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January 6, 2023

President Biden is expected to FINALLY visit our southern border this Sunday for the first time since taking office. But critics are concerned that the visit will be a political smokescreen. They’re demanding that it not be one of those “ten minutes on the tarmac” visits, but that Biden be given a real tour of the border, talk to the border agents, and be forced to look at the national security and humanitarian disaster that his policies have created. I guess they hope it will have a similar corrective effect to rubbing a puppy’s nose in its own mess and saying, “BAD dog!”But I can’t imagine Biden’s handlers allowing that to happen. I’m sure they realize what a PR disaster that would be. Still, he’ll have to say something, and anytime Biden opens his mouth in public, there’s the potential for disaster. In fact, it already happened during a planned, scripted speech announcing his upcoming visit to the border. Imagine the historic disaster that Biden has created at our southern border. Now, put all that chaos and incompetence into the form of a speech, and you have an idea of how well Biden’s speech about the border
At the link, Mary Chastain of the Legal Insurrection blog offers a stunning collection of quotes and clips, from Biden called Kamala Harris “President Harris” (again) to him getting the name of Customs and Border Protection wrong, to him thinking we can replace Title 42 with Title 9 (or Title 8, whatever), to him comparing the economic migrants flowing into the US to Jews fleeing the Holocaust, to him saying that 20,000 pounds of fentanyl is “enough to kill as many as 1,000 people.” It could actually kill 4.5 billion people.And that’s before we even get into his baffling new plan to let impoverished people risk the dangerous trek to the US border, then somehow apply for entry using a new government app on their cell phones. As Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up.But as crazy as all that is, it sounds like a lecture from Albert Einstein compared to Biden’s attempt to blame the illegal immigration crisis on…brace yourselves…Republicans, who are allegedly preventing him from fixing the problem. You know, the one he created. The one he continues to sue states over when they try to do anything to stop it. Those darn Republicans!!
Someone needs to fetch a big butterfly net, and I don’t mean to catch illegal border crossers with. 

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