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September 12, 2022

Sheriffs of border towns are mocking the Mayor of DC for declaring a state of emergency over receiving busloads of illegal immigrants from Texas and Arizona. They call it political grandstanding to squeeze money out of the federal government, and say “Welcome to our world,” and “They have seen nothing.”

Now that Sen. Joe Manchin has sold out his principles, Rep. Henry Cuellar may be the only Democrat left in Congress with the guts to stand up to his own party’s radical policies. He was the only one to vote against legalizing abortion up to the moment of birth, and now, he’s joining with Republican Rep. Tony Gonzalez to call out Biden’s open borders disaster.

Pointing out that in just two years, Biden will have allowed more than 4 million illegal immigrants to enter the US (while claiming the border is “closed”), Cuellar noted that his border hometown of Laredo was actually the first to bus these people elsewhere. They sent them to Houston and Dallas, whose Democrat mayors complained just like the mayors of New York, DC and Chicago did. Cuellar said, “It’s interesting, people can say ‘open borders.’ When it happens in our own backyard, they don’t like it.”

He’s right, this is just the latest example of a type of hypocrisy so common in liberal circles that it has its own acronym: “NIMBY,” or “Not in my back yard.” It’s part of a long tradition that includes wealthy Northeastern liberals pushing for “green energy,” then refusing to let wind turbines be built near them because they spoil their lovely views.

These mayors aren’t really angry that the Governors of Texas and Arizona are being “inhumane” by busing a tiny handful of the illegal immigrants Biden let into the US to their own cities for them to deal with. What they’re really angry about is that someone is actually forcing them to live up to their virtue-signaling about being “sanctuary cities.” We were just supposed to admire them for their moral superiority. We weren’t actually supposed to hold them to it!

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