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September 1, 2022

When California Rep. Darrell Issa appeared with Judge Jeanine Pirro Wednesday to discuss the FBI and DOJ, he brought up an interesting point about FBI agent Timothy Thibault leaving the agency. Since Inspector General Michael Horowitz can speak only with current employees of the DOJ/FBI, Thibault is effectively out of his reach for any internal investigation.

We couldn’t report with certainty yesterday whether Thibault had resigned from the agency after being reassigned or had been fired. But in an update from CBS NEWS’ Catherine Herridge, his attorneys at the firm Morrison and Foerster LLP have announced that he has retired. Thibault “was not fired, not forced to retire, and not asked to retire,” they said in a statement.

They said the “headquarters-like” agents who escorted him out were simply two long-time agent friends, with him as he finished processing his paperwork. “Claims to the contrary are false,” according to the statement. And though whistleblowers have reportedly complained of Thibault’s partisanship, his attorneys insisted he’s done nothing wrong. They essentially denied everything.

In particular, their statement addressed allegations of certain politically motivated actions in investigations, including the treatment of Hunter’s laptop, saying he “welcomes any investigation of these allegations, regardless of his retirement. He firmly believes that any investigation will conclude that his supervision, leadership and decision making were not impacted by political bias or partisanship of any kind. He is confident that all of his decisions were consistent with the FBI’s highest standards for ethics and integrity.”

My concern is that the FBI has lowered the bar so much that this isn’t anything to brag about.

His attorneys denied his involvement in the raid on Mar-A-Lago and said he was not involved in the investigation of Hunter Biden and made no decision about the laptop. (The latter denial directly contradicts whistleblowers if news reports are correct, and Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley also seems to be under a very different impression, based on his own statement.) At the same time, Thibault’s lawyers ignored the allegations that he pressured agents to reclassify cases to pad the numbers and make “domestic violent extremism” look like more of an issue than it is. If they could have denied these, they probably would have.

The point remains, if Inspector General Horowitz wants to look into any of this, he won’t be able to interview Thibault, as Thibault...has...left the building! So, in that sense, it seems like a great time to retire.

Horowitz said this summer that Thibault might have violated the Hatch Act over his social media posts, which attacked President Trump and former Attorney General William Barr. Thibault’s attorneys say these allegations are being investigated through the Office of Special Counsel John Durham and that he’s cooperating.

A few days ago, I linked to an article by Jeff Carlson about retrieval of RussiaGate documents from the Crossfire Hurricane investigation likely being the real reason for the raid on Mar-A-Lago. Now, Lee Smith, author of THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT, is providing support for the same hypothesis. He said that according to people he thoroughly trusts, the FBI raid was a search for RussiaGate documents that they don’t want in Trump’s hands.

In an interview with Joel Pollak on Sirius XM’s “Breitbart News Sunday,” Smith said the people whose insight he was relying on “have much more insight” and “much more knowledge” than he does. He pointed out what we’ve been saying: that the same cast of characters has been involved in so-called investigations of Trump for years. In fact, Smith recalled a report we recently featured: “FBI Unit Leading Mar-A-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia Investigation.”

The orchestrated get-Trump effort got started in 2016, or likely even in 2015. Surveillance of Trump started during the Obama administration, and Smith maintains that Obama must have known about it. But now, with the emergence of these whistleblowers, Smith postulates that the anti-Trump operatives might be getting wary, even of each other. “We want them fearful of each other,” he said.

This will help us deter them “while we’re working to restore our constitutional order.”

“In a constitutional order,” he continued, “corrupt federal law enforcement officers would be charged, tried and, if found guilty, convicted. But we don’t live under those circumstances right now...” For the moment, he said, we’re living in more of a “regime order.”

Stephen Kruiser at PJ MEDIA would agree, and he notes in this must-read column that to maintain their hold, the left are having to lie more and more outrageously. For them, it’s full-out ideological war, with the endgame of one-party rule in America. “What has changed now,” he says, “is the level of hyperbole and the complete absence of truthfulness in their rhetoric.”

Finally, Sundance at THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE gets much more specific about this very situation, asking why Democrats are so intent on attacking Trump and labeling his supporters threats to democracy. He says what we have now can be traced to the passage of the Patriot Act in the aftermath of 9/11, and he nails it here: “What President Obama and AG Eric Holder did was take the pre-existing system and retool it, so the weapons of government conducting surveillance only targeted one side of the political continuum. Domestic terrorists were now defined through the prism of political opposition.”

What we have now is essentially a domestic surveillance state, “with a targeting mechanism based on political ideology,” he says. Really, if you read one article addressing the massive, attempted take-down of Trump that’s going on right now, in plain sight in front of the whole world, this has to be THE ONE. It’s a masterful explanation of how we got here and what the current dynamic is now that a fourth branch of government, the unelected “Intelligence Branch,” has been crafted and put to work with social media platforms and political operatives. It explains why simply defunding the Intelligence Community is not enough, and why DC is so set on federalizing elections and minimizing transparency. (“Our elections have been usurped by the Intelligence Branch,” he says. “Start with honest elections and we will see just how much Democrat AND Republican corruption is dependent on manipulated election results.”)

