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July 15, 2022



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Truth shall spring out of the earth,

And righteousness shall look down from heaven.

Yes, the Lord will give what is good;

And our land will yield its increase.

Psalm 85:11-12

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The Ray Epps NEW YORK TIMES story; a follow-up

In yesterday’s J6 committee hearing update, I told you about THE NEW YORK TIMES’ odd story on Ray Epps, which painted him as a victim of right-wing conspiracy theorists. Epps says he plans to sue those who’ve accused him of working undercover for the FBI to encourage Trump supporters to “go inside the Capitol.”
Tucker Carlson has repeatedly reported on the Ray Epps suspicions, and he fought back against the NYT story Thursday evening. Apparently, Tucker said, in all the time the NYT reporter spent with Epps (a whole day), he was never asked what he meant to accomplish by telling the crowd to go into the building. “It’s all very strange,” Tucker said. “THE NEW YORK TIMES has mounted a propaganda campaign on behalf of a self-described Trump voter insurrectionist.” What’s going on here?

“It’s almost like they’re trying to cover something up,” he said.

Tucker found it interesting that the NYT specifically includes this: “Mr. Epps also said he regretted sending a text to his nephew, well after the violence had erupted, in which he discussed how he helped to orchestrate the movements of people who were leaving Mr. Trump’s speech near the White House by pointing them in the direction of the Capitol.”  He theorizes that since we’ve heard nothing at all till now about this particular text, the main purpose of the NYT piece might have been to “drop that little bomblet at the end in the least damaging way.”

Also, the piece fails to mention whether Epps had any contacts with any federal agencies in the period leading up to the rally. Why wouldn’t the NYT ask him about that?

But the article does tell us that Epps might be in mortal danger from Mexican drug cartels. Talk about a non sequitur; how are Mexican drug cartels involved in the story of January 6?

Darren Beattie of REVOLVER NEWS, who has done outstanding reporting on January 6, pointed out that “in the entire piece, there is no blanket, explicit denial on the part of Epps to have been associated with any intelligence group, DHS, JTTF [Joint Terrorism Task Force], military intelligence, so forth. [He] just reiterates his very legal denial of being involved with law enforcement.” Also, “the piece describes Epps as a Trump supporter...on a last-minute thing with his son to attend Trump’s speech on election fraud. The only thing is, Epps didn’t attend the speech. Epps travels all the way from Arizona to DC, this big Trump supporter, and he doesn’t even attend the speech?”

No, he “fixates on this bizarre mission to get everyone to go into the Capitol?” And he happens to be “hanging out right by the initial breach point...before the Proud Boys even get there?”

The piece also doesn’t discuss how Epps got this idea. “Here’s the one person calling for everyone to go in,” and the NYT doesn't ask him that. Did he come up with it himself after he got there? Did someone tell him to do it?

Epps’ behavior was “so egregious,” Beattie said, that he was in the top 20 on the FBI Most Wanted list and even featured in a NYT documentary on January 6. “And now, he’s unarrested, unindicted, and he’s the only January 6 rioter about whom Adam Kinzinger has nice things to say and THE NEW YORK TIMES is writing puff pieces about.”

We still need to know about the roles played by law enforcement, intelligence and the military on that day and the days leading up to it. “When they won’t answer a question and call you names for asking it, maybe there’s something there,” Tucker concluded.

Of course, as we reported yesterday, Adam Schiff is doing his best to keep the next Congress --- almost certainly destined to be GOP-led --- from looking into questions like that.

Article after article is parroting what the NYT reported about Epps. They use the phrase “unfounded conspiracy theory” to describe suspicions about him. “Baseless” is another popular adjective, which is used here just as reflexively as it is in articles on election fraud (another issue for which suspicions are not, in reality, baseless). Here’s one example:

Here’s another:

If you have a strong stomach and the time and inclination to read these, you’ll see that Tucker is right about the big questions regarding Epps’ behavior not being asked. I’m in no way defending the harassment and death threats Epps says he’s received, but, really, why WASN’T he arrested and charged for doing the same thing (and more) that got others locked up without bail? Why WAS he dropped from the FBI Most Wanted list? BUSINESS INSIDER simply says that “the FBI has not publicly commented on allegations that Epps was working with them or why he was not charged.”
Epps was caught on camera blatantly encouraging what the left condemns as “insurrectionist” behavior. The fact that he wasn’t arrested and jailed and treated with the same lack of due process as others were who did much less --- Brandon Straka, who also never entered the Capitol and was much more peaceful, comes to mind --- makes no sense. So my guess is that some piece of information is missing. Whether or not Epps was working with the feds, something about this story smells off.
The NYT ran an earlier piece on Epps, in May, reporting that during discovery for some of those protesters who, unlike Epps, were actually facing charges, some recordings of interviews were found to support the claim that he tried to calm another protester before that person confronted cops at the barricades and effectively triggered the breach.  He's said to have whispered to the man, Ryan Samsel, something like, "Dude, relax; the cops are doing their job," not encouraging him to riot as has been alleged.
This detail, even if true, still doesn't tell us why Epps was so insistent the night before that protesters go inside the building and why law enforcement took such an uncharacteristic hands-off approach with him.


The White House responds to dire economic news

The White House has hit on a response to the dire news that in June, inflation reached 9.1%, the highest in over 40 years. They say that was in June, those numbers are out of date, gas has come down 30 cents from its peak, so just ignore it. Don’t worry, be happy.

Hey, I didn’t say it was a good response.

Bonchie at explains why this can only be based on the assumption that we’re all stupid. And not just for the obvious reasons, but also the details. Like the fact that most of the days when gas prices were inching down a bit fell in June and actually are reflected in the report.

That link also includes a MUST-SEE video from RNC Research that they call “Two minutes of Democrats lying about inflation.” It’s a compilation of comments from President Biden and other top Democrat officials over the past 18 months, assuring us that there would be no inflation; that any inflation will be minor and transitory; that it’s because of COVID; it’s because of the supply chain backup; it’s because of Putin; etc. etc. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, it’s this Administration’s inflation policy.

I’ll also direct you to this link on the video from, because the writer there makes a comment I love: “George Costanza would probably have headed up a more competent Administration.”

For those who don’t know the sitcom “Seinfeld,” George was Jerry’s friend who was a lazy, lying loser. In one episode, he decided to try doing the exact opposite of his natural impulses. Suddenly, his life turned around. Women started dating him, and he landed his dream job.

I thought this was a great analogy because Joe Biden has been famous for years for being on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue for 40 years, and now he’s proven that his natural inclinations about domestic policies are just as disastrous. He followed a George Costanza-like policy, too, but unfortunately, instead of doing the opposite of his own inclinations, he did the exact opposite of whatever Trump did.

Democrats were so discombobulated by Trump denying Hillary Clinton what she and they thought was her birthright to the Presidency that they never forgave him. From the moment he won, they refused to work with him or recognize his legitimacy as President, they attacked everything he said and did, and they brainwashed themselves into believing that he was so evil that his every policy was wrong and evil. From his first moment in office, Biden began mindlessly reversing every Trump policy, even those that were incredibly successful, which is why we have so many problems now, from $5 gas to a wide open border. He’s so convinced that everything Trump did was evil incarnate that he actually thinks the biggest threat to America is everyday Republicans who want to make America great again.

I think we would actually be better off with George Costanza in the White House. As devious as he was, at least he was smart enough to realize that all his own decisions were catastrophically wrong and start doing the opposite. If Biden did that, it would be like having Trump back.

Least Surprising News of the Day

A Harvard University student newspaper survey of the arts and sciences faculty found that just 1.46% of them lean conservative, and only 16.08% are moderates. The rest are all liberals, or to put it more accurately, screaming leftists.

Also not surprising, only a quarter of faculty respondents, despite their endless jawboning about “diversity,” think that Harvard should hire more conservatives.

There is one thing about this story that is surprising, and that’s that it got reported in the student paper at all, considering that another recent survey found that only 4% of 2022 Harvard graduates identified as conservative and only 2.7% lean “very conservative.”

Let Them Eat Crickets

Canada’s government under dictatorial elitist PM Justin Trudeau is investing millions in a facility to produce crickets, the idea being that people will eat bugs for protein instead of meat to “help save the planet.”

This is the kind of scheme you hear from the billionaire egomaniacs who gather at places like Davos to plan how they expect to make the rest of us live while they continue to fly around in private jets, live in massive mansions and dine on lobster and Wagyu beef. They seem to forget that there are over 7 billion more of us, and we know what elitist billionaires are made of: meat.

