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September 18, 2022


Sunday Standard

Here are the top stories from this week that I think you will want to read:

  • Texas and Florida governors outdo themselves

  • A Republican message I agree with

  • Biden's economy takes a full month of pay away

  • 58% of Voters Agree

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Texas and Florida governors outdo themselves

If you thought it was brilliant – and it was – when the Governors of Texas and Arizona began sending northern liberal “sanctuary cities” like New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, a very small number of the illegal migrants that President Biden’s open border have unleashed on them, then get ready for the next level.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just sent 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the picturesque enclave of wealthy, overprivileged liberals, including the $12 million waterfront estate of the Obamas (oddly enough, they seem unconcerned about those rising oceans from climate change – maybe Obama just waves his hand and makes them recede from his house.)

The standard response from liberal leaders has been to denounce these Governors as cruel, racist, un-Christian and lacking in compassion. A local lawmaker who represents the Vineyard called it “evil and inhumane” to send the migrants there (good thing he’s not in charge of promoting tourism!)

They fail to grasp that they expect border states to compassionately deal with a thousand times more illegal immigrants than they’ve been sent, and all because of policies they promote. They also never expected anyone to force them to live up to all their empty virtue signaling. I’m surprised they don’t recognize the tactic, since it’s #4 in their own leftist bible, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

A spokesperson for DeSantis responded, “States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden administration’s open border policies.” In short, don’t write checks that your sanctuary state can’t cash. Still, I have no doubt that these wealthy liberals will soon do the same compassionate thing they always do for illegal immigrants: put them to work off the books at their estates for lower wages than they’d have to pay American citizens.

But wait, it gets even better. Last weekend, Vice President (and “border czar”…remember?) Kamala Harris stunned even NBC sycophant Chuck Todd by declaring that “the border is secure.” Well, to prove otherwise, since she refuses to visit and see for herself, Texas sent a busload of illegal migrants from Del Rio and delivered them directly outside her house in DC. A Fox News reporter asked one of the migrants if the border is closed, as Harris said, or open. She said it’s open. I tend to give her more credibility on this issue than I do Kamala Harris. Or on any issue, come to think of it.

I like the Twitter post at that link: “If Kamala doesn’t go to the border, the border will go to Kamala.”


A Republican message I agree with

When I first ran for President back in 2008, I had the full weight of the establishment/Wall Street wing of the GOP turn on me because I dared to point out that just because things were going great for people with corner offices on Wall Street, that didn’t mean the economy was working the way it should, and that a lot of hard-working Americans were hurting. They called me a lot of ridiculous names for daring to say that everything wasn’t hunky-dory with the economy, until a few months later when the subprime mortgage meltdown hit.

Well, I’m gratified to see that more Republicans are finally picking up on that theme, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who spoke Sunday at the National Conservative Conference in DC. He triggered all the right people by daring to point out both the CDC’s lies and mistakes about COVID and the GOP’s baffling loyalty to Wall Street giants who have vastly enriched themselves by rigging the economy against smaller competitors and donating three times as much to Biden in 2020 as Trump.

I’m glad to see so many people finally waking up and realizing that just because a company is successful in the capitalist system, that no longer means they support traditional free market capitalism or are favorable to Republicans. These days, many seem to be run by activists who think that pushing a leftist agenda is more important than maximizing shareholder profits. Some even seem to prefer the corrupt socialist model, where they pay a lot to keep one party in power, but it’s worth it because that party protects its donors while crushing any upstart competitors with taxes and regulations. Sound familiar?


Biden's economy takes a full month of pay away

President Biden continues to insist that the economy is growing like crazy, and his policies are to credit for it, despite the fact that we are in a recession, but only if you use the definition of “recession” that until he came along was the universal definition of “recession.” He also claimed that there was no inflation in July, just because for once, inflation didn’t increase from the previous month, mostly because of a drop in gas prices that’s largely due to draining our strategic petroleum reserve and prices being so high that most people curtailed their driving (they’re still about a dollar higher per gallon than when Biden took office, though.)

However, this morning, stock prices took another plunge as Biden’s own Labor Department undercut his economic fairy tales by reporting that inflation rose more than expected in August. The consumer price index rose 8.3% from one year ago and 0.1% from the previous month. Economists had predicted an 8.1% yearly rise and a monthly price decline of 0.1%. Gas prices are down, but food prices continue to rise. Grocery prices were up 0.7% just since July, and restaurant prices rose 0.9% from the previous month.

To put that into perspective, 8.3% of your salary is about one-twelfth of it. So if you’re making the same pay now as you did last year, higher prices have robbed you of a full month of your yearly pay. If you buy the same things this year as you did last year, inflation has made it like trying to pay for it with 11 months’ worth of pay instead of 12 months’ worth.

With perfect timing, Biden had planned to use today to stage a victory lap for passing the Dems’ ironically named “Inflation Reduction Act,” which doesn’t reduce inflation at all but does put hundreds of billions of dollars in their green cronies’ pockets and hire 87,000 new IRS auditors to shake it out of our pockets.

The fact is that any job “growth” that Biden is patting himself on the back for came from either reopening the artificially shut-down economy or the boom in red states that are defying his policies. Imagine what the economic numbers would look like if they only took blue states into account!

Related: A new survey by the Job Creators Network Foundation found that 57% of small business owners believe we are already in a recession. Only 30% rate the economy as good or excellent. And 70% oppose adding 87,000 more IRS agents, because they know they’re not just going to target billionaires; they’ll be going after small businesses.


58% of Voters Agree

I strongly suspect that the reason we’re seeing all the raids and subpoenas of Trump and his supporters, and Biden railing against your aunt in a MAGA cap as if she’s worse than Osama bin Laden, is because they desperately want the midterm elections to be about “Orange Man BAAAAD!!” and not about rampant crime, inflation, open borders, high gas prices, empty store shelves, the deadly Afghanistan pullout, 87,000 new IRS agents, the politicized and weaponized bureaucracy, and all the other great things that two years’ worth of Democrats being in charge have brought us.

So, how’s that strategy of demonizing half the country playing with voters? Not so well.

In the latest Rasmussen survey, 58% of likely voters agreed with the statement, “Joe Biden should quit blaming ‘MAGA Republicans’ and get to working on the economy he ruined.” Only 38% disagreed (I find the agreement with the phrase “the economy he ruined” especially interesting – and encouraging. Even with the power of the mass media, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.)

I am disappointed to see that voters were evenly split on swallowing Biden’s claptrap about “MAGA Republicans” representing “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” If you want to find those, look at the leftwing extremists who’ve taken over the Democratic party and would happily use the Constitution as Charmin, packing the SCOTUS and eliminating the Electoral College, as long as it cemented their one-party power.

But at least that even split is mostly along party lines, with the good news being that Independents whom the Democrats need to win elections oppose Biden’s MAGA demagoguery by 53-40%. In a world where everyone thought clearly and didn’t get their news from propaganda outlets, the disapproval rating on any President demonizing half the country for disagreeing with him would be 100%.


I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Sunday Standard.

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  • Charlotte Kingsdale

    09/21/2022 07:50 AM

    From Poor Venezuela to Rich Martha's Vineyard, MA [1-3]: A Labyrinthian Journey

    Recently, 48 Venezuelans [4] crossed unlawfully the US border at Eagle Pass, TX [5] to build a better life, find work and help their families back home. They either surrender or were picked up by CBP, got their immigration notices and were released. They travel to San Antonio, TX and stayed there at various places.

    Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and his handler assigned Vertol Systems, Delrin FL, to organize a political stunt [6] that cost Floridian taxpayers $ 615K:

    The plot started with a well know volunteering Latina woman: Sie identified herself as "Perla", approached refugees outside a shelter in offering "help". Until the time she found the required number of migrants, they put on hold at nearby La Quinta Inn. On 9/14/22 they went to Lakeland AFB [7] two board two Fairchild Dornier 328-310 Jets [8] with a flight range of 1,400 nm were used:

    N359SK: SKF-CEW-CLT-MVY This plane had a layover at ACY
    N411FJ: SKF-CEW-SPA-MVY This play had a layover at LBE before flying to ACY

    There is no logistic reason to fly from Lakeland AFB, TX to Martha's Vineyard, MA stopping at Bob Sikes AP at Crestview, FL [9]. In Governor DeSantis various explanations for his political stunt, he didn't argue that transported refugees are from FL.

    As "Alianza Americas", Boston, MA "Lawyers for Civil Rights", among others took good care of 48 Venezuelans at Martha's Vineyard, their damage is bearable.

    [1] Class action lawsuit against Ron DeSantis - DocumentCloud
    [4] Venezuelans who arrived in US after 3/8/21, are not eligible for TPS.
    [5] From Eagle Pass, TX, across river Rio Grande/Bravo lies Piedras Negras, MEX, it's 150 miles drive to San Antonio, TX.
    [6] According to a Governor Gregg Abbott, TX, spokesperson: The office was not involved in these initial planes to Martha's Vineyard, MA but they had conversations about supporting overrun border communities,
    [7] SKF is also one point of origin for DHS charted planes how shuttle migrants in the dark.
    [8] The 30 seats planes were operated by Ultimate Air Shuttle, a private charter carrier, based in Cincinnati, OH.
    [9] "Great Circle Mapper" gives you an idea about flight path. If interested, copy legs and click on maps.

  • Pam Gale Short

    09/19/2022 01:04 PM

    Thank you for all the information. I appreciate all you say and do. God Bless America!

