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September 21, 2022



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Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

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It could have been worse

As bad as President Biden’s interview on “Sixty Minutes” was, Bob Hoge at reminds us that it could have been much worse for him if it had been conducted by an actual journalist instead of CBS’s Bob Pelley. He tossed softball after softball and never drilled down with tough follow-ups, no matter how nonsensical or patently false Biden’s responses were.

Soros watch

There is a report about the Soros-funded nonprofit that’s allegedly offering payments to social media influencers to create slanderous content about Republicans. That’s yet another example of a group that keeps its tax-free status despite obvious leftist political activity. This article reminds us that they’re hardly alone.

The IRS is notorious for targeting conservative groups for anything that remotely smacks of partisan political activity, while remaining willfully blind to the suspicious finances and raw political motivations of leftist “tax-free nonprofits,” like Black Lives Matter.

Another Franken in the news

It’s been reported that Iowa Democratic Senate nominee Mike Franken’s former campaign manager filed a police report accusing him of "unwanted advances, grabbing her, and kissing her on the mouth without consent." Ironically, Mike Franken was just endorsed by former Sen. Al Franken, who resigned after being accused of inappropriate sexual conduct.

“Everything You Know Is Wrong” Dept.

A new peer-reviewed analysis found major flaws in a Bangladesh study that’s been cited as the principal proof that wearing face masks help slow the spread of COVID. Another study in the peer-reviewed Nature journal “Communications Biology” found that hydroxychloroquine "blocks SARS-CoV-2 entry into the endocytic pathway," the primary method of entry for the Omicron variant. In summation, they're claiming that HCL helps and masks don't.

So please mark these two things on your score cards for “Things that were dangerous misinformation that had to be censored” a year ago, but are now probably true.

Mr. “Save the Planet”

President Biden is taking criticism for showing up late to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. The reason is that he refused to join other world leaders on a VIP shuttle bus. Instead, he got special dispensation to fly in the armored Presidential limo known as “The Beast,” and got held up in traffic. He ended up having to wait to be seated, then getting stuck back in the 14th row.

As embarrassing as all that is, nobody is mentioning the first thing that struck me: I thought Biden was Mr. “Save the Planet,” the guy who’s going to force all of us to give up gas-powered cars to reduce our carbon footprint. But he not only refused to ride a bus and insisted on taking an armored gas-powered limo, he also FLEW that gas-powered limo over from America on a jet that emitted more CO2 than many people will generate in a lifetime.

We’ve all grown used to the staggering hypocrisy of green crusaders taking gas-guzzling limos and flying around on private jets, but now they’re flying their gas-guzzling limos around on private jets.

California’s priorities are more ridiculous than we thought

From the state that brought us such brilliant ideas as mandating that everyone drive an electric car when they don’t even have enough power to keep the lights on comes the latest stroke of California leftist genius: letting people compost their deceased relatives.

The Other White Meat

Doug Ramsey, COO of the vegan food company Beyond Meat, was taken into police custody following an alleged road rage incident.

As a heavy crowd was exiting the Razorback Stadium garage after a University of Arkansas football game, the driver of a Subaru inched in front of Ramsey’s car. Witnesses say Ramsey got out, punched out the Subaru’s back window, threatened to kill the driver, and bit off the tip of his nose before other drivers could separate them.

It’s certainly an odd thing for a vegan to do. Or to have the strength to do! Maybe he was just desperate to taste real meat. But it does prove that there are worse things to bite into than a fake vegan meat patty.

Recommended reading

This is a lengthy article by Matt Vespa about an even longer piece by Matt Taibi, but it’s important information to know. It traces the history of how the FBI went off the rails after 9/11, expanding and abusing its new powers to deal with terrorists to gradually morph from the gold standard of law enforcement agencies into a political hit squad targeting anyone who opposes Biden’s leftist policies as “domestic terrorists,” even a former President.


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Comments 1-10 of 10

  • Joe Healy

    09/22/2022 12:20 PM

    I hope the guy Doug Ramsey bit had a booger in the tip of his nose!

  • stephen russell

    09/22/2022 10:48 AM

    CA Issues:
    Wants US to drive EVs BUT No energy to power EVs save wind & solar?
    No Nuclear
    Had 2 brownouts pre Labor day during Labor Day week


    09/22/2022 10:19 AM

    Do you think people are ever going to get tired of the hypocrisy of the Biden administration and his puppet masters??

  • Jerry

    09/22/2022 10:08 AM

    I am worried that this feeble led GOP is going too lose the best hand delivered gift this President of the United States has delivered so far the gift of the extreme take over of the House and Senate to stop the people behind the curtain that are making this President make the worst decisions a country can endure. This President is not only making disastrous for our nation the International Community is also suffering the effects of this horrible descisions. Americans if their are still enough of you left we better help the GOP pebble attempts to protect America that the beauty was in affect in 2018- 2019 will have a chance to continue. Your People if you do not care about yourself PLEASE do it for todays Children let them make their decisions 20 years from now give them a chance get rid of the Demcrat/ Socialist party. Only a few will hear me maybe they can help me spread my plea.

  • Jerry

    09/22/2022 09:25 AM

    One could ask biden a million times about his finances with hunter and the international business dealings and I give the evil president its due he will never admit to the dealings he will go down with the ship like the captain of the titanic although disgraced this is probably the most dignified thing biden will do

  • Jerry

    09/22/2022 07:57 AM

    Does the people of the United States ever think that the administration today is a partner of the evil forces around the world if so how can people embrace the Democratic Party voting with no regard of the outcome of its vote tells me they just do not care about a quality lifestyle just a hint when the government runs out of our money the lifestyle of this country lifestyle will equal a third world slum style experience today’s generation may not experience the total package however the next one will maybe if this election goes to the Democratic Party children should not be an option misery for tomorrows children is in the mix today the Biden experience is miserable today and will be a larger experience tomorrow

  • Jpk

    09/22/2022 07:25 AM

    With biden giving billions to climate change frauds the shelves for baby formula continues to be non existent. One can not respect this administration although the people within could not care less it embraces the disrespect. I can’t help wonder if the diabolical Obama is pulling the strings of this puppet biden if biden somehow gets out of line with his thoughts people are going to redirect his words as if Biden is an impostor acting as president of the United States

  • James Drury Jr.

    09/22/2022 06:07 AM

    Thanks Mile & Staff!

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    09/21/2022 11:22 PM

    Since you can't find it on the news, I was wondering if you heard about the 18 yr old in N Dakota who was chased and run over with a 4 wheel drive, killing this young man. Apparently he had gotten in an argument with this adult male. The 18 yr old called his mother to come and get him as he was being targeted and probably was soon to be killed. The driver of the 4 wheel drive was arrested and released on bail. This is not justice!

  • Paul Kern

    09/21/2022 10:03 PM

    None of this surprises me. Trained well biblically in the Jesus People movement in the Navy when I got out I saw the Church, even then was slipping it's moorings. It lost its role to call all to repentance. Instead it just followed the world so now much is Moralistic Deistic Theism and the king in DC is the new God.only God can deliver us. His Holy Spirit is adept at uncovering the hidden motives if all even the psychopaths controlling the nation which they hate. We must bow in repentance and weep!