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September 15, 2022

When I first ran for President back in 2008, I had the full weight of the establishment/Wall Street wing of the GOP turn on me because I dared to point out that just because things were going great for people with corner offices on Wall Street, that didn’t mean the economy was working the way it should, and that a lot of hard-working Americans were hurting. They called me a lot of ridiculous names for daring to say that everything wasn’t hunky-dory with the economy, until a few months later when the subprime mortgage meltdown hit.

Well, I’m gratified to see that more Republicans are finally picking up on that theme, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who spoke Sunday at the National Conservative Conference in DC. He triggered all the right people by daring to point out both the CDC’s lies and mistakes about COVID and the GOP’s baffling loyalty to Wall Street giants who have vastly enriched themselves by rigging the economy against smaller competitors and donating three times as much to Biden in 2020 as Trump.

I’m glad to see so many people finally waking up and realizing that just because a company is successful in the capitalist system, that no longer means they support traditional free market capitalism or are favorable to Republicans. These days, many seem to be run by activists who think that pushing a leftist agenda is more important than maximizing shareholder profits. Some even seem to prefer the corrupt socialist model, where they pay a lot to keep one party in power, but it’s worth it because that party protects its donors while crushing any upstart competitors with taxes and regulations. Sound familiar?

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