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January 12, 2023

This scandal just keeps getting funnier.

On Wednesday, the news broke that another trove of marked-as-classified documents had turned up, this time in one of “the President’s other known spaces,” as reported by the DAILY WIRE. These documents were discovered during a massive, armed, early-morning, land-sea-and-air FBI raid of Joe Biden’s beach house. Just kidding.

Anyway, “other known spaces” is as specific as anyone has been so far as to where these other documents were found. No word, either, on when they were found, what level of classification they had, how many there were, if there might be more, or the nature of what was in them. Even without such knowledge, defenders of Biden are minimizing the seriousness of this, just as they maximized the seriousness of what Trump had kept at Mar-A-Lago. They just say what they say, based on nothing but expediency and situational ethics. Bless their hearts.

We also still don’t know the backstory; namely, what led to the original search that turned up the first batch of ten classified documents, as the National Archives had made no document request that would've caused them to go looking. Why on earth would they be going through the documents in that office? The story is that Biden’s attorneys found these papers during a cleaning-out of the office, but, again --- say it with me --- why would BIDEN’S ATTORNEYS be involved in this?

That first batch reportedly contained U.S. intelligence memos and briefing materials on Iran, the U.K, and (...drum roll, please…) Ukraine, and these were found inside Biden’s unsecured private office at the Penn Biden Center, which the University of Pennsylvania insists was NOT funded by Chinese donations but, in a roundabout way, was, and also was probably crawling with Chinese spies—I mean, invited guests.

Many have noted that Biden’s possession of these documents is very, very different from Trump’s possession of documents at Mar-A-Lago. And they’re right! For one thing, Trump, as President, had the authority to declassify documents and essentially do with them as he wished. (President Clinton, after leaving the White House, kept some materials in his sock drawer.) Biden, as Vice President, had no such authority. It makes little difference that Biden’s office cooperated after the fact. Biden did not have the authority to remove any classified material in the first place.

As we reported yesterday, about two weeks BEFORE Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed special counsel Jack Smith to investigate President Trump’s possession of marked-as-classified materials at Mar-A-Lago, he learned that Biden was potentially guilty of the same thing. This was also just six days before the midterm elections, and the notoriously leaky DOJ somehow managed to keep it hush-hush. To quote BREITBART NEWS: “Critics say Garland’s decision not to disclose the revelations before January was a political calculation to benefit the Democrats in the midterms.” You think?

As you know, Biden went on “60 Minutes” after the Mar-A-Lago raid to speak from his heart about how “irresponsible” Trump had been to keep classified materials there. That is just so fall-down hilarious now, I can hardly pick myself up off the floor to continue. So I’ll link to this Jonathan Turley column that talks about it, along with making numerous other good points. (It was written before the second batch of documents had been found.)

Since Garland has appointed a special counsel to look into Trump’s possession of classified documents, what is he supposed to do about Biden? Garland, according to Turley, has been put into a position that “now borders on the comical.”

After the second batch of marked-as-classified documents was found, Turley wrote again, saying that Garland’s decisions were moving quickly from “the inexplicable to the incomprehensible.” Garland has to admit he knew about Biden’s possession of classified documents when he announced the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Trump for essentially the same thing. There was already plenty of reason to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Bidens for the high-dollar influence peddling suggested by emails on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, but Garland has been steadfast in his refusal to do it.

Turley says Biden is “feigning ignorance” by pretending to be surprised about the classified documents. He likens this to Hillary Clinton being “surprised” by the discovery of the Rose Law Firm billing records that implicated her after they were not available to be used in the earlier Whitewater investigation. Why, she had no idea how they got into the White House living quarters!

Come to think of it, she also feigned ignorance about how information could be wiped off electronic devices. (“You mean, like with a cloth?”)

Right now, these apparently sensitive documents are like ballots from a Maricopa County drop-box: no chain of custody. Turley notes that Biden’s documents might have been “at various locations over a five-year period.”