By the way, this piece supports our suspicion that Obama attorney Lisa Monaco is really running the show at the DOJ, to protect Obama and those responsible for the current “Intelligence Branch,” in what actually is the third term of Barack Obama. (We’d say to look for the next Democrat presidential nominee to be his machine’s choice for Obama Term 4.)

It might be said that the system really has, in a sense, been “fundamentally transformed,” as Obama once infamously said he’d do. “Preserving this system is also what removing Donald Trump is all about,” Sundance concludes. “The targeting of President Trump in order to preserve the system, the system that was created during the Bush administration, then weaponized during the Obama administration, is what the actions of the DOJ and FBI are all about.”

Is it all making sense now? This piece is quite long, but please hold onto it for when you have time to settle in for a fascinating, enlightening and at times shocking read.

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  • Andrea Duguay

    09/06/2022 06:56 PM

    I believe that Biden doesn’t know the correct meaning of a Democracy. He accuses other of disregarding our democracy, while he and his minions continually disregard our Constitution, Bill of Rights and inalienable rights.
    The hate that comes out of their mouths and actions are palpable and unacceptable. The truth is in regards to President Trump’s illegal invasion, they should all be impeached and sent to another great country that is failing with everything Biden/Obama/minions try to put into law to make a socialist form of government.
    We have the right to tell them all they are crazy and unprofessional, unpredictable, and unwanted.

  • carol p johnson

    09/05/2022 12:59 PM

    Whenever I try to share your articles to twitter, all I get is an error. Happened a couple times now. I'm wondering if you ever read these, as I tried to notify you of this error on the last article I was wanting to share.

  • Ed Thompson

    09/05/2022 10:01 AM

    I have always said that there’s no way that Obama could NOT have been involved in surveillance on Donald Trump, and now here is people that say that very thing , he HAD to be involved from the get go. But the biggest question remains WHY? Why is everyone so filled with hatred towards Trump? What exactly did he do to deserve the treatment he got from everyone on the Democratic side and some from his own chosen party? History tells us what Abraham Lincoln went through when he was elected, somewhat like Trump, an outsider who had a vision for his country and a desire to keep it together. Most politicians say anything to get votes, and then walk away and forget about everything once elected. Donald Trump told everyone what he was going to do to get Americans jobs that were sold to people over seas in exchange for profit over jobs here! He showed how when we make our own products here we actually have a great economy that benefits everyone. Capitalism WORKS FOR EVERYONE willing to work. And a hand up is always better than handouts when people decide to make a life based on handouts! So he was never part of the “good’ol boys” in that he actually did good things FOR us, not against us. And kept his promises. Something more politicians ought to think about! MAGA isn’t radical— it’s love for our country and pride for our country and patriotism for America. Bring that back. Don’t fight— VOTE!

  • Joseph A. Lurz, Jr.

    09/05/2022 09:03 AM

    The only reason to target Trump is to distract Republicans from talking about the real problems facing this nation. Don't expect an indictment or a conclusion to this distraction until after the mid-term election. The Dems just want to keep Republicans focused on anything except forging a plan, something like Newt's "Contract With America". Where is the Republican platform? We have got to boldly state what we're going to do and stop just saying we're against what they're doing.

  • Linda Hansen

    09/04/2022 07:34 PM

    I’m reaching a point of no longer wanting to read anything by anyone with regard to so-called politics. It’s just scary and infuriating. And all of you say we can’t let them get away with it. Oh really. Well it just keeps happening and when we ask what we can do we’re told to contact our representatives. Seriously, that’s it. How ridiculously stupid. Our chances that they read our concerns and complaints is probably even less than you reading this. I already know I don’t live in the America I grew up in. I have decided to go back to ignoring what’s going on because what is the point? All it does is give me extreme anxiety. I don’t see any hope of turning this around. Every day I pray, Jesus come now. I give up. They win. Good job politicians. Not sure how you sleep at night (referring to elected Democrats). I’m focusing on my loved ones and doing little things to help those in need from now on. Politics leaves me weary and drained. NO MORE!

  • Mary Anne Broadhurst

    09/04/2022 06:14 PM

    Ranked Choice Voting is nothing but legalized election fraud. What about, "one person, one vote"? How dare these corrupt democrats destroy our election system? Since future elections will be watched closely for evidence of fraud, the Dems have come up with a way to manipulate the vote tallies. How dare they take my vote and "shift or reassign " it? This is America!!! Not some 3rd world tin pot country!!!

  • DS Nicol

    09/04/2022 05:27 PM

    I read the article Sundance @ Conservative TreeHouse. This article is also posted on Truth Social. It is a long article but very well written and worth the time to read it. This article is a reason to elect Donald Trump again. He is our only hope to stop this Fourth Branch of Government.

  • Jane Brasovan

    09/04/2022 04:12 PM

    Moral of the story - don’t believe anything the FBI says. Very sad commentary on one of our formerly premier government agencies.

  • Paul Kern

    09/04/2022 03:47 PM

    Based on this and other sources I have I see it is time to pull the whole house of cards down. Such evil. Only a madman or a pay hopath could have created this. Responsibility lies the establishment Republicans and Marxist Left.

  • Andrea M. Wilson

    09/04/2022 03:22 PM

    All of this must come to pass. We need a revival in America, which may come at a cost of tremendous persecution. Glad I am part of Jesus's Bride.

    Come Lord Jesus, come!