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August 19, 2022



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The invasion along our Southern border

The gentle folk at NPR are so disturbed that Republicans are calling the invasion pouring across our Southern border an “invasion” that they can barely hold a cup still enough to sip their decaf chamomile tea. So they commissioned an IPSOS poll, presumably in hopes that it would bolster their narrative that the term “invasion” was “white nationalist” “extreme rhetoric” that could provoke violence against “immigrants.” (FYI: immigrants are people who follow the laws to move to another country. Illegal border crossers are not “immigrants.”)

The NPR people must’ve spit their tea all over their copies of Jill Biden’s book when they got the news that a majority of Americans – 54 percent – think “invasion” is the correct term for what’s happening at the border. That includes 76% of Republicans (but we’re all domestic terrorists anyway), 46% of Independents, and even 40% of Democrats. Only 19% of respondents, fewer than one in five, said “invasion” is not the right term.

On the bright side, one out of five people is a far larger potential audience than NPR usually pulls.

Latest “Get Woke, Go Broke” Stories

Starbucks was a company that was on the forefront of pushing liberal politics with your cup of coffee (remember when they told their baristas to pressure customers to discuss race when all we wanted from those people was our coffee?) Well, how is that working out for them? Instapundit has a round-up from both coasts.

In May, a Santa Cruz, California, store became the first Starbucks to allow its workers to unionize. They’ve already decided they haven’t seen any changes to their liking, so last weekend, they went on strike. Good thing for them there’s such a shortage of people qualified to handle the job of making and serving coffee.

Meanwhile, across the nation in New York City, a “woke” Starbucks declared itself a sanctuary for all, where even homeless people who just wanted to use the bathrooms and not buy anything were welcomed. They even put syringe disposal boxes in the bathrooms.

The New York Post reports that it’s now become a “haven for junkies, drunks and homeless” people, who are sleeping there, shooting drugs in the bathrooms and washing their hair in the sink. The smell of B.O., urine and garbage fills the patio. Recent incidents include a man who brought in his own food then passed out face down on the table, a guy rolling spliffs in front of customers, and a mentally disturbed man talking to himself and screaming obscenities into a mirror for 30 minutes until police finally removed him. The only thing missing would be a family of raccoons living in the pastry case. 

Regular customers are either too repulsed or too afraid to come in anymore. One said of all the derelicts now jamming the Starbucks, “You give them a finger, and they’ll take a hand.” I have a feeling he meant that literally.

Maybe Starbucks should try unionizing all the drunks, addicts and homeless people, then maybe they’d go on strike and leave.


Our condolences 

Our condolences to CNN’s Brian Stelter, who was just dropped like a hot potato. The last episode of his hilariously misnamed series, “Reliable Sources,” will air Sunday. 

CNN’s new owners, Warner Brothers-Discovery, have already made it clear that they aren’t that interested in bleeding red ink to promote leftwing talking points. New CEO David Zaslav pulled the plug on the expensive flop CNN-Plus after just one month. Last week, Jeffrey Toobin parted ways with the company after inexplicably being allowed back following a Zoom call that I shall not describe. Board member John Malone said CNN’s survival depends on it going back to being an actual news network instead of a 24/7 Democrat cheerleading, anti-Trump propaganda outlet and adult kindergarten that repeatedly falls for fake news, something that Stelter has come to personify. Viewers who want that already have MSNBC.

Ironically, Stelter publicly accused Malone of listening to CNN’s critics and not watching it directly. You know your network has a problem when you admit that even the people who own it don’t watch it.

As for Brian Stelter, I honestly wish him well in his future career endeavors, whether they involve working for MSNBC, becoming the next Biden press spokesman, or selling used cars.



Warning to parents

It’s not enough to monitor your kids’ books, school curricula and online classes to keep them from being indoctrinated with leftist racial and gender propaganda. Some schools are trying to sneak it past parents by loading it onto electronic devices that are given to students, like Chromebook laptops. Think of it as the latest version of a computer coming preloaded with insidious malware.


“Trump conservative”

Stacey Abrams is trying to overcome her poll deficit in Georgia by accusing Gov. Brian Kemp of being a “Trump conservative.” Has she read anything in the news about Trump and Kemp over the last, say, two years?

Trump should thank Abrams by giving her one of the “endorsements” he’s currently handing out to Democrats to make them go apoplectic. This one for AOC was particularly hilarious:

Here’s how I’d report this story if I were part of the “mainstream” media

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suppresses voting rights of 20 members of the murderer and pervert community.”


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