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September 26, 2022



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“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

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Update on the fight to redefine the word "heartbeat"

UPDATE on the media’s attempt to redefine the word “heartbeat” so that they can claim it doesn’t exist in a fetus at six weeks.


Dr. Tara Sander Lee, who studied heart development at Harvard Medical School and serves as director of life sciences at Charlotte Lozier Institute, responded to this latest gaslighting attempt by telling LifeNews:

“…All it takes is one quick search of the public database of scientific and embryology research to confirm that the heart is the first functioning organ in a developing human being, with the first heartbeat just 22 days after fertilization…most Americans instinctively understand that a developing human organ which beats rhythmically and pumps blood throughout the body is, in fact, a heart." She noted that an article in the database of the National Library of Medicine states that "The human heart is one of the first organs to form and function during embryogenesis." She added that not only is a baby’s heart “actively beating” at six weeks, but by the time it reaches the 15-week stage that some people argue should be the limit for abortion (and for which pro-abortion extremists accuse them of being “extremists”), the baby’s heart will have already beaten 16 million times.  

Newsbusters is keeping a regularly-updated list of the growing number of state-supporting media outlets that are pushing the fake news that there is no fetal heartbeat at six weeks. Shouldn’t they all be deplatformed for spreading dangerous medical disinformation? For once, the disinformation really is false, and believing it actually does result in children being killed.

I’ve said it many times: leftists can only win arguments by redefining the terms. They’ve redefined everything from “woman” to “recession.” But we must not allow them to redefine the word “heartbeat,” one of the most basic signs of life. No matter how much they try to deny it, redefine it or wish it away, it is undeniably true that “Abortion stills a beating heart.” Any claim to the contrary is not a semantic disagreement, it’s a scurrilous lie.

Even at early stages of development, babies have hearts. It’s the people who deny that fact who apparently don’t have hearts.

FBI whistleblower interview, Part 2

Saturday’s newsletter featured our summary of Part 1 of FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin’s conversation with Dan Bongino, in which he said the FBI has totally bought in to the lie about January 6: that the riot –- the rally itself –- was driven by conservative Trump supporters trying to subvert the Constitution (!) and overthrow an administration.

Within the rank-and-file, he said at the start of Part 2, he had friends who “retired over this.” The leadership had set up a separate building at an off-site location near the Washington DC field office and brought in three supervisors who’d done national security work, with about a half-dozen agents from around the country under each, for what they call TDYs or “temporary duties.” He said “every field office was on the hook to give ‘x’ number of bodies for this.” That pulled agents off the operational surveillance details they’d been doing.

This is one thing Kyle expressed concern about in Part 1: damage to important ongoing investigations when agents had to drop those to go through leads generated from J6. Leads typically come in through the National Call Center, most of them from crackpots, leading nowhere. But compared to what normally comes in, the number of leads exploded after January 6. There were tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of leads, “and they all had to be looked at,” he said, because any one of them might be “the thing that breaks ‘this case,’ whatever ‘this case’ is.”

There was an endless queue of leads with requests for actions to be taken --- check with a particular bank, pick up a subpoena, send questions to a field office so they could do an interview.

“America was just going crazy,” he said. People would call in to talk about their neighbor who “loved Trump” and “probably voted for Reagan.” They’d say things like “I don’t know if this person was at the rally, but he’s the type that, if he could have gone, he would have.” (We’re chilled by the eagerness of many people to turn in their neighbors for their politics.)

Kyle called these “garbage leads” that he would’ve thrown in the trash. He recognized that attending the rally was protected under the First Amendment. But after January 6, tens of thousands of leads were being followed up. Agents might knock on somebody’s door who, it turned out, didn’t even go, but he might mention in paspsing that he knew someone who did, generating another lead. Or maybe he did go, and agents would try to ascertain where he was, maybe hit him with trespassing or other misdemeanors.

The message agents got as recently as 2016 was that “the FBI doesn’t mess around with misdemeanors.” But suddenly, agents who’d anticipated having a hand in taking down mobsters and drug dealers were frustrated at having to do this small stuff instead. “It seems insane,” Kyle said. “But it probably will continue.”

Even low-level felonies such as lying to the FBI aren’t generally these agents’ concern. In fact, according to Kyle, FBI training doesn’t cover much about knowledge of the laws. (Who knew?) Agents take cues from their supervisors.

“Most criminal complaints are very short,” Kyle said, because they state an alleged crime and the probable cause to think the person did it, period. J6 complaints tend to be dozens of pages long, to “build an informational story.” And with these, the FBI seems to “hold a lot of sway” with magistrate judges. It seems to us that this might explain a lot, particularly their choice of magistrate judges to sign off on the Mar-A-Lago raid and the confiscation of Mike Lindell’s phone.

