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September 22, 2022



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- Jeremiah 29:12

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Warrant for Lindell's phone shows what FBI is REALLY up to

A copy of the search warrant used to confiscate Mike Lindell’s cellphone was filed on Wednesday by his attorneys as an attachment to a lawsuit filed the night before in U.S. District Court in Minnesota. As reported by LAW & CRIME, “The attachment curiously was not listed contemporaneously with the original filing.”

Lindell and others listed on the warrant are considered “subjects” of the investigation. In other words, they’re not being called “targets,” but they’re not just “witnesses,” either. A subject can be turned into a target by the FBI with little more than a finger-snap. And from the wording of the warrant, the particular people named and the information being searched for, it sure seems they’re on a fishing expedition, trying to catch “election deniers” in their net.

As J. D. Rucker pointed out for LIBERTY DAILY, “Everyone listed on the warrant has denied the legitimacy of the 2020 election.” I would add that denying the legitimacy of an election is not a crime. Democrats do it often, just about every time they lose.

This warrant lists 24 types of data the FBI was authorized by U.S. Magistrate Judge Tony N. Leung to seize. (Hmm...another magistrate.) First on the list: “[a]ll records and information relating to damage to any computerized Dominion computerized voting system, including any impairment to, or attempt to impair, the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system, or information.” Read the whole list, and you’ll see these warrants are essentially about Dominion voting machines.

We’ve said all along that Tina Peters’ name was being used to investigate all who questioned the 2020 election results, especially high-profile “deniers” such as Lindell. Whether or not the outcome was legitimate (we still don’t have proof either way), these people dared to point out the problems that officials would not investigate and seek the transparency that Dominion and others would not provide.

In Rucker’s words, “This reads like a movie script in which an evil company leans on their connections to the FBI to use law enforcement as a weapon against those who might implicate both the company and the FBI itself in past crimes.” We don’t know if that’s what it is, but it sure is what it looks like.

What?? Appeals court sides with DOJ on "classified" material

Yesterday, this newsletter featured Margot Cleveland’s excellent analysis of why the “special master” ruling by U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon should be left as it is. Apparently, the three-judge panel from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals didn’t seriously consider the points Cleveland made before they ruled on the ‘Justice’ Department’s appeal, and that is really unfortunate. They sided with the DOJ and reversed Judge Cannon’s ruling.

The appeals court has ruled that DOJ investigators get to go right ahead and comb through all the documents, even what they claim are the “classified” ones, seized during the raid on Mar-A-Lago on August 8. The “special master,” on the other hand, does NOT get to assess the so-called “classified” documents. As far as Judge Raymond Dearie will know, those “classified” documents aren’t classified at all, yet he simply has to take the DOJ’s word that they are. Consider that they might instead be, say, papers from the bogus Crossfire Hurricane investigation that detail how Trump was set up and framed as an agent of Russia –- papers the DOJ would have a huge interest in keeping under wraps.

This change could put the Trump legal team at quite a disadvantage. One can see how it might even help the DOJ pull some of the dirty tricks it’s gotten to be known for, such as hiding exculpatory evidence. And what if some of those so-called “classified” documents are supposed to be protected under attorney-client privilege? The special master won’t be able to determine that, and the investigators will see them.

These judges also maintain that the record contains no evidence Trump declassified documents while he was President. That one should be easy: Trump was President; he declassified the documents. How do they know he did? Because he says so, that’s why. I guarantee you, if President Obama were being questioned about some documents with classified markings that he had in his possession, and he said, “Well, I declassified them before I left the White House,” everyone in the room would say, “Yes, Mr. President. We’re so sorry for even asking. Thank you so much for clearing that up for us. Can we get you anything? A nice, cool drink?”

Unbelievably, the judges say that Trump has no “individual interest or need for” the 100 documents marked “classified.” How on earth could they possibly know that?

Special Master Judge Dearie now gets to review the 11,000 or so UN-”classified” documents. This decision makes no sense, and that always leads us to think there’s some missing puzzle piece. What don’t we know?

“Necessary pain”

Wednesday, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, this time by 0.75%, in an attempt to curb high inflation. They also signaled there will be more rate increases to come, with little chance of them coming down before 2024.

The Fed also expects the economy to slow to a crawl with year-end quarterly growth at a paltry 0.2%. The Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ all took another plunge on the news, each finishing down about 1.7%, with the Dow dropping over 500 points to set a new three-month low. The housing market is also likely to suffer as higher interest rates make it impossible for many Americans to afford houses.

A reminder: this is all “necessary pain” to stop inflation, which the Democrats are fueling by flooding the economy with trillions of dollars in new spending. The Biden-supporting media is trying to blame the pain on the Fed for raising rates, but as the Ace of Spades blog put it, that’s like an arsonist trying to blame the fire department for ruining his furniture because they sprayed water on it to put out the fire he started.