  • stephen russell

    09/19/2022 10:32 AM

    Cant Russian POWs clean up massacre sites in Ukraine?
    See WW2

  • Jerry

    09/19/2022 09:52 AM

    Having watched a the Celebration of Queen Elizabeth on tv this morning my thoughts got to a point of WOW thats what a United Kingdom looks like. A law abiding society that had so much respect for each other and the Queen . I wonder how out place the biden's must have felt being in the United Kingdom not to mention how much the people may have not wanted them in the country. The reluctance to offer energy to the country is enough to turn their backs on biden like the police did with the moronic billy debalsio the villain of NYC. The Celebration of the Queen's life is a real story of what it was like living among the Greatest Generation as I am a link to. The decency of the Greatest Generation passing is similar to this the Queen Elizbeth passing. May God bless the Queen and Greatest Generation and may God Bless America please help in removing this Administration for they know what it is doing trying to destroy My God has taught me to just be decent according to our 10 Commandments this Administration has committed its withdrawal from. I believe this biden has more than one god before him.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    09/19/2022 09:29 AM

    "When I first ran for President back in 2008, I had the full weight of the establishment/Wall Street wing of the GOP turn on me"

    THIS is the problem with you rinos and why you will never get anything done again. There is WAY too much infighting amongst all your arrogant obscene egos!!! You have to give the jackasses credit!! They march in lock step to promote their obnoxious agenda and work TOGETHER very hard to get the majority of the sheeple to agree with their programs to ruin the "old America". You rinos have NO AGENDA and if you did you would never be able to get all the rinos to agree!!! Look at what happened during Trumps first 2 years!! Can you imagine how much more would have been accomplished FOR the country had it not been for rino ryan, the bushes, colon powell, maclame, the cheney's, murkoski, I could go on and on!! Those rinos HATED Trump so much they would rather see the country FAIL than Trump succeed because you rinos live in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT UNIVERSE than us peasants and you don't have to suffer with the policies and all the HATRED you have for each other!! You complain about how odumbo, the creep, the kamelto ho and the jackasses have divided the sheeple BUT you rinos have DEEP divisions and HATRED in your own party!! The jackasses take advantage of that HATRED AND DIVISION and THAT is why, even if you rinos take "control" of the senate and congress (btw a bunch of baboons is called a congress) NOTHING WILL CHANGE because you rinos can't agree on anything AND don't have the balls to get "down and dirty" to go up against the jackasses. You claim you rinos are so "noble" and politics is such a a "noble" occupation!! LMFAO!!!! You rinos and jackasses are only in it for the power and corrupt cash at the expense of "we the people" who BTW mean NOTHING to you "politicians" until election time. You constantly complain about how corrupt odumbo, the creep, the hildabeast and the cocaine kid are BUT all you do is TALK TALK TALK to feed your HUGE narcissistic egos and YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! "how can you tell a politician is lying? Its lips are moving" Welcome to the jackasses "new woke merica" which you rinos DID NOTHING TO STOP!!!

  • Mary Alice Phillips

    09/19/2022 09:15 AM

    Everything you said Mike is correct !!! Hope and pray Republicans donot blow the midterm election, they need to show videos of how the democrats talking points are hypocritical !!!

  • stephen russell

    09/19/2022 08:48 AM

    TX & FL Govs:
    I say Send more to MV MA
    Send next 500 & then hit VT DE too

  • Paul Kern

    09/19/2022 07:55 AM

    I appreciate the articles your staff and others I find that help many of us stay on top of the insanity. I recently spoke with a family member in Texas and I got the impression she and her husband live in lala land still. Both retired and believe that whatever happens they are safe. They know things are bad but their faith is in their pensions and weekly football. A sad state to be in. How many more like that?

  • Caroline W. Raby

    09/19/2022 02:47 AM

    I appreciate your making the public more aware of the horrible Biden admin policies, but can you influence The country to start improving issues immediately (raising money/supplies to border states to build a wall, hire guards, impose immediate sanctions on immigrants, turn on oil pipelines/resume pumping oil, performing adequate actions to help economy?? Also, helping Mexico blow up cartels and Fentanyl mfg….Lastly, begin impeachment of Biden and indicting his son, Taking action and not just talking???? Your leadership with others for the public to be involved is extremely needed!

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    09/19/2022 02:30 AM

    I live in Wa. State, and I am rooting for Tiffany Smiley. Senator Murray has been in office for 3 decades. We need someone fighting for law and order, decreasing the high crime, homelessness, and inflation with high priced groceries and gas.
    We have a southern border that is wide open, and the cartels not only are involved in trafficking, but flooding the I-5 with tons of fentanyl that kills young people on California, Oregon and Wa.
    Plus all 3 left coast governors, when they're not defunding the police, releasing prisoners and the mentally ill from prison, they promote shutting off electricity to control the wind that they think will increase wild fires. They're consumed with green energy thinking that takes away our jobs and makes life difficult for our farmers. And the Ca governor is so jealous of Gov De Santis, he threatens him and wants a debate. The Ca governor keeps writing these abortion propositions that are so evil. I hope Wa State will have a new senator, and the state of Oregon will have a new governor. California has some real problems, but I am more hopeful for Arizona and Alaska. I am praying for Kari Lake and Blake and Tchibaka to win!!