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January 6, 2023

President Biden is expected to FINALLY visit our southern border this Sunday for the first time since taking office. But critics are concerned that the visit will be a political smokescreen. They’re demanding that it not be one of those “ten minutes on the tarmac” visits, but that Biden be given a real tour of the border, talk to the border agents, and be forced to look at the national security and humanitarian disaster that his policies have created. I guess they hope it will have a similar corrective effect to rubbing a puppy’s nose in its own mess and saying, “BAD dog!”But I can’t imagine Biden’s handlers allowing that to happen. I’m sure they realize what a PR disaster that would be. Still, he’ll have to say something, and anytime Biden opens his mouth in public, there’s the potential for disaster. In fact, it already happened during a planned, scripted speech announcing his upcoming visit to the border. Imagine the historic disaster that Biden has created at our southern border. Now, put all that chaos and incompetence into the form of a speech, and you have an idea of how well Biden’s speech about the border
At the link, Mary Chastain of the Legal Insurrection blog offers a stunning collection of quotes and clips, from Biden called Kamala Harris “President Harris” (again) to him getting the name of Customs and Border Protection wrong, to him thinking we can replace Title 42 with Title 9 (or Title 8, whatever), to him comparing the economic migrants flowing into the US to Jews fleeing the Holocaust, to him saying that 20,000 pounds of fentanyl is “enough to kill as many as 1,000 people.” It could actually kill 4.5 billion people.And that’s before we even get into his baffling new plan to let impoverished people risk the dangerous trek to the US border, then somehow apply for entry using a new government app on their cell phones. As Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up.But as crazy as all that is, it sounds like a lecture from Albert Einstein compared to Biden’s attempt to blame the illegal immigration crisis on…brace yourselves…Republicans, who are allegedly preventing him from fixing the problem. You know, the one he created. The one he continues to sue states over when they try to do anything to stop it. Those darn Republicans!!
Someone needs to fetch a big butterfly net, and I don’t mean to catch illegal border crossers with. 

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  • Bill Daley

    01/10/2023 04:57 PM

    Too LITTLE , Too LATE !


    01/09/2023 10:19 AM

    Why is the email with your newsletter rife with advertisements apparently from "Revenue Stripe" that is blocked and determined to be a dangerous site?

    Do you not vet the advertisers? I find similar issues with several conservative sites and emails.

    Makes me wonder who conservatives are in bed with.

    I believe in conservative principles and ideals but see a lot of (too) far right influence accompanying true conservative communications.

  • Liz Gentry

    01/09/2023 08:53 AM

    Good Morning, Mike,
    I am so glad McCarthy was elected as Speaker. I also believe the clearing of the migrants for Biden's visit was planned. We, as Americans, have so much responsibility to keep America safe and the border must be closed.
    Thank You, Liz

  • Trevor Dupuy

    01/09/2023 12:01 AM

    I have left a couple of messages for you regarding your unfair, inaccurate, premature judgement of what was going on with the 20 House members who held up McCarthy's move to become Speaker. Without even reading my comments, you must realize by now that your analysis was dead wrong from the start. If you are the person I think and pray you are, you will issue a major public apology to those 20 heroes of principle that you smeared.

  • Dean Slade

    01/08/2023 11:23 PM

    Biden in El Paso
    Similar to Obama but worse
    No immigration reform during first 2 years when they had total control
    Then they try to do something when Republicans control the House.
    Then they blame Republicans when nothing happens.

  • Jane Alexander

    01/08/2023 09:37 PM

    Yes, I believe it will be a political smokescree, but why now. Could it e connected the success of the Republican Party elections?

  • Jack macdonald

    01/08/2023 07:33 PM

    Taking an oath to defend the country and the constitution and then allowing cartels and terrorists to endanger U.S. Citizens constitutes treason let alone an impeachable offense. This man is a clear and present danger to us all. He should be in Gitmo to send a signal that laws mean something.

    If his policies cause thousands of fentanyl deaths, it seems that would warrant some concern beyond merely mentioning it in the media. It might also be suggested that if you don't use drugs you probably could avoid them causing your death. Finally, since dealing these drugs causes people to die, much