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August 24, 2022



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The Left’s war against pro-life pregnancy centers

The pro-abortion crowd used to try to obscure their true intentions by calling themselves “pro-choice,” even though there is only one choice they tolerate. But with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, they’ve gone from pro-abortion to openly and radically anti-birth. Like Elizabeth Warren declaring a twisted war on pro-life pregnancy centers, they’re going ballistic over the very idea that someone might not want to kill her baby in the womb.

Now, add the consumer review website to the list of “woke” companies joining the attack on pro-life pregnancy centers. As the linked story notes, Yelp has decided to flag them with a “consumer notice,” warning users that “Crisis Pregnancy Centers typically provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite” (translation: no abortionists on staff.)

Utilizing the common leftist tactic of accusing people who express a different view of dispensing “misinformation,” Yelp said in a statement that “it’s been well-reported” (well…”reported”) “that crisis pregnancy centers often attempt to provide misleading information to people seeking abortion care to steer them to other options…With this new notification, we’re aiming to further protect consumers from the potential of being misled or confused.”

Into what? Not killing their babies? What is this so-called “misleading information?” Telling people who come to them that a baby in the womb is a human being?

The story at the link points out that “it is unclear whether women seeking pregnancy support services who mistakenly select an abortion provider on Yelp will be redirected toward businesses that better match their search needs.” Oh, I imagine it’s pretty clear they won’t. 

And when they are sent to a Planned Parenthood-style “clinic,” they’ll receive plenty of misinformation about the value of life and when it begins, along with (also) limited medical services, because Planned Parenthood is in the business of brutally ending pregnancies. Selecting them if you care about your baby would be a mistake, all right. A deadly mistake.

Primary winners and losers

Tuesday, primary elections were held in New York and Florida and several run-offs in Oklahoma. Here’s Fox News’ feed of continually-updated stories:

And’s page of real-time vote tallies for the races:

Former President Trump, of course, celebrated the wins by candidates he had endorsed, including Democrats he’d endorsed sarcastically. Personally, I always assume that all endorsements of  Democrats these days are meant sarcastically.

There weren’t too many surprises, with most of the races going to incumbents, big names and poll frontrunners. For instance, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz easily won the nomination for his current House seat, and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist took the Democratic nomination for Governor by a large margin. In the Oklahoma run-off results, Markwayne Mullin will be the Republican candidate to finish retiring Sen. Jim Inhofe’s term, and Josh Brecheen will be the Republican candidate for House District 2.

But there were some races that brought surprises. In New York, Gerry Nadler won a surprisingly lopsided victory over Carolyn Maloney (at this writing, it’s 56-25%) in a newly-drawn district that pitted the two longtime, far-left House Democrat leaders against one another. Even though they claim to be great friends and colleagues, there’s nothing a DC Democrat cares more about than staying in power, so they went after each other tooth and tong in one of the nastiest races of the season.

It’s such a blue district that the Democratic primary winner is virtually guaranteed to win in November, but the good news was that no matter the outcome of the primary, one of them had to lose and finally leave Congress, and it’s Maloney. A third candidate, Suraj Patel, ran on a platform that the Party needs fresh blood to replace its aged leaders (both Nadler and Maloney are in their 70s.) He took only 18% of the vote, so don’t expect any wizened but unwise Democrats to go away anytime soon. They’re going to stay in office until the Democratic Convention looks like an episode of “The Walking Dead.”  

There was also a special election in New York to fill the 19th District House seat until November. Even though the winner will barely be in office long enough to learn how to avoid being trapped in an elevator with AOC, the race got national attention because Democrat Pat Ryan, who ran largely on protecting abortion “rights,” defeated Republican Marc Molinaro, who ran on issues that would seem to be much more important to most people, like lowering inflation and reducing crime.

Naturally, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are hailing this as proof that the “red wave” is a myth and the Democrats are roaring back thanks to the potency of the abortion issue, particularly since this is a more suburban district that’s generally been more supportive of Republicans than you might expect for New York.

I’m not sure I buy that, since there are too many differences between any race in New York and in the rest of America. If voters really did think preserving the right to murder babies up the ninth month of pregnancy was more important than preventing leftist prosecutors from releasing criminals into the streets to murder them, then that sounds like a mental problem. Seriously, how many times will the average person need a late-term abortion (nobody ever really needs one of those) compared to how often they’ll deal with high food, rent and gas prices or rampant crime, drugs and homelessness in New York?

Then again, we’re talking about a state where Mayor Bill DeBlasio reversed the miracle revival of the Big Apple into a dystopian nightmare, and voters still reelected him. Even Nancy Pelosi once admitted that in some parts of New York, a glass of water with a (D) next to its name could get elected. So you have to be careful of drawing too many broad conclusions when some Democratic drip wins. Nick Arama at also offers some reasons why this might not be the bellwether race Dems are claiming it is.

What Republicans should take away from this race is that they can’t get complacent. Candidates need to keep working hard for every vote right up through Election Day, and voters need to turn out and bring every Republican friend and relative to the polls with them. Take nothing for granted. The future of America depends on it.

In a race that says something more positive about America and November in general, voters across Florida showed up in droves to kick out “woke” school board members who are forcing racial politics, socialism and trans and gender propaganda into children. For instance, the Sarasota school board shifted from 3-2 liberal to 4-1 conservative after the wins of candidates endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Across the state, 25 out of 30 DeSantis-endorsed school board candidates won. That’s great news for parental rights and for kids, who need to be educated, not indoctrinated.

It’s easy to overlook low-level races like school boards and district attorneys, but as recent years have shown us, letting “progressives” take over those positions when nobody was paying attention was like taking a nap while your home’s foundation was being invaded by termites.  

America has had it with the DOJ, Part 2

As you saw yesterday, Miranda Devine actually thanked so-called “leftist intellectual” (sure) Sam Harris for showing the left’s true colors regarding what they’re willing to ruin to destroy President Trump. Harris had expressed approval of the media’s suppression of Devine’s “laptop from hell” story in the NEW YORK POST because revealing it “would have meant four more years of Trump.” Devine speaks for millions of Americans who have had it up to here --- I’m holding my hand as high as it will go --- with the 'Justice' Department's culture of corruption and the media’s role as accomplice.

Today in Part 2, we’ll look more in-depth into abuses stemming from January 6. As Devine says, “The dozens of Trump supporters held in a DC jail without trial for months and even years over Jan. 6 offenses, many nonviolent, would be recognized as political prisoners by Amnesty International if they were detained in a country like Russia.” And Julie Kelly, in her book “JANUARY 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War On Terror Against the Political Right,” devotes a full chapter to such abuses, citing judicial opinions revealing that some of our esteemed jurists would chuck the whole Bill Of Rights to snare Trump supporters, whether or not they personally have committed crimes.

The first part of Chapter 4 deals with the cast of characters at the DOJ that have been key in worsening the culture there. In a follow-up later this week, we’ll discuss how second-in-command Lisa Monaco (perhaps the real power there), her deputy John Carlin, and Avril Haines, Biden’s director of national intelligence, have used the events of January 6 to further the idea that Trump supporters are violent domestic terrorists and should be treated accordingly.

But today, let’s look at a few comments Kelly cites from judges’ rulings that show how this kind of thinking is trampling on the Constitution and ruining lives.

For example, in arguing to keep J6 defendant --- and peaceful protester --- Couy Griffin behind bars, lead prosecutor Michael Sherwin couldn’t help mentioning that he “has repeatedly denied the legitimacy of the 2020 election” and “has stated that Biden will never be President,” as if that meant Griffin was dangerous. The judge in the case, Judge Zia Faruqui, concurred, saying that some of his speech did not amount to “political speech” protected by the 1st Amendment, and she denied bail. Why, this defendant had called the election stolen and had warned of possible revolution. Admittedly, some his speech was pretty strong, but it was not criminal and deserved 1st Amendment protection. (Fortunately, a few days later, Judge Faruqui was overruled by the chief judge of the DC District Court, and Griffin was released on his own recognizance.)