Now that more documents have been discovered, more questions have been raised, and there’s no telling where this will lead.

One place it might be leading will seem controversial and even far-fetched to some, but we were already musing about it and anticipating that a few pundits would bring it up. Someone has: Matt Margolis at PJ MEDIA in, unfortunately, a subscription-only column entitled “The Media May Be Trying To Force Biden Out Of The 2020 Election.” Here it is; we’ll summarize and comment below.

Think about the timeline. The documents were discovered about a week before the midterm election. Naturally, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) wouldn’t have wanted to do anything then that could hurt the Democrat Party. But why this long after the election? Why have they waited to let it out?

The media are acting out of character, suddenly reporting a scandal that damages Biden. (Until now, the strategy, for everything from the price of gas to Hunter's laptop, has been to blame Vladimir Putin whenever possible.) They’re reflexively defending Biden, of course, but the scandal is very young, and as Margolis reported, several anchors at CNN even admitted how damaging it is to him. What??

This is happening just as Biden seems on the verge of announcing his candidacy for 2024 --- never mind that most people, even most Democrats, do NOT want the old guy to run again. He’s ignoring this political reality. But even if he managed by hook or by crook to win a second term, everyone knows he wouldn’t serve it out. And then we’d have...who, “President Kamala”? The powers behind the throne have surely got something to pound her with, too, in a well-timed scandal that takes her off the ticket, if that’s what it takes.

They probably could have continued to hide the fact that Biden had these documents. But another benefit of revealing it now is that if they go after Biden, it makes them seem more even-handed when they go after Trump. Our guess is that the likely goal is to take out Biden AND Trump.

Pardon our cynicism, but little in the political news cycle --- especially when it comes to the Democrat machine --- happens by accident. Consider all the complex, multi-front planning that went into the Russia Hoax, which successfully dominated the news for years. Any time it appears that a switch has been flipped for the media hounds to start barking in unison over a particular story, one has to wonder why.

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  • Kathleen Riley

    01/22/2023 09:38 AM

    Biden was the Useful Idiot when needed. His standing as someone not so smart (I'm trying to be kind here) is being proven every day as he cannot even deliver what was purported to be a personal message yesterday without reading it. Gotta wonder who's really running the show at the WH! I'm noticing how Obama has been strangely quiet and uncharacteristically out of the limelight.

  • Kathleen Riley

    01/20/2023 10:33 AM

    Biden was the Useful Idiot when needed. His standing as someone not so smart (I'm trying to be kind here) is being proven every day as he cannot even deliver what was purported to be a personal message yesterday without reading it. Gotta wonder who's really running the show at the WH! I'm noticing how Obama has been strangely quiet and uncharacteristically out of the limelight.

  • Janet Fales

    01/18/2023 11:24 AM

    Democrats are up to something which is plain to see. They keep Biden in longer than I figured they would. Wasn't sure how they would get rid of him and Kamala better watch out. She is just there because they needed someone to play Vice President. Guessing the Democrats are aware that they over played their hand, with the American people. Surprise, Surprise! It's finally sinking in to the American people, that all that free stuff is being paid for with taxpayers money.