Ed Driscoll at Instapundit has more:

Driving the White House crazy

There’s an old saying applied to both journalists and ministers: that it’s their duty to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Today, many journalists take the opposite approach, routinely attacking and denigrating regular working people while sucking up to and covering for their favored powerful politicians. It’s why we see so much in the media about the imaginary crimes of Trump voters and nothing about the fact that Hunter Biden, a known crack-smoker, prostitute-hirer, influence-peddler and gun background form liar, is flying on Air Force One.

But kudos to Fox News’ Bill Megulin, just about the only journalist who has continually covered the Biden-caused crisis at the border. He’s afflicted the comfortable so much that Politico quotes anonymous Administration officials expressing their “increasing frustration” that he keeps exposing the truth about their catastrophic immigration policies.

Of course, the Biden people don’t admit they’re frustrated because Megulin is on the scene, showing what’s really happening (something you could never say about “border czar” Kamala Harris.) No, it’s that his reports lack “nuance” and the context of the “root causes” of illegal immigration.

Okay, I’ll fill that in: the root cause is that Biden opened up the border and let them in. They’re not fleeing “climate change,” they’re looking for better economic opportunities (although those fleeing socialism probably didn’t realize what’s happening here.) It’s always been that way, but the change that’s resulted in a surge of millions of illegal entrants, accompanied by human trafficking, coyotes, drug cartels and other negative factors, is that they know Biden won’t stop them from coming in.

To Megulin, I say, “Keep up the good work,” and I hope we don’t have to start a countdown clock to the Biden FBI raiding his home and seizing all his cameras.


Some people just can’t help showing everyone exactly what they are and proving their critics right. That was certainly the case at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.

Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA was doing a presentation on how leftists have no sense of humor, illustrated with slides of humorous conservative Internet memes of the sort that leftists are incapable of creating. One of the memes so triggered a wokester in the audience that he came charging to the front of the room shouting profanities, kicked the table, smashed the projector, then stormed out the room, angrily shouting, “Racist (BLEEP) (BLEEP)! (BLEEP) you! Swear to (BLEEPING) God! (BLEEP!)”

To hammer home that conservatives are the only people who still have a sense of humor (something you could also prove by flipping around the late-night “comedy” shows), Johnson issued a statement reporting that “a low-T leftist strung-out on pure soy snapped into a violent rage” and "I watched dispassionately as the lib’s last drop of testosterone evaporated in an unprovoked kick-attack on an innocent projector.”

It goes on from there, and you’ll want to read it all. But only if you have a sense of humor. If you’re a leftist, you’d better avoid it, or it might trigger you into smashing your own computer.


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  • JPK

    09/23/2022 09:45 AM

    Democrats say this country is producing more oil than ever before t or F? If that is true why is biden using our Reserve oil and even selling it? The common sense seems to be missing here. The Dems seems to be on the other side of common sense. Our allies are in need of oil and natural gas and we can not provide them with these products because we don't have enough product for ourselves as our cost of gasoline have risen to unaffordable levels it appears Dems buy their gasoline from a different provider than I do. To prove my point my gas bill cost me 50 dollars extra to fry my eggs in the morning bringing my gas bill to highest amount that i can remember I could have fried them on my patio it was so hot, I have a gas stove, water heater and dryer and with just 2 of us we don't use any of them much. We grilled most of the summer, propane and pellets, we are not producing as much oil and natural gas as the Dems say can you believe it? They do NOT tell the truth!!!!!!!!

  • Carmine Fea

    09/23/2022 05:30 AM

    Gov. Huckabee: We are watching the republican party actively turn victory in Nov. into defeat. The republicans are overplaying their hand, believing they will have a large republican victory in Nov. and it's an opportunity to get done some unpopular republican things, such as changing social security. The people do not want changes in social security. The republican party running on changing social security to save it can defeat it in Nov. As Trump ran on in 2016 and got done, grow the economy and social security, medicare, military defense are appropriately funded. And Senator Graham further defeating the republican party in Nov. by giving republicans ownership of unpopular abortion restrictions proposing Federal law restricting abortion instead of leaving it to states and the people. Seriously, the republican party either has a plan to lose in Nov., or is too bone-headed to win.

  • Paul Kern

    09/22/2022 04:35 PM

    Not surprised at any of this. I see Soros Clinton and Gate's hands and money behind all this. The real mastermind is the "Ape of "God!" Only God and zhis people can stop this and restore the Republic as it is falling apart. Need to eliminate all alphabet agencies and the establishment!

