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August 8, 2022

John Hinderaker on the left’s war on agriculture, the next front in their “Save the planet by destroying the world’s economy” unholy crusade that started with their war on energy.

The green radicals and billionaire elites envision a world in which they live in mansions, eat gourmet cuisine and fly in private jets while the rest of us own nothing, go nowhere and thank the government for giving us ground-up crickets and kale, or else we eat nothing. They’re pushing this in the name of “fighting climate change.”

You might have noticed that the solution to “climate change” is always some radical left policy that they’ve already been pushing for years (“More spending on our green cronies/voters! Ban gas-powered cars! Etc.), just as every weather event or trend is the fault of “climate change.”

Just as they nearly destroyed Germany and other European nations with their idiotic energy policies of replacing reliable sources with insufficient and unreliable ones, leaving parts of Europe half in the dark and dependent on Russian oil, now they’re coming for the farmers, with their cries to ban nitrogen fertilizers (without which many people will starve) and end livestock farming because cows emit gas, although not nearly as much as green leftists do.

Sri Lanka tried following their edicts. It destroyed their economy and the people revolted and drove their leader out of his house. They’re pushing it now in the Netherlands, where farmers are in revolt. The government is refusing to yield, but I suspect the farmers can survive a lot longer without arrogant leftist politicians than vice versa. And Canada’s kinderdictator Justin Trudeau is so impressed, he’s thinking of doing the same thing to Canadian farmers. After all, who needs food when he crushed the truckers for daring to demand human rights, so how would it be transported anyway?

All these would-be masters of the universe have egos far larger than their talents or abilities (example: John Kerry), and they really believe people are just going to go along with this. They obviously weren’t paying attention in history class during the part about how the people not having bread led to the French Revolution. I’d also remind them that despite a federal law in the 1970s, Americans flatly refused even to convert to the metric system, and the law had to be revoked. We certainly are not about to convert to eating 100 grams of powdered grasshoppers instead of a 20-ounce steak.

Proof: Even with a major advertising campaign, McDonald’s couldn’t get customers to eat their “McPlant” burger with a veggie-based fake meat patty, so it’s been yanked. The fake meat company Beyond Meat’s stock plunged 6% on the news.

McDonald’s claimed that the test period had "concluded as planned,” but we all know that if it had been a hit, it would have concluded with the McPlant burger going on the menu, not into the Dumpster.

Two marketing analysts said, "For McPlant to be more ubiquitous, the price point needs to be more competitive with traditional burgers, and the health and climate benefits need to have greater emphasis." Oh come on, who didn’t hear about the “health and climate benefits?” And I hear it wasn’t even too bad in terms of taste. But it wasn’t a hamburger.

America was built on cattle drives, cowboys, farming and ranching, great food, and hard-working people who need hearty meals. One thing Americans won’t accept is inferior substitutes for our meat. If you think the backlash against the McPlant burger was harsh, just try substituting McCricket Burgers for our Big Macs. The reaction will make the French Revolution look like a baby shower.  

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