Sherwin, in a 60 MINUTES interview from March 2021, bragged about using January 6 as a pretext to silence Biden’s critics and make sure the inauguration went smoothly. “After the sixth, we had an inauguration on the twentieth, so I [and our office] wanted to ensure that there was shock and awe, that we could charge as many people as possible before the twentieth,” he said. “And it worked.” Ah, so they chose to round up people as examples, to intimidate other Trump supporters. My only shock and awe comes from the recognition of how corrupt and un-American that is.

Sherwin was trying to take misdemeanor cases and build then into charges of sedition and conspiracy, something rarely done to American citizens. “Some of these misdemeanor charges, these are only the beginning; this is not the end,” he said a week after the riot.

Sixty-eight-year-old retired firefighter Richard Barrett, who was photographed sitting at a desk in Nancy Pelosi’s office –- a photographer who “happened to be there” had asked him to pose there for a photo –- was hit with a seven-count indictment, and the judge wouldn’t let him be released into his wife’s custody because, he said, she would not be “a suitable custodian” because he sought to “hinder and control” her. Judge Beryl Howell, chief judge of the DC District Court, ruled he was a danger to the community and should remain behind bars.

This kind of reasoning seems only to have applied to Jan. 6 participants. Kelly notes that Speaker Pelosi’s office was not considered a crime scene when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led climate change activists inside to demand action. Activists also invaded Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office to try to stop the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh; nothing happened to them. (And at the time Kelly’s book was published, Stephen Colbert and his production team hadn’t yet trespassed inside the Capitol Complex, hanging out for hours unsupervised and lying about having press credentials.)

U.S. Attorney Kimberly Paschall had this to say about Jacob Chansley (the Viking-horned “shaman”): “Given his participation in the obstruction of the normal functioning of the government, AND HIS DISBELIEF IN THE LEGITIMACY OF THE CURRENT UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT [emphasis ours], it is unlikely that the defendant will obey any pretrial release conditions.” Outrageous.

In one of the worst examples, a high school senior named Bruno Cua went to the rally with his parents; he went inside and walked around while his parents were outside. After his subsequent arrest and indictment on 12 counts (!), a prosecutor told the court that he shouldn’t be released from jail because he’d been “home-schooled” and had “ingested” his parents’ political beliefs. They also threatened to charge his parents. His father was put through an Inquisition of sorts about whether or not he still thought the election was stolen, as if that were a crime.

Eric Munchel and his mother Lisa Eisenhart had traveled to DC together for the rally and walked through an open door to the Capitol building with no attempt made to stop them. They were charged with CONSPIRACY. As Kelly writes, “The U.S. thus argued that a parent and her adult child planning to travel together to the nation’s capitol to participate in a political protest amounted to conspiracy against the United States government.”

Interviewed after the protest, Munchel had evoked the forefathers, with Eisenhart saying, “I’d rather die a 57-year-old woman than live under oppression. I’d rather die and I’d rather fight.” Prosecutors made their rhetoric a part of their case, though there is nothing criminal about what they said. As Kelly writes, “Just like that, references to the country’s founding and admiration for those who fought for independence was evidence of nefarious intent.”

Kelly includes numerous additional examples of bad-lawyering and bad-judging in Chapter 4 of this book. As for Munchel, on January 22, 2021, he actually got to stand before a decent judge, U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffrey S. Frensley of Tennessee, who ordered Munchel released from prison to home confinement. And how do we know Judge Frensley is decent?  Because he actually said this:

“In our society, liberty is the norm, and detention before trial is an exception. I asked the government point-blank what [any potential] danger was, and they referred to his ‘radicalization’ and the views that he holds. Mr. Munchel is entitled to his opinions. They are protected by the Constitution. He doesn’t have a right to do what he did, but that’s an issue for another day.”

