August 1, 2022

A lot of people make documentaries, but very few change minds. But the latest from Ami Horowitz just might make a real difference.

Horowitz, who’s appeared on my TBN show, interviewed a number of gays and lesbians in San Francisco, who unanimously said they support the Palestinians and hate Israel (the only free and tolerant democracy in the Middle East.)

Then he interviewed Palestinians on the street, asking them what they think about gay people. Their response: they hate them. They consider them a “disease,” and the main cause of weakness and moral and societal rot. He also asked an imam if anyone had ever sought his advice because their child was gay. He said yes; he told them the gay person should be killed. That’s not surprising, since gay people in Palestinian society live in fear of being beaten, jailed or murdered.

Horowitz said the documentary is getting traction in the gay media, and people are “blown away” when they see it. They had no idea of the truth, they just believed the relentlessly negative anti-Israel media and the sympathetic portrayals of the Palestinian cause. This documentary could actually open some eyes and minds to the truth. You can learn more about it and see an excerpt here: