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September 23, 2022



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"Commitment to America"

Today, about 30 House Republicans will gather outside Pittsburgh to unveil their new “Contract With America.” The 2022 version is called the “Commitment to America,” and it outlines what they plan to do if the GOP retakes Congress in November.

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy says it’s built on four pillars: “An economy that’s strong, a nation that is safe, a future that is built on freedom, and a government that is accountable.” Under each pillar, they outline actions they will take to accomplish it. For instance, to make the economy strong, they will bring back our energy independence to lower gas prices, end runaway spending to curb inflation, and bring the supply chain back to the US from China. To make America safe again, they would secure the border, end catch-and-release of illegal immigrants, stop fentanyl at the border, add 200,000 police officers and focus on "progressive" DA’s and prosecutors who are refusing to do their jobs.

There’s more at the link, including plans for a Parents’ Bill of Rights, to stop schools from shutting out parents and federal agencies from treating them as domestic terrorists for not wanting their kids to be indoctrinated with anti-Americanism and sexual/political messages.

McCarthy said it will be unveiled in Washington County, Pennsylvania, instead of Washington, DC, because “that’s where the real Americans are.”

A couple of things I’d love to see in the package: Replace the income tax that punishes hard work and productivity with the Fair Tax, which would eliminate the IRS and make those 87,000 new auditors that the Democrats plan to hire moot. And start moving agencies out of DC and out into America, where regulators would actually have to interact with the people whose lives they’re affecting. Why, for instance, is the Department of Agriculture in a big city, hundreds of miles away from the nearest farm?

Oh sure, I’ve heard the warnings that if they’re forced to leave DC and go live out amongst the rest of us unwashed peasants, thousands of federal bureaucrats will resign. To which I say: that’s not a bug, that’s a feature.



"Do you feel safe in America today as you did 2 years ago?"

I always advise people not to put too much stock in “horse race” political polls. There are too many variables, from the sample breakdown to who’s willing to answer the phone, to make them very reliable. But here’s a poll of a more general nature that might give you a better idea of how the November races are really shaping up:

A new Convention of States/Trafalgar Group survey asked Americans, “Do you feel as safe in America today as you did 2 years ago” when Trump was in office. Over two-thirds (67.9%) said they don’t feel as safe, while only 27.1% do. Those who think America is a less safe place under Biden include 86.8% of Republicans and 64.1% of Independents. Even Democrats are split about evenly (47.8% say they feel just as safe as two years ago, while 44.9% don’t feel as safe.)

That’s not surprising, considering the skyrocketing crime rates thanks to Democrats defunding the police, legalizing all but the worst crimes and letting criminals out of jail over and over; and Biden’s open border allowing drugs, criminals and terrorists to pour in. But what’s intriguing to me is that 47.8% of Democrats claim they don’t feel any less safe.

Considering that as Democrats, they’re more likely to live in blue cities where violent crime rates are up by large, measurable amounts, how can they say they don’t feel less safe? I’d love to know how many blue city Democrats who claim they don’t feel any less safe under Biden have actually made no changes to their lifestyles, like adding more locks and alarms, no longer going out after dark, putting bars over their store windows, or making sure their car doors are locked the second they get inside. Either they’re living in denial or they’re just lying to the pollsters. And maybe themselves.

Related: More people are moving out of San Francisco than any other city in America.

In a recent poll, almost half of San Francisco residents said they’d been victims of crime in the past five years. Oddly, the #1 out-of-state destination for fleeing San Francisco residents is Seattle. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening.


Today on “The People’s Podcast” Governor Huckabee discusses the investigation into Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s unethical push for transgender surgeries on minors. The Gov. also sounds off on New York Attorney General Letitia James’ unending, politically motivated persecution of President Trump. Then Gov. Huckabee is joined by Joel Berry, managing editor of the satirical news site “The Babylon Bee.” The Bee’s latest publication, out now, is titled “The Babylon Bee Guide to Democracy: How to Flawlessly Rig Elections, Bribe Any Politician, and Crush Your Political Enemies for Good.”

Listen to Mike Huckabee's podcast here>>>

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds is the left’s worst nightmare

A highly-intelligent black Republican with no patience for Democrats’ excuses and deflections about the failures of their terrible policies. Check out this great clip from a House hearing on “Corporate Influence on Inflation.”

Donalds schools witnesses who were trying to blame inflation on corporations, giving them a blunt economics lesson on how it was their own dumb policies, like spending trillions of dollars we don’t have to pay people not to work and draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to artificially lower gas prices, that led to rampant inflation, a labor shortage and a supply chain crisis.

I agree with this article: Rep. Donalds hasn’t gotten much media attention yet (the media NEVER want to admit that brilliant black Republicans exist), but he’s definitely a political figure to watch out for in the future.

“I’m Rubber, You’re Glue”

It’s long been said that if you want to know what the Democrats are really doing, just look at what they’re accusing Republicans of doing. Like being violent extremists who want to destroy the American electoral system to keep themselves in power. Or acting like fascists. It’s like a political version of the game, “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue.”

Well, add another example, courtesy of Vice President and “Border Czar” Kamala Harris. She accused Republican Governors of border states that are swamped with illegal immigrants (due to Biden killing border security and refusing to do his job of enforcing immigration laws) of “irresponsibility” and “dereliction of duty” for sending just a few of them to blue states. She also blamed the immigration problem on Donald Trump.

And to quote Dave Barry, no, I am not making this up.

Stacey Abrams: Male chauvinist ultrasound machines

Well, now we know where Stacey Abrams got the idea that six-week-old babies in the womb don’t have a detectable heartbeat. That’s the latest excuse for abortion being spread by the media. Liberal outlets such as NPR and the New York Times are trying to combat fetal heartbeat abortion bans by claiming that at that stage, to quote the Times, the fetus has “only a primitive tube of cardiac cells that emit electric pulses and pump blood,” and the sound heard on an ultrasound is “created by the machine itself, which translates the waves of electrical activity into something audible.”

Planned Parenthood stealth-edited its website to change from saying that the heartbeat begins at 5-6 weeks to claiming that it’s just the beginning of heart development.

Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler rushed to spin the same narrative, claiming that the ultrasound is just picking up “electrical activity generated by an embryo,” not a heartbeat. That prompted a savage dressing down by radiologist Dr. Pradheep J. Shanker, who called that 100% “scientifically and medically incorrect” and called on Kessler to retract and apologize for his “really pathetic scientific document.”

Dr. Shanker wrote, “Ultrasound only detects density and motion. It cannot detect any electrical activity at all. This is a scientific fact...It is true that the valves in the heart develop later. However, the cardiac muscles that are located in the embryological heart are contracting. They are in fact moving inward and outward. That is how you define a beat…“[Is] the beat the same as a fully grown adult beat? Of course not. We’re talking early [in] biological development. However, the cardiac tissue is contracting, which is literally what a beat is. To say otherwise is scientific misinformation, and cannot be treated otherwise.”

So we know where Abrams got her scientific misinformation. But where did she get the wacko idea that ultrasound machines are designed by men to create fake fetal heartbeat noises to keep women down? I'm guessing it’s something she picked up on the set while filming her cameo for “Star Trek.”

Then again, if you’re looking to Stacey Abrams and her backers for facts and logic, you might as well be searching the Denny’s menu for caviar. Abrams not only still thinks she was cheated in the 2018 Georgia governors’ race by “voter suppression” (despite a big increase in the number of voters), one pro-Abrams pollster is now accusing the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (hardly a conservative paper) of “voter suppression by poll” because their latest poll shows Gov. Brian Kemp leading Abrams by 50-42%.

I guess if you can believe her wacky election conspiracy theories, you can also believe in male chauvinist ultrasound machines.


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  • George W. Trever

    09/26/2022 10:53 AM

    A "Fair Tax" might work if different product categories had a scaled tax so as not to punish low income people. Still, everyone should pay a tax (like a consumption tax) based on the type of product.

  • Jerry

    09/24/2022 04:06 PM

    This is going to sound crazy I have never seen a group, the democratic party government officials trade common sense for a complete evil stance against the people it is suppose to be working for. I am in favor of dismissal today a pink slip without benefits. The results of this groups work include delerliction of duty, Missing tax dollars , corruption , fraudulent time cards, being paid for not being in the work place, activating non truthful information, mishandling the truth, forgery of documents I believe the congress has a fund set aside for sexual misconduct and other hideous deeds. The condition of this country is in fiscal disaster and the group goes on without punitive action. Well if I was a criminal and I knew I couldn't be charge with a crime I would continue to be a criminal take that civilization who is the sucker now and crime does pay VERY WELL in the Democrats World. PS world unlock your prisons and jails and send the United States all your criminals biden is taking your records and the worse criminal gets the best position in his Cabinet the ones he has now are getting stale.

  • James Johnson

    09/24/2022 11:37 AM


    In order for congress to get a bill passed into law, the President must sign it. If he vetoes the bill, it will require a two-thirds majority in both houses to override the veto. Do you really believe that the Republicans will gain a two-thirds majority in both houses? I believe what you are saying is that we Republicans will be able to block any further damage to our country. I hope you are correct because this nation may not survive future Presidents like Joe Biden, who has made it his ambition to destroy the foundation of the United States in order to transform it into a more Communistic Country.

  • Jerry

    09/24/2022 10:28 AM

    As city dwellars have been indoctrinated to vote democratic/socialist I wonder if the the democrat/ socialist candidates will try to look as if they are a bit more conservative calling for refund the police and using a more common sense approch to the lies they will be telling will affect the facts that energy bills are soaring and will continue into the the Thanksgiving season how many sloths will think the price of food will lower when the cost of harvesting this seasons crops are the highest in the country's history? Oh looking at the elected officials we have today the population is not as intelligent as the pundits say they are. All one has to do is listen to moronic statements Abrams has made about babies listen to Adams beg for 500 million dollars to set up a camping ground tent city in NYC , or this beast AG in NYC attacking a former President, listen to what looks like a beetlejuice impersonator in Chicago blames a historic killing spree on the cities street with multiple ignorant statements.the list is long listen to a fools fool in California talk about its condition of the state water electricity water fire transportation the list of foolish statements are remarkable so I used to fear about Aliens from another Galaxy would come and destroy us it stays out of sight and it just says we will destroy ourselves lets just watch the folly from above or within. The Freaks and Fools Drag Queens Tran everything are running the show today in America and look at what we have its beyond a Folly its self destruction.

  • Jerry

    09/24/2022 07:55 AM

    Biden is useful today for the deep state because of the powers of the Oval Office however biden’s useful trait is his only strength today when he becomes useless he will be prosecuted and gone. When the eep state put him in front of that demon based background was the beginning of his departure not giving him his medicine leaving him to navigate by himself is another trait the deep state is using to rid the Oval Office of biden. Harris may be in line to be the next person to be programed to use the Oval Office’s ink pens to sign bills . All Obama has to for Harris to follow orders is wink his eye and shoot her a smile and Harris will knell before him that is how this deep state operates the Oval Office today Donald Trump did not take the orders of the deep state and that’s the why all of government agencies and msm are attacking Donald Trump

  • Julie Lynn Bodley

    09/23/2022 11:02 PM

    If Kevin McCarthy is the Republican leader it's no different then having Romney, McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, and any of the other narcissistic, fake, lying money grubbing, power hungry, two faced, conservatives. McCarthy is not honest, is too easily bought, has no courage, integrity and not a true America 1st politician. For top dog how about Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Gaetz, Jordan, Blackburn, MTG, real fighters! NO MORE RINOS IN LEADERSHIP!!!!

  • Charles W Sigars

    09/23/2022 07:04 PM

    One question for Anti - Science Stacy -

    When, and where, did you get your medical degree?

  • stephen russell

    09/23/2022 04:20 PM

    Committment to America:
    Expose, signed in Midwest, No Midwest
    SW, SE & Western area & adaptable.
    Vs 1994 Plan


    09/23/2022 04:08 PM

    Just wanted to say:
    Don't understand why there isn't 212 House Republicans supporting the "COMMITMENT TO AMERICA"?
    Crime is out of control......count me in the 67.9%
    Love Byron Donalds ...... great Congressman.
    Keep Florida in your prayers next week, we have a lot of newbees here!

  • W.B. Harris

    09/23/2022 04:06 PM

    So the Gov.of Fla is being sued by a man who swore to uphold the Laws of the State/Country for saying he is going to 'pick and choice' which Law he'll enforce. Not only should he be suspended, but Fired and loose his pension and never allowed to run for any office - Locally, State or Country or appointed.
    Speaking of which this should be also to the President, V. P., speaker of the House and Senate, the A.G Garland and not only removed but charged with Treason - no trial is needed because they haven't held up their promise to the people AS THEY SWORE TO UPHELD and ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION - which is not political because it was written FOR; BY; & OF the PEOPLE!