  • james william vetter

    01/13/2023 12:55 PM

    Comprehensively summarized, with just enough detail to highlight every important point. This is as conclusive as one can be without looking directly into the minds of the DNC/Social Media/Mainstream Media/DOJ-FBI-DHS-IRS coalition, planners. Love your columns---from the serious to the lighthearted. We celebrate for instance, Sarah's (pardon the informality) energy, skills and intelligence in taking on her new role along with you. At the same time, we read every word and absorb every reference you take the time to organize and provide to help us formulate our own messages to the many friends we have who are so misled by the MSM (older crowd, by and large) and SM (younger crowd, essentially to exclusion of other sources). We here in California are fighting an uphill battle, so deeply entrenched are the elected and unelected left wing players. The remarkable thing is the depth that superficial propaganda has been seeded in the minds of the many people who have a history of seeking truth in subjects other than politics. Another surprise is the backwards way people choose sides, at least here in California. They make their decision on superficial levels, then rationalize all that truly matter---policy, resolve and competence to put beneficial changes in place in order to somehow preserve their irrational choices. This phenomenon makes reasonable discussions very difficult and requires a careful method to first get them back to the beginning. How to go about it while not losing trust and friendships (nor employment in cases where much bravery is required!) is the subject of many group gatherings. It's too late to spend much time on how it happened and that's obvious anyway. The focus is how to recover these unfortunate people who have allowed themselves to be so duped so deeply. The other remarkable thing that is important to always remember is, most of these people on the left were a part of a movement (we would argue that movement itself was co-opted from insightful conservatives but that's for another day) that placed skepticism well above cynical expediency----the end justifies the means in other words, even if the ends themselves are deeply flawed. Another gift you demonstrate so clearly, with each of your articles, is your ability to keep finding interesting, even entertaining ways to present the evidence so succinctly. You need to have a place in Trump's new administration---your communication abilities are so highly developed that it would be a terrible waste not to place them in the service of delivering the messages of Trump's new organization. Watching the most effective WH spokesperson ever, solidly confirmed the apple fell not far at all from the Tree. The other thing that is so enjoyable and so important is your optimism---founded in deep Christian Faith. This last statement is the one thing to possess that Truly matters. Our vastly Blessed, deeply beloved Country will survive as long as we place our Faith in our Maker Who loves us unfathomably and proved it by saving us for Eternity. All God's richest Blessings MH!

  • Sterling Pennington

    01/13/2023 11:06 AM

    My question is, who found the documents in the Corvette garage and what were those people doing in there? Fixing the Corvette? Also, is it true that the garage in Biden's "private residence" is really Hunter Biden's house? If that is factual, then what were classified documents doing in someone else's possession?

  • Sterling Pennington

    01/13/2023 10:50 AM

    To me, it looks like the DNC and the media are working to position Gavin Newsome for a Presidental run in 2024. As a California resident, I can say that the country will end up looking like San Francisco and Los Angeles if he is elected President.

  • William Appelt

    01/12/2023 09:25 PM

    Well all that is left to say is "Garland, we need you to appoint another special investigator for ..... You, yes investigate you". Where were you when.... (fill in the blanks and complete in triplicate)....

  • William Schlumpf

    01/12/2023 09:10 PM

    The media are still protecting biden by spinning the story emphasizing the "locked" garage. Locked by whom? Accessible by whom? Secret service present as in Mar a Lago ? Nope. They are saying that Trump withheld documents while biden's lawyers volunteered the docs. Did his lawyers have security clearance to handle them? They won't say. Was biden president under Obama and thereby authorized to possess the documents? He may very well believe he was.
    Biden is making a critical mistake not following the precedent of madame Hillary (named after Edmund Hillary when he was an unknown beekeeper and 6 years before he became known to the world for climbing Everest) and claiming that none of the documents were "stamped" classified - something the media repeated over and over. Maybe they still use 1940s era ink stamps on paper docs so that may not work as it did for the madame who was referencing emails. Still entertaining to watch the spin and the double standards and lack of any standards for those with a "d" after their names.

  • Sam Vanderburg

    01/12/2023 07:14 PM

    This is just another example of Biden’s duplicity. I sincerely doubt his allegiance to anything greater than himself. His character is rife with examples of this. His problem isn’t his lack of intelligence - it’s his self-serving character!

  • Joseph D Hedrick

    01/12/2023 06:39 PM

    Governor Huckabee
    The trouble with all this is that no one is going to see the inside of a jail cell, let alone get tried for treason and that is exactly what should happen. But the powers to be are to intertwined for that to ever happen! Term limits is the only answer and that probably will never happen!

    Joe H