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August 13, 2022



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Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

John 11:25-26

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A legal analysis: Yes, Trump had declassified it all

Earlier, we reported that, according to legal experts who actually know their stuff, a President has the supreme authority to declassify documents and had a standing order to declassify any material taken to Mar-A-Lago, making the search warrant for the raid invalid.  Here's a very clear and specific explanation of why Trump has committed no criminal violation.
Take a look at the front pages of major newspapers today --- my researchers were dismayed by the front page of Saturday's DALLAS MORNING NEWS, which most days is suitable only for the bottom of a parrot cage --- and you'll see without a doubt that journalism is dead.  The FBI's talking point that "Trump had boxes of top-secret documents at Mar-A-Lago" is being reported as fact.  It is BOGUS.  It is just as bogus as the story that dominated the media for years, that Trump was a Russian agent, aided by Putin in his quest for the presidency.
Don't buy it.  Remember, we read the news so you don't have to.  We're not fooled by fake news, and we'll continue to bring you the real story as it comes in.

Anne Heche RIP

On Friday, several days after a horrific car accident in which she drove her Mini Cooper at high speed into a house, Emmy-winning actress Anne Heche died. She’d suffered unrecoverable brain injuries but had been kept on life support due to her wish to donate her organs. On Friday, that life support was turned off. Our condolences to her family and to those who also suffered extensive damage to their homes in the crash, but who by grace of God were not injured.


Fauci is this_____

Here I was thinking that Dr. Anthony Fauci WAS “Science,” since he told us so himself. Now, it turns out that he is instead...or maybe, “also”...”Truth,” “Consistency” and “Integrity.” He just told us that, too.

I could go into a lot of detail about Fauci’s levels of truth, consistency and integrity (let’s see, do masks stop viruses today or was that last week?), but I don’t have to. That self-flattering quote lit up the Internet like a California brush fire. You’ll find plenty of furious rebuttals at the link.

DeSantis campaign update

One of the few pleasures in keeping up with politics recently has been watching Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw destroy every mudball and fake scandal that the media attempted to hurl at her boss. She eviscerates them so effectively and with such panache that it’s like watching a champion marksman blast skeet out of the sky.

That’s why I was sorry to hear that she tendered her resignation effective Friday. Luckily, it’s not because she’s tired of doing what she does so well. She’s just moving to a new position as Director of Rapid Response for DeSantis’ Reelection Campaign. She tweeted, “Now, the gloves are off,” with a terrified face emoji.

Biased, lazy, leftwing media hacks, be afraid. Be VERY afraid!


Federal judge reinstates this Obama-era ban

Here's another thing for West Virginians to consider before they vote for any more Democrats: A federal judge just reinstated an Obama-era ban on coal mining leases on federal lands that Trump lifted and Biden wants to reimpose.

Well, both Obama and Biden have been very clear that it’s their intention to completely destroy the American coal mining industry. If you depend on coal for anything from your living to winter heat, but you’re voting for Democrats and the people who support them, then you’re writing your own suicide note.


Garland articles of impeachment introduced in Congress

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced articles of impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland. The grounds are endangering, compromising, and undermining the justice system of the United States” by aiding in the “persecution” of former President Donald Trump.

But really, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Unlike with the Trump impeachments, nobody will have to strain to come up with any grounds, from his targeting of parents as “domestic terrorists” to ignoring Hunter Biden’s outrageous crimes to his refusal to enforce laws against initimidating Supreme Court Justices to the general politicizing and weaponizing of the “Justice” Department. This guy is easily the worst Attorney General of the past century, and that includes a lot of competition for the title.

Sadly, this will go nowhere as long as Democrats are in charge of Congress, but let us all hope and pray that the countdown clock on that is already ticking away.


Holding Biden to account on Twitter

Politico reports that the Biden White House is seething over a Twitter account that they accuse of being “toxic” and spreading “lies,” which are code words to their flunkies at Twitter for “We don’t like what they’re saying, so silence them!”

That account is the RNC Research page, which specializes in compiling actual video clips of Biden saying things that contradict what he’s said before or that undermine claims he’s making now or that make people suspect he’s not all there mentally. Interestingly, another account that enraged the left and got suspended by Twitter for mysterious reasons was Libs of TikTok, which also did nothing but repost without comment the leftists’ own outrageous public posts.

Once again proving that the real enemies of this Administration, and the left in general, aren’t “disinformation” or “right-wing extremists.” Their real enemies are reality and their own mouths.

Best Political Observation of the Week!

Quoting Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to the FBI raid on Trump’s home, Greg Gutfeld said, “Nobody is above the law, says the inside trader whose husband drives drunk”...And government documents must be treated with respect, says the woman who tore up the official House copy of Trump’s State of the Union Address on live TV.

Dumbest Comment of the Day! 

It’s really hard to pick one, for obvious reasons, but I’ll go with the liberal media blabbers who breathlessly reported that people who saw the documents taken from Trump’s home said some were stamped “Classified,” “Secret” and even “Top Secret!” Oh my goodness, grab the smelling salts and help them to the fainting couch!

FYI: Those stamps are part of the history of the documents. They don’t mean they’re still classified that way. I have a number of books from used book sales stamped “Property of XYZ Library,” but it doesn’t mean they still are.

But I guess I shouldn’t admit that: I’d hate for Merrick Garland to send a squad of FBI agents to bust me on felony charges for not returning books to the library.


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