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August 1, 2022

Apparently, the media can’t redefine words fast enough to keep President Biden’s approval rating from falling. They’re trying to convince us that a recession isn’t a recession anymore, just like a woman isn’t a woman anymore. Facebook’s “independent” “fact-checkers” are even flagging posts by economists who dare refer to a recession by the textbook definition of two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.  Economist Philip Magness of the American Institute of Economic Research called it “absolutely Orwellian.”

As Victoria Taft at PJ Media reports, they’re even trying to redefine the word “definition” so they can deny that they’re redefining words.

Unfortunately, unless they can gaslight the public into believing that incompetence is competence and bad news is good news, they’re not likely to help rescue this woebegone Administration. According to a new Gallup Poll released on Friday, Biden’s approval rating sits at 38%, with a sixth quarter average approval rating of 40%. That’s the lowest approval rating of any President in the history of the Gallup poll, which started seven decades ago in 1954 when Dwight Eisenhower was President. Anyone remember Ike? People liked him.

Trump was the second-lowest at 42%, but he had a hostile media attacking him 24/7 and the DC Swamp ginning up fake scandals. Biden has a media so fawning, they’ll rewrite the dictionary to try to save him, but it’s not helping. Say, maybe they should try telling us that “disapproval” has been redefined and now means “approval.” That would make Biden’s “approval” rating jump by 20 points. 

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  • robert pritchard

    08/02/2022 05:58 PM

    It's about time the Lying Media woke up

  • Ken Yeager

    08/02/2022 01:17 PM

    Let’s go Brandon all the way to GITMO??????