If you think that Swiftian joke (yeah, right, I was only joking) goes too far, then look at what leftist politicians are doing to farmers in the Netherlands. It’s sparked similar protests to those that Canadian truckers launched to demand their basic rights, only to have them crushed further by Trudeau.

I linked to that account because it’s by a self-identified liberal who is sympathetic to environmental concerns but is still shocked at the government's extreme demands on farmers, which could lead to widespread food shortages in Europe, and which are “based on radical green fantasies and dodgy science.”

You Want to Hear This

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana took to the Senate floor to lecture the President on his “deeply, profoundly stupid” energy policies, and if you know Sen. Kennedy, you know you want to hear what he said.

Entertaining recap of “Get Trump”

If you can stand to hear more about the disgraceful antics of the January 6th Kommittee, Bonchie at has an entertaining recap of yesterday’s “Get Trump” efforts. I like his comparison of it to watching a toddler eat birthday cake: “Things just go flying in all directions while adoring onlookers talk about how great it is. And yeah, it’s a big show, but what are you left with in the end except for cake smeared everywhere?”  Well, smear jobs are their specialty.

Some humor from the satirical site The Babylon Bee

Finally, America’s public schools have a field of learning at which they truly excel:

Because We All Need Something To Smile About

Thanks to Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media for pointing out this delightful video of a toddler and his faithful dog.

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  • Jerry

    07/17/2022 10:50 AM

    How can Americans allow democrats undermine this country’s security by allowing China to make America dependent on China. American must stop democrats from selling out our nation’s military our economy and its entire safety our supply chain is dependent on China and other countries

  • Jerry

    07/16/2022 07:10 AM

    Without a change in ideology the leftists are going to win this Nov election by any means possible how can an anti American administration operate the way it is today without a fear it could end in a few months or do they feel the damage it has done cannot be fixed or undone I think the current GOP leadership in Congress is compromised until it is removed a mayday alert for our country is Inevitable inevitable

  • Jerry

    07/15/2022 07:41 PM

    I gased up the car today and a woman seemed to be pleased the the price came down a dime or so and mentioned that info to me I used as much restraint as I could and told I am not pleased with the current cost as 70 dollars was the cost to refill. She must have heard me make a reference to biden as my son sat in the drivers seat as he lives in Illinois for the past decade plus and is married to a lady whose mother was a school Principal, you guessed it she despises me there is no love for any Conservative of any sort she just came out of her house after staying in for a year and a half two weeks ago. So I have lecture him for years about a Dem take over and he has been eating Crow for a while, along with the rest of that family now I think he believes I may have been correct once in my life he had turned 48 this year. These Illinois people are decent people that have been misled for decades maybe just maybe a slight understanding of the corrupt propaganda the Dems were preaching was and is a lie. Not much hope for them however maybe the slightest of chance the Dems will see a light that says MAGA, and stop being a Dem.


    07/15/2022 12:53 PM


  • Chelsea R. Martin

    07/15/2022 12:22 PM

    "I’m in no way defending the harassment and death threats Epps says he’s received"

    Really? ( While the two-tiered "justice" system in America exists Epps and his ilk can go sob themselves to death in a corner. Let him die for all I care. Surrender-caucus "conservatives" and their whimpering, sniveling policy of "taking the moral highroad" for decades is what led to 69 year old cancerous grandmas being treated like Soviet-era political prisoners for what otherwise ought to have been a minor case of criminal trespass. While violent anarchists who throw Molotov cocktails at cops are let off with a warning and violent mobs are allowed to riot, murder, pillage and cause destruction to a tune of billions of dollars of damage, incidentally.

    If the Left and their creepy Stasi-like actors can dish it out in their Alinsky-esque effort to unmake and subvert the foundations of society, then it's high time that they damn well learn to take it.

  • stephen russell

    07/15/2022 11:29 AM

    Did J6 Comm OK email deletes from SS

  • George W. Trever

    07/15/2022 11:19 AM

    With the collapse of Sri Lanka, need to focus on all countries with a high ESG rating. Collapse is a direct result of "Green-new-deal" implementations. Looks like South Africa, Ghuna and the Netherlands are heading in the direction of gang-green energy/economies.

  • dave allen

    07/15/2022 11:02 AM

    the Harvard student paper probably wanted to brag about the liberal super majority of their profs. surely their mantra is "only 1.46% to go".

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/15/2022 09:39 AM

    The Left are good at smearing- themselves.