Kyle has informed Congress that some counterterrorism reports he’s seen “had outright lies in them.” Anyone who gives false information in sworn testimony is finished as an agent, as he can never testify again. Likewise, he believes, agents including false information in a warrant, which is also sworn, should be out. (Editorial note: From what we KNOW they did during Crossfire Hurricane, lying in a warrant is apparently fine, at least if the case relates to President Trump.)

Anyway, Kyle said they “absolutely” did not do similar follow-up on BLM/Antifa rioting. “The contrast was obvious.” In Portland for a two-week stint, he saw bizarre street battles between pathetic-looking social justice “goons” and local law enforcement. Nothing was done. He said those mysterious pallets of rocks provided to rioters were not investigated.

He saw someone who’d been a federal criminal target just “let go,” he said, by field office agents after interrogation. He personally submitted a report on a small group who had surrounded his car, threatened him, and 'outed’ themselves for other crime, and there was no FBI follow-up at all.

As for whistleblower reports of the FBI “juicing” the domestic terrorist stats to exaggerate this problem, Kyle said that instead of opening large “umbrella” cases, they’d open individual cases on each person. (He encourages those agents to reach out to him and his group on Truth Social.) He does not believe that the majority in the FBI approve of what they’re doing, saying it’s now “word on the street” that agents have no other option but to report it.

Agents tell him that when it comes to racially-motivated domestic terrorism cases, “we’re constantly being told that our numbers are too low.” If it’s not an actual quota, there’s a de facto quota. It’s not overt, he explained, but agents know that the way to impress supervisors is to “find” those cases. So Kyle has confidence that Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is correct when he talks about this.

He says he knows agents who “have no problem” opening these so-called neo-Nazi cases when the only pretext is activity protected by the First Amendment. It chafes someone like him, who at his core is a civil rights activist who says “everybody has the same right to be a jerk.” It’s the inflammatory speech that NEEDS protection. (Editorial note: it IS protected –- when it comes from the left.)

FBI agents are in the job category of “criminal investigator,” he explained, but they’re doing intelligence, so they’re not held to the constitutional limitations of criminal investigations. Kyle’s description of how this works in practice gives strong support to the idea of separating these two functions. He said the culture at the FBI is “absolutely carnivorous.” Agents wanting to reach the senior executive level, with its higher pay and prestige, tend to look at underlings only as a means to that end, heads to step on as they climb the ladder. He has the impression their behavior might stem from this even more than from politics.

The senior executives, he said, “have been doing this for 20 years,” and, generally speaking, are on board. He hopes there’s some pushback at the top, but the current centralized structure is not conducive to that. Those at the top are “playing to the same sheet of music,” he said.

Applying all this to the Mar-A-Lago raid, he related the story of how all new FBI agents have to spend one full day going through the Holocaust Museum, which has a walking tour set up especially for law enforcement. You see the piles of shoes and eyeglasses. And you understand from this that the only way such a horror takes place is for all levels of law enforcement to go along. “If anybody refuses to get with the program, it doesn’t happen.” History should have taught us that “I was just following orders” doesn’t fly. Law enforcement has “an absolute responsibility to refuse things that are wrong.” Kyle obviously remembered that message, but there are many at the FBI who tragically have forgotten it.


Kyle Seraphin also appeared on Bongino’s weekend show UNFILTERED. See him talking about the agenda of the intel bureaucracy and the need to stand up for the Bill of Rights here, starting at 7 minutes in…

UPDATE: Seraphin has been summoned to DC headquarters this coming Thursday (travel $$$ NOT covered by the government), and he’s talking with attorneys now about what this meeting might entail. When Bongino reached out to the FBI for comment on Kyle’s allegations, their comment was “no comment.”


RELATED: Utah Sen. Mike Lee, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, appeared with Maria Bartiromo on FOX NEWS’ SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES to discuss what’s happened to the FBI. He shares Seraphin’s view that most agents really don’t like the changes and are not, themselves, politicized. There’s a deep concern that “some agents” at FBI headquarters –- it’s particularly bad in DC, he said –- are being used to weaponize our criminal justice system.

He echoed Kyle in saying: “When you centralize this much [law enforcement] power in our nation’s capitol, bad things happen.” He noted the glaring examples of overreach in just the past few days, such as the subpoena issued to the conservative Eagle Forum of Alabama.

Also, when local officials declined to press assault charges against this pro-life advocate due to lack of evidence, and a civil suit was tossed out, the FBI moved in and raided his home.