  • Jerry

    09/22/2022 04:05 PM

    How can half country be so hateful of God so hateful of equal Justice for all How can one man be investigated time after time after time only to come clean on all the investagations I am talking about Donald Trump. I have never spent time with Don, I believe in the policies he has set although he would like to meet me and I him the time today is to fix America; the hate toward Donald Trump is similar to biblical times of Jesus while on earth. Satan had his time then and now Satan has its sights on Donald Trump and lets not forget his Family; Satan went after the Disciples of Jesus also sound familiar. The Pagans know Donald made America great and given a chance will make America even greater Satan is running free today and has the backing of the MSM the Federal Government and some State Government and the people that worship Satan vote Democratic I look at them and all I can say They do not know what they do. They might as well dress in loin cloth raise their spears and riot in the streets murder without cause we have a large population of Pagans in this country and they must be defeated soundly the pagans have sold their souls to Satan and IT is using everyone of them to defeat Donald Trump

  • larry rippere

    09/22/2022 03:40 PM

    Hah, Mike! Yes: We'll start the countdown clock on Megulin... and hope to see more of him until It hits.
    But we already have a countdown clock running on one M. Huckabee for your lethal right-wing alarmist/terrorist coverage of our beloved administration. Beware, Mike. Back up and hide your important materials DAILY!


    09/22/2022 03:38 PM

    WHAT.... Is the court system now becoming corrupt?

  • Gary Conner

    09/22/2022 03:20 PM

    Well done!

  • Judy Radley

    09/22/2022 02:47 PM

    With all the dirty tricks the DOJ, FBI, leftist attorneys, Soros' money laundering to China but through DNC contributions, I'm afraid they have already won control of everything good Conservatives will try to do. We won't be able to get the Dem's out of Congress nor power, if the DOJ can pull off even this corruption against a legitimate neutral 'special master', no one will be able to question any election coup d' e`tat that happens again like they did in 2020.

    It is all corrupt and even those who tell the truth will be somehow smeared as 'dangerous, misinformation, or disgruntled' etc., there is no help for America to be a Republic again.

    It has become a dictatorship, communist country ruled by the worst corrupted evil ever imagined.

    Unless a 'great reset' by God happens, America is gone, the Republic of The United States of America, no longer exists.

    I think the only hope is that individuals need to prep again like when Obama took over, wrongly there too, because he was NOT a natural born American. WE the People have to protect ourselves as courts and lawyers won't be there to protect our rights, especially those in opposition of the current dictator. We will have to defend and protect ourselves first, get them before they get us. God has deserted us too, I'm afraid. We have all been praying to God to help us, but it is as if He doesn't even hear us either lately. And as I have heard over and over again, 'well, there isn't any thing we can do about it now' mostly from our parents' generation. We try to vote them out, but that isn't even a guarantee now either, from the corrupt way Biden indeed stole the election, as he is NOT the legitimate president. How can any group fight against all this corruption? It is too big and too deep now to penetrate. Other than another civil war in America, it won't change, but we will keep trying anyway. Probably to no avail. Even with a landslide for Republicans in November, the same election corruption scumbags, will just do what they did in November 2020, and those who question the results, will be treated like the 'non-insurrectionists they were' from the peaceful protest of early 2021, to be whisked away in order to not show the proof they have. That is exactly why they are probably hiring more IRS agents, they call them IRS, to throw us off from the real name they are, Insure Regulated Silence against any opposition against dictator biden.

    Like I said in first part of this comment, the far left anti-American party has won, we cannot stop them now, as much as we try, it will be fruitless. Biden even said it, 'to make it so Democrats will always win from now on'. We are smarter than them, but unless we become as corrupt as they are, we won't win, either way we lose. We cannot be as corrupt as they are, it is not in our DNA make-up as Christians and Conservatives. The only thing is to truly outsmart them at their own game, but with so much proof and evidence, that NO ONE can deny it. It has started with '2000 Mules' and 'Rigged', but we need to do it more and more to really show how corrupt the far left elitist Democrats are. There has GOT to be more gutsy attorneys who will not cower against the 'deep state', but they have families to be concerned about, but if enough of them will stand up against the 'deep state', as President Trump gave them the courage to do so, but that is also why they are now being persecuted as 'domestic terrorists', but we have to remember this, 'sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us'. We have to put that in play more and more to stop the brutal treatment of anyone who disagrees with the dictator Biden regime. We need a fresh reiteration of 'The Right of Free Speech' against an oppressive government.

  • Patrick Canan

    09/22/2022 02:42 PM

    Surely, if some of those documents are about Crossfire Hurricane, we can assume that President Trump knows it, and can say so publicly. I don't see why he would hold back.
    If, on the other hand, he does not know the content of those secret government documents that he declassified, we have a fundamentally different problem to deal with.

  • Naomi Martin

    09/22/2022 02:41 PM

    Please spell Melugin's name right!