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September 13, 2022

First, some breaking news late Monday night: The Justice Department has agreed to one of the choices for “special master” put forward by Trump’s legal team: Judge Raymond J. Dearie. Details here...

Independent journalist and civil libertarian Glenn Greenwald made an interesting observation on Monday regarding the shocking abuse of power currently being exhibited by Biden’s ‘Justice’ Department.

He said he became a journalist in 2005 because of the abuse of civil liberties that happened in the wake of 9/11, when the threat was exaggerated to justify it. “But at least there was a real attack,” he said to Tucker Carlson. “What is the most overlooked part of the Biden administration is that before January 6, there was an attempt to import...that first war on terror onto domestic soil. Adam Schiff, one of the most authoritarian members of Congress, in addition to being one of the most pathological liars, had legislation pending that would do nothing but take that first war on terror and make it domestic.”

That’s right --- BEFORE January 6. They’d been crafting this for who-knows-how-long and just needed an excuse to flip the switch. Greenwald cited a WALL STREET JOURNAL article from November 15, soon after Biden had been declared the winner but almost two months before the riot, that said one of Biden’s top priorities would be “to re-introduce the war on terror, but this time on domestic soil.”

“So they justify it now in the wake of 1/6,” Greenwald said, “even though before 1/6, this is what they were intending to do, as a way of criminalizing their opposition and solidifying authoritarian powers on American soil.”

It’s just as we’ve said from the first: If the riot on January 6 hadn’t happened, it suited the left’s long-term goals so well that they would’ve just had to create it. Wasn’t it conveeeeenient that it happened on its own –- if it did happen on its own? Who knows how central a role they played in bringing it about?

It feels bad to be this cynical, yet it seems that whenever we are this cynical, we turn out to be right.

More information is appearing about the subpoenas and warrants issued last week on dozens of Trump supporters. Nick Arama at REDSTATE examined a copy of one subpoena and found it to be breathtakingly broad. That sample, with name redacted, was included in his story. Read it and be chilled to the bone:

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon said they were seeking communications relating to certification, election fraud, alternate electors (which are a normal thing; Hawaii had even approved an alternate slate of electors once before, just in case they were needed), anything related to the rally before the January 6 riot, and anything concerning the Save America PAC.

Arama’s update included some of the names on these subpoenas. They include Special Assistant to President Trump –- and later an aide to former President Trump –- William Russell, and Trump’s former White House political director Brian Jack, who’s also an adviser to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. There’s also a name we know well, Stephen Miller, Trump’s top speechwriter and senior White House policy adviser, who is not known to have any connection to the electors plan or any fundraising efforts. Arama quotes the NEW YORK TIMES for more details on who was subpoenaed/raided and points out what should be obvious: how “troubling” –- um, how about flat-out wrong? –- it is for the Biden administration to go after the allies of Biden’s once-and-possibly-future political opponent.

Tucker Carlson also had more names of those raided. Here is a very partial list of all the people who will probably have to mortgage their homes to afford legal representation:

Carlson featured a guest on Monday who hadn’t been involved at all in January 6 but was the apparent victim of a fake “anonymous tip” saying she was there. Maybe someone just didn’t like that she’s a Trump supporter –- she has no clue. But, apparently, that tip was all it took for three armed FBI agents to come to her door, where she thought she was going to be handcuffed and carted off. Fortunately, she was able to show them her daily calendar and SATISFY THEM that she hadn’t been at the Capitol –- or even in DC –- on January 6 (as if that were a crime). “I’ve never been so frightened in my life,” Lisa Gallagher said. It was the day after Biden’s horrifying “red light” speech demonizing “MAGA Republicans.” and she was shaking and crying with fear.

In case you didn’t know what the far-left is saying about anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to “Make America Great Again,” this piece shows us what we’re dealing with. It’s crazy made-up stuff, designed to make the ill-informed think President Trump is a dangerous, blood-spitting, America-destroying TERRORIST.

As I said on Monday’s HANNITY, we’ve got to take on the issues –- knowing it’s the Democrats who are extremists on them (abortion a case in point) –- and also challenge those who condemn “MAGA Republicans.” “MAGA” means “Make American great again.” If that idea is a threat to the country, then write me up for it, because I’m all in! Apparently, Biden is NOT interested in making America great again, and I’d just say, he’s doing a heckuva job NOT making America great.

Another not-great development: lawyers are going after lawyers now. A group called The 65 Project has filed over 40 ethics complaints against attorneys who allegedly “tried to overturn” the 2020 election. What Michael Tater, head of the group, told the NYT is chilling: “Ultimately, we want to demonstrate to all the lawyers that the next time that Sidney Powell or Rudy Giuliani calls and says, ‘Hey, will you sign your name to this,’ they’ll say, ‘no,’ because they’ll realize there are professional consequences.” The legal profession is being pressured to march in lockstep politically, just as the medical profession is.

Also, we reported recently on Lee Smith’s conclusion that the Mar-A-Lago raid was to recover documents that implicated the FBI and DOJ in framing Trump in the Russia Hoax, starting in 2016. In case you missed his piece from September 1, it’s the clearest description of what the Mar-A-Lago raid was really all about.

Margot Cleveland offers a lawyerly discussion of prosecutors’ appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (they haven’t yet filed the brief) to dispense with the “special master” and let them comb through the documents unimpeded. Cleveland anticipates they’ll also request a review of Judge Aileen Cannon’s decision temporarily halting them from using seized materials “for criminal investigative purposes.”

In their notice of appeal, DOJ attorneys presented their request as a matter of vital national security. And, yes (sigh), they invoked 9/11. “The FBI itself is part of the Intelligence Community,” they wrote, “and since the 9/11 attacks, the FBI has integrated its intelligence and law enforcement functions when it exercises its national security function.” They say any delay caused by Judge Cannon’s injunction risks “irreparable harm to our national security and intelligence interests.” Good grief.

But it’s this overblown wording that leads Cleveland to suspect they’re pursuing a criminal charge against Trump, likely before the 2022 midterms. Why so soon? Because that’s when people vote! What a great way to draw voters’ attention away from Biden’s disastrous first two years.

Finally, as reported by Matt Vespa at TOWNHALL, legal analyst Mike Davis, who clerked for Justice Neil Gorsuch, tweeted this yesterday: “President Trump’s legal team filed an excellent legal brief, calling out the Biden Justice Department’s political charade. Team Trump is filing on all cylinders. Trump clearly has the winning legal arguments. This is going to backfire –- badly –- on Biden.”

Davis then explains why, with Vespa describing this as “yet another wild goose chase.”

Here’s more detail on the Trump team’s motion, and why it’s so spectacular.

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