The crying need to address this politically-motivated targeting is one huge reason why it’s so important to get both the House and Senate back in GOP hands. Otherwise, these abuses will multiply and continue to be swept under the rug, and reform will be impossible.

Poll: Do you feel as safe in America today as you did 2 years ago when President Trump was in office?

Dear Newsletter Reader,

This is an important piece of election feedback, and it is a question that is really resonating with voters.

QUESTION: Do you feel as safe in America today as you did 2 years ago when President Trump was in office?

And after you respond, please tell me whether you are a registered independent, Republican or Democrat.



Tropical Storm Ian officially became a hurricane early this morning, and it’s expected to get even stronger over the next 48 hours. At this writing, it’s approaching western Cuba and on track to hit Florida. Gov. DeSantis has declared a state of emergency for all 67 counties and urged all Floridians to take precautions. It’s expected to make landfall on Thursday or Friday.

I hope you’ll join me in praying for all those who are in the path of the storm. If you are among them, please take the warnings seriously, and remember to protect your pets as well, especially those that are normally outdoor pets. For the rest of us, if you’d like to help those dealing with catastrophic storms, please donate to Samaritan’s Purse, which is always among the first on the scene to render aid and comfort to victims of natural disasters:

Biden’s confusion: religious and otherwise

At a DNC rally Friday, President Biden urged women voters to elect at least two more Democrats to the Senate so they could do away with the filibuster and pass a federal law codifying Roe v. Wade (apparently, he hasn’t heard that the Supreme Court already ruled that abortion is a state issue.)

His spokesperson couldn’t even say if Biden would favor any limits on abortion at any time whatsoever.

But Biden seems confused on a lot of things. Friday, he said of Lindsay Graham’s proposed 15-week abortion ban (and again, that’s an attempt to bring it back to the federal level, a problem for many Republicans), “Think about what these guys are talking about. No exceptions — rape, incest — no exceptions, regardless of age. I happen to be a practicing Roman Catholic. My church doesn’t even make that argument now.”

First of all, Graham’s bill does allow exceptions for rape, incest and to save the life of the mother. The false claim that it doesn’t isn’t one of Biden’s delusional ad-libs; they have his spokesperson out saying it, too.

Second, if Biden is a practicing Catholic, then he needs a lot more practice, because no, the Catholic Church has not “softened” its opposition to abortion. He spouted this nonsense previously, which prompted Pope Francis to correct him and suggest that he question his own conscience and “speak to his bishop, his pastor, his parish priest about that incoherence."

It took me all of one minute of Googling to find multiple sources detailing the Church’s position, unchanged since the First Century, that life begins at conception, the child in the womb is a unique individual deserving of human rights, and abortion is a grave sin. The only exception the Church recognizes is when a doctor is forced to end a pregnancy as a side effect of saving the mother’s life, such as removing a cancerous womb.

You can find this information everywhere from Catholic Church sites to Wikipedia. Here’s a National Review report on Biden's claim that contains it:

(Nancy Pelosi also routinely promotes unlimited abortion while claiming to be a “devout Catholic,” so apparently, the Democrats have now redefined both the words “Catholic” and “devout.”)

I’m always careful about not saying, for example, how Jesus would think about some issue unless He made His view clear in the Bible. But in this case, Biden and Pelosi aren’t trying to claim the endorsement of a Biblical figure from 2,000 years ago. They’re deliberately misstating the current position of their own church, which can be easily accessed within seconds on the Internet. I assume they don’t do that because it completely refutes their statements.

Green Group is closely tied to China

Here’s another story for the Biden PR flacks in the “news” media to ignore: Fox News reports that the National Resources Defense Council, a well-funded “green” group that works closely with the Biden Administration and has a lot of sway over its policies, has deep ties to the Chinese communist government. Lots more details at the link, which I suggest you read because you probably won’t see them anywhere else.

Suspicious disasters

Another of what some have deemed suspiciously coincidental disasters at major food production centers has occurred in Paris, where a fire consumed a warehouse in the world’s largest produce market.

I’m not endorsing any conspiracy theories, but I will say this to any globalists who think this will convince us to follow their advice and eat insects: I would rather eat the ashes of a charred rutabaga.

Liz Cheney: Not a conservative, and probably not a Republican either

You can tell that soon-to-be-ex-Rep. Liz Cheney is what the media like to call a “true conservative” by the way she’s now defending “conservative principles” by actively working to elect Democrats.