What? “Mr. Munchel is entitled to his opinions”? Why, this judge must be some kind of radical. Of course, the ‘Justice’ Department immediately moved to stay Frensley’s order and keep Munchel behind bars awaiting trial. Kelly outlines his and his mom's legal travails after that, which involved prosecutor Sherwin saying he should be considered dangerous and held behind bars because “he contributed to the chaos on that day.” In this line of thinking, it doesn’t matter what he did, specifically --- just that he dared to be a part of the entire event. That is not justice, at least for anyone else who is not a Trump supporter.

If you haven’t read Julie Kelly’s book, it comes highly recommended.

Tomorrow, we’ll have more on abuse of power by the ‘Justice’ Department (and the White House), focusing on the Mar-A-Lago raid. In the meantime, here’s the latest from John Solomon on what they’re trying to do to exempt President Trump from “executive privilege.”

And here’s a fine rant from investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield about the years-long pattern of lies coming from the same people at the FBI and ‘Justice.’



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  • Jerry

    08/25/2022 08:34 AM

    Young people may think twice about the possibility of law enforcement the person dedicated to protect and serve one has to wonder working for a nit wit like mayor Adams in New York has to be a deterrent any clear minded and a person of intelligence would consider to work else where or look to find another profession, then work for low IQ leaders like the Adams Lightfoots in leadership roles is poor judgement, the pool to protect and serve is going to get broader while having to lower the standard to put the blue uniform on our new policemen, nyc low standard for its mayors is a city affair enjoy lawlessness in your sanctuary city nyc is a Mecca for stupidity

  • Jerry

    08/25/2022 07:38 AM

    Biden’s outrageous transfer of other peoples money is another plan to take away the sights of biden’s failure in the deaths during Afghanistan withdrawal the deaths on the border the largest inflation rates the allowed criminal activities thru out the country the biden disaster continues as biden throws out life preservers to buy votes biden is the titanic most of the people did not survive a few made it the majority of the United States population is slowly sinking into the abyss

  • Jerry

    08/25/2022 06:47 AM

    Biden is bring socialism a bit at a time this idea of making citizens pay for someone’s debt is socialism a transfer of someone’s assets and transferring them to another a different type of theft taking legal tender without consent is stealing using the IRS to confiscate one’s money is nothing more than theft by a different name

  • Joseph Orsini

    08/24/2022 08:34 PM

    The 75,000 new IRS agents will be used to audit "Christian Nationalists" who support their
    active churches.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/24/2022 06:40 PM

    I have had to my gills with the RNC bombarding me with emails that " the DNC are surging in poll after poll" ( a lie) and whining that the DNC are out raising us. So? In the 50 years almost that I have been in politics that has always been the case and in an economic meltdown do they expect us ordinary Americans to make up the difference what they get from global billionaires ect?
    They need to SHUT UP and FIGHT.

  • Jerry

    08/24/2022 05:13 PM

    My my as a senior on social security income I am looking for Robin Hood to come save me from the evil dictator that is going to rob me of my social security income unless this numb skulled president is going to give us seniors a 2500 dollar increase to pay for the debt of others my my can 300 billion dollars buy enough votes to keep Dems in control

  • Jerry

    08/24/2022 04:00 PM

    Mid term elections are not for gone conclusion the gop is hoping for. The cities have voted democratic for decades without different outcomes terribly run schools recent increase in crime while crime has always been an issue money thrown at education is at the highest point of dollars per student has not performed well actually it is a disaster students received way below reading standards if it was not for low standards today kids are not reading well if at all, so the new biden citizens hopefully they can read in their own language chances while in sanctuary cities the new biden citizens will not read well in English

  • Paul Kern

    08/24/2022 02:55 PM

    What a mess that only God can save us from. I left service in 1976 and saw Carter elected when many knew he was unqualified but the religious right pushed him in. From there the the degrading of Congress started it's March and now only exists for show and tell. I see the left has already stated the second civil war to hide their Marxist takeover funded fully by George Soros and his BB and it voting machines. While I do not advocate it in it the left has already split the nation and destroyed all institutions so there is little to save but memories

  • Bill Jergins

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    There is so frogging many ads that keep popping up as I attempt to read that it makes the newsletter useless and frustrating to attempt to read.
    If this continues I’m out!