 election, in ways we’ve never seen before in American history.”

This will do grave damage to our political system, Levin says. It’s constitutional for a candidate or his surrogates to challenge the vote in states --- through litigation (Al Gore) and in state legislatures. This has legal precedent. There was also a case (Hawaii, as we’ve reported) where two sets of electors were sent to Congress, just in case.

“It’s not a crime for a candidate to ask or to lobby state legislators to take a look at what’s taken place or to change the outcome,” Levin says. “You may not like it; you may not think it’s politically wise; you may not think it’s ethical. It’s certainly not illegal, and it’s certainly not criminal.”

He condemns the behavior of the U.S. attorney –- “with the approval of the attorney general, no doubt” –- who’s searching the homes and confiscating the electronic devices of attorneys. There’s federal grand jury hearing testimony about information taken from attorneys, he notes with disgust. “The effort to use...criminal statutes that have never been used in this way to try to manufacture a coup effort, or to try to claim some kind of obstruction or interference with the a horrific, unconscionable abuse of power by people who really are not interested in the Constitution.”

Levin also reminds us of something else reported here: that in Washington DC, 92 percent of the vote in 2020 went to Joe Biden. “Well, who do you think makes up the grand juries?” he asks (rhetorically). In grand jury proceedings, there’s no opposition. (Ha, in that respect, it’s just like the January 6 committee.) One can’t receive a fair trial. Can you say ‘change of venue’?

“This whole thing is rigged,” Levin says. “It’s a disgrace...” He suggested that they hold it in Utah or Idaho.

So, when reporters talk about “what we’ve learned,” here’s what we’ve learned: “...that we have a rogue committee, a rogue U.S. attorney, a rogue attorney general, where information is being censored, where contrary witnesses are not permitted to publicly testify because it destroys the narrative, and with the whole system set up to destroy the Republican Party generally, MAGA specifically, and Donald Trump overall.”

“That violates separation of power by this committee, and the abuse of these criminal statutes should not stand.”

After reading this, you won’t be surprised at POLITICO’s report that of the eight Jan. 6 defendants who’ve faced jurors so far, “all of them have been convicted of every charge to date...” No kidding.

I’ll link to POLITICO, but don’t bother unless you can stomach a report that has nothing to say about Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony except that it was “vivid.” Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time.

As a palate-cleanser after POLITICO, committee member Zoe Lofgren openly wondered why the ‘Justice’ Department hasn’t subpoenaed Hutchinson. Does the clueless Rep. Lofgren not realize how disastrous Hutchinson’s testimony was? Cue the laugh track...

“We’re not an arm of the Department of Justice,” she said on “Meet the Press.” “We’re a legislative committee. They have subpoena power. They could subpoena Ms. Hutchinson. I’m surprised they had not done so...What are they doing over there? They have a much greater opportunity to enforce their subpoenas than our legislative committee does.”

Finally, Margot Cleveland has an exclusive, MUST-READ piece about a letter concerning the January 6 committee written by a lawyer for 1st Amendment Praetorian, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting free speech rights, and subpoenas they apparently shared with her. She says it’s proof the committee is “McCarthyism on steroids.”

1st Amendment Praetorian has been targeted along with groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, and attorney Leslie McAdoo Gordon has plenty to say about it. Good for her and the organization she represents for not backing down! As Gordon says, “Every American should be outraged at the attack on our fellow citizens’ First Amendment rights of free association, speech and assembly.”

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Comments 1-10 of 28

  • Pat Kennedy

    07/17/2022 02:35 PM

    And as always the Republicans will underestimate the relentless nature of the democratic party.

  • Melinda Olinde

    07/12/2022 03:55 PM

    So why hasn't a group of constitutional attorneys and conservative Republicans gotten together to arrest all these traitors and put them behind bars? All these rioters last summer should have been shot and thrown in jail. Instead nothing is done! People are fed up and a civil war is definitely coming. Too many criminals for police to handle, so citizens will have to get involved. So many senseless murders by illegals. Border Patrol needs to shoot to kill anyone crossing! This is how you stop open borders. And we all have to stand up to protect these agents. Nothing has been done to Hunter Biden, so nothing can be done to anyone who is protecting our citizens!
    I'm thankful I live in a Red county in Texas, even though we have tons of corrupt officials. Since November 2020 we've had so many different groups start to go after all these corrupt people and boards. We are making progress little by little. It really does start at the local level!

    Love your show and would like to be in the audience sometime.

    Melinda Olinde

  • Ed Thompson

    07/12/2022 10:24 AM

    Show me the difference between the January 6 hearings and the trials in North Korea! Show me any difference with what happened to the captives of Isis and their “trials” after those poor soldiers and others were held in captivity and then were horribly murdered, executed, in the most horrible ways. In both cases they had no real trial. Just put in cages and sentenced automatically! This January 6 commission is doing exactly what those other people have done. Sham trial and the tax payers are getting ripped off! We should demand they all be removed from their jobs. Vote people please. Republican. And call your representative and demand these people stop this waste of your money!

  • juanita ray

    07/12/2022 10:21 AM

    A WOMAN SCORNED!!! That what this and everything before is all about. President Trump sent Nancy Pelosi packing after being elected and she thinks she is more powerful that anyone so GOES AFTER TRUMP. Not because of so called DEMOCRACY but it is personal. She could care less about America and/or its people just getting back at Trump because he did not want to does things her way when he became president. I don't know why this has not been talked about before.

  • Bobby Smith

    07/12/2022 09:12 AM

    Just so you know...
    The link to the Levin YouTube video has been taken down!
    When i tapped on it i got the message: “This Video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with it has been terminated”
    I tried to copy and paste the link into the YouTube search bar and got: “No Results Found” try different search words or remove search filters”
    Seems YouTube has a Political Agenda Here Also-Which is Not a Surprise!!!

  • Linda Spensley

    07/12/2022 04:12 AM

    The Levin YouTube video link you included re. the “Jan 6th” committee has been taken down by YouTube!

  • Tenney Singer

    07/12/2022 01:14 AM

    I didn't get to read your newsletter until late, and when I tried to go to the Levin monologue, the site was terminated. ?? I guess YouTube didn't like what was said.

  • Judy Milde

    07/11/2022 11:38 PM

    You are so on top of everything! Thank you for sorting things out. All of this (re: McCarthyism on steroids) is so scary. How is it that all these people are getting away with all of this stuff? This is dangerous.

    BTW, what does "BBML accepted!" mean?


  • Kathleen Younes

    07/11/2022 10:04 PM

    Yes, we are outraged by this clearly illegal take over of our government but I don’t hear any conservatives telling us what we can do. I feel like everyone is putting way too much hope in the November elections. They rigged the last national election and nothing has changed to stop them from rigging the next one. The majority of hard working Americans who pay the bills for this country are being ruled by a minority of people who can’t even tell a girl from a boy! What can we do?

  • Don Bergee

    07/11/2022 06:10 PM

    The truth needs to come out that Nancy Peloci turned down the offer to have the 20,000 National Guard members on site on Jan 6, because it would have spoiled the plan that she and George Soros had already planned. Having under-cover FBI agents, and a bus load of BLM and Antifa groups wearing MAGA caps, show up with ropes, shields, bull-horns, and a 2 x 2 long pole for breaking a window, would have been wasted. The Capitol Police opened the doors for them.