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August 6, 2022



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Matthew 5:3 KJV

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“Lies, damned lies and statistics”

It's been said that there are three kinds of lies: “Lies, damned lies and statistics.” We just got a great example of the third category from the White House, responding to Friday’s report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the economy added an unexpectedly high 528,000 non-farm jobs in July.

Some economists said we’ve recovered all the jobs lost during the pandemic, and argued that this means we aren’t really in a recession. And President Biden (or whoever writes his Twitter posts) boasted, “More people are working than at any point in American history. That’s results.”

Well…not really, although the real numbers are definitely the results of Biden/Democrat policies.

Fox News financial analyst Charles Payne pointed out that these numbers don’t mean that 528,000 Americans went from unemployment to full time jobs in July. In fact, the labor force participation rate is still much lower than before the pandemic, and it’s actually fallen over the past few months, from 62.3% in May to 62.1% in July. So how could there be fewer people working but 528,000 more jobs filled? Once again, the answer is “rampant inflation.”

Payne noted that those 528,000 new jobs include only 71,000 full time jobs. The rest are made up of 384,000 part time jobs and 92,000 people taking on multiple jobs, likely because everything is so expensive that retirees and younger people with only one job needed more income to survive.

If you want to delve even deeper into the economic trends that the White House would like you to ignore, complete with lots of charts and graphs showing that fewer people are working while many who are working are holding down two or three jobs, try this.

While it’s good that the economy is currently creating enough jobs to offset rising layoffs, it doesn’t mean everything is great if so many people have to work two or three jobs to pay for what one job covered just two years ago.


Biden Defense Sec. turns DC request down

Biden Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin refused DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s request for help from the National Guard in dealing with all the illegal immigrants that are arriving by bus, courtesy of the Governors of Texas and Arizona. Austin said the DOD had “determined providing this support would negatively impact the readiness of the DCNG and have negative effects on the organization and members.”

Of course, it would also be an admission in front of the entire nation that Biden’s open borders have created such a terrible problem that having to deal with even a tiny fraction of what the border states are enduring requires calling out the National Guard. Can’t have that.

Meanwhile, the New York Times editors are aghast. They accused the border state Governors of “causing havoc” by sending just a few of the illegal crossers north to the so-called “sanctuary cities” run by virtue-signaling Democrats who are all for open borders and illegal immigrants, as long as someone else has to deal with 100% of the consequences. You can probably tell their arguments did not sway me.

Speaking of clueless liberal elitists, NPR accused the Governors of sending illegal aliens north with “no plan for what came next.” Oh, they have a plan: gas up the buses and drive them back to pick up more illegal aliens to dump on the Democrats' doorsteps.  If Biden doesn’t have a plan to deal with that, then maybe he should try doing his job and enforcing border security and immigration laws.

Guy Benson at has an excellent commentary on this story, with more details and photos, and some pithy observations that will make you question which is worse: the flood of illegal immigration from the south or the flood of sanctimonious hypocrisy from the left.


Walorski update

After further investigation, police in Indiana announced that the fatal car crash that killed Rep. Jackie Walorski and three others was not caused by the other driver as initially believed, but by the driver of Walorski’s SUV crossing the center line for unknown reasons. There’s more at the link, as well as many comments and tributes to Jackie, whose death is a terrible loss to her family, friends, Indiana and the nation.

We Are The Thought Police

As part of an “End Hate Now” campaign, a federal prosecutor in Massachusetts set up a hotline and is urging people to call and report individuals believed to be espousing “hate-filled views” and “deeply offensive and hurtful ideologies.”

Law professor Eugene Volokh explains at the link that hate crimes are actual crimes committed against someone because of their race, religion or other characteristics. But “beliefs are not hate crimes,” and espousing views that others might find offensive is protected free speech under the First Amendment.  

US Attorney Rachel Rollins declared, "Protecting Massachusetts residents from violence and hate is the top priority of my administration." Actually, protecting people from hearing viewpoints they find offensive is none of your business. Protecting people from violent crime should be your top priority. Judging from recent results, maybe all “progressive” prosecutors should be concentrating a little harder on that.


Biden's repeated gaffes are worth talking about

I’m notoriously forgiving of politicians of all parties when they make simple slips of the tongue. I think the opposition is too quick to jump on things like that and try to read too much into it. But even I start to get concerned when President Biden repeatedly makes gaffes that suggest he doesn’t remember what job he holds, or possibly, what year it is.

Wildest Story Of The Day

The Daily Beast has the bizarre tale of the Democrat Congressional staffer who is alleged to have posed as an FBI agent. He went on the lam and was finally tracked down three months later after he bought some fake federal agent gear and a bogus license plate for his fake police car.

Okay, now track down and arrest all the Congressional Democrats who are falsely posing as public servants.


Challenging Schiff

A “non-binary trans drag queen” named G. “Maebe A. Girl” Pudlo is challenging Adam Schiff for his House seat.

I know what you’re thinking: “How can I donate to his/her/xir campaign?” Unfortunately, in his gerrymandered Los Angeles district, Schiff will likely never be voted out no matter how much he lies and uses the Constitution as his personal roll of Charmin. But at least now, if he refuses to give up his seat to his opponent, we can accuse him of being a transphobe who doesn’t treat trans women like women.

Profiles In Courage 2022

Disney bravely stands up for the right to expose young school children to inappropriate sexual messages and its “not-at-all secret gay agenda” in Florida. Yet it's cutting all that LGBTQ content out of its movies and streaming shows in the Middle East.

If Disney wants to save its business, it should make Disney Plus/Middle East available to parents in the US, so their kids can see Disney shows again without all the LGBTQ-M-O-U-S-E propaganda. Win-win!



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  • Robin Rebhan

    08/08/2022 10:08 AM

    RE: “Lies, damned lies and statistics”. Also what it means here in New York State is your unemployment insurance has run out. Here there is a time limit on unemployment. And then you go on to collecting welfare. And me? I am 72 and still working just to pay the bills. Just a side note, no news to anyone. The work ethic by the younger generation is horrible.

  • Robert E. Carter

    08/08/2022 01:48 AM

    It seems to me that the best conservative candidate campaign dialog should be to tell the people the stories of their opponents' votes, the consequences and costs to the constituents of the district. Plus, what conservative legislators promoted instead - and the commitment to follow the conservative approach.

  • Merry-Sue Adair-Gill

    08/07/2022 12:54 AM

    Does anyone actually comment on your newsletters? I have a few times. I am just curious.

  • Paul Kern

    08/06/2022 10:01 PM

    Your articles are very good and helpful to many. My one question is about all the hot air coming out of DC. The left is a bunch of windbags but I am concerned when the Right goes for the photo ops and try to pontificate against against the evil "Empire" I have not heard of any real plan of action except to rant like little kids. You just wait till my Daddy gets home! Why the bluster while Rome (USA) is burning down and the barbarians are at the gates!