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  • Renee Kendrick

    09/29/2022 10:41 PM

    One more pet peeve. Too much ice in the sodas and tea!!! Both at dine-in restaurants and fast-food places! We pay for beverage not ice! Unless someone requests extra ice, then give us more beverage. It means less refills at the dine-in restaurants, which means less sweetener used by the unsweetened tea drinkers! Fast-food places - check your to-go cups and make sure they are true to size. If your menu shows a 24 ounce beverage with a combo but a 16.9 bottled soda comes very close to filling up a 24 ounce cup with very little ice in it, something is wrong with that picture! Dishonesty will ruin a business!

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    09/27/2022 04:07 PM

    Joe Biden is the worst POTUS we have ever had.
    He should be Imnpeached.

  • Renee Kendrick

    09/26/2022 10:15 PM

    Thank you for your monologue this past weekend! Here are a few of my pet peeves:

    - People driving the WRONG WAY down the paking lot lanes with angled parking spaces. You're very much a pain in the backside. How did you EVER pass the driving test? Looks like the retailers or landlords need to put up "Do Not Enter" or "Wrong Way" signs to get your attention. Hopefully, you can read!!!

    - Why do apartment landlords charge pet rent when the animals cannot sign a lease and do not make any money? The animals are maintained/owned by their owners not rented to the residents by the landlords.

    - Why have the major retailers started charging whatever prices they want these days? That's not how business is done in this country!!! WalMart - If a 12-pack of Bottled water shows 3.24 as both the shelf price and the online price, don't charge 3.52 at the register! Same goes for cough drops...don't charge 1.98 for them when the price shows 1.78!!! Target - Don't increase the price of Barbie dolls by 3.00 in a span of two weeks just because they are selling. Doubt there has been any new ones purchased by your company in that short span of time. Target - PLEASE stop trying to sell a 2-year warranty for 3.00 at the register on a 1.19 hot wheels car! Good grief!!! Insurance is not needed on those toy cars. More than likely, they would be covered by homeowners insurance if a catastrophe occurred! Good grief!!!

    That's what gets under my skin right now. Will share more as they come to me!

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    09/26/2022 04:39 PM

    I don't understand how the Pentagon think it's OK to tell our military to apply for Food Stamps, if they can't afford to feed their families.
    Also Chuck Schumer keep talking about the problems in Puerto
    Rico's hurricane damage, and how we need to give them help/money. More distraction as we approach the election.

  • Chelsea Martin

    09/26/2022 04:32 PM

    "UPDATE: Seraphin has been summoned to DC headquarters this coming Thursday...and he’s talking with attorneys now about what this meeting might entail."

    Who wants to bet that, in true CCP-style fashion, he comes out a week later, pale, thin, glaze-eyed and monotone, recanting on everything that he had previously stated and singing the unending praises of the FB(stas)I?

  • JC Holland

    09/26/2022 04:03 PM

    Governor: Are you or your people aware of the NEA sponsored QR badges they are requiring all their teachers at every level to wear. Check out the sites they lead too. All made easily accessible to any student.

  • Patrick Canan

    09/26/2022 04:00 PM

    Kudos to the whistleblowers. They are important eyes on our government.
    Let's remember that this cuts across party lines. When LTC Vindman explained why Javelin missiles to Ukraine had been held up..."But first, I'm going to need you to do me a little favor", Vindman's payback was losing his promotion, his job, and a demeaning escort out of his office. AND, his twin brother also lost his job. Let's not forget that President Trump was not even asking for an actual investigation, but simply a public statement of an investigation, "a little favor," by the newly elected Zelinsky.
    In America truth does matter, and whistleblowers should not be punished - whoever sits in the Oval Office.

  • Jerry

    09/26/2022 03:47 PM

    I love America I love smoked ham fish turkey brisket I love fermented vegetables I love fruit I love hot dishes I love camp fires I love music I love people I actually love my family and Jesus what I don’t love is the administration that is in control of the White House and it’s agencies today. I can only hope my God let’s me enjoy all the things I love for a bit longer.for today my God has to say how much longer He will allow the Satanic time we have today in the WH to harm the good people of America. I think people had better think about killing babies they are gifts to abort is a horrible decision to make people in America will adopt, a satanic party wants to kill babies they want to steal money from hard working people for an agenda that is two generations away this November people check with your God ask for guidance Jesus had his hands and feet pierced with spikes and hung up to die on a wooden cross for you ask the people you are vote for if they can live by the 10 commandments or even believe in them personally I try very hard to live within the commandments I work on the forgiveness of pagan behaviors that one I will beg for mercy murder hurts me to see and the pagan led party allows and helps in its agenda that brings misery and heart break I speak of the satanic president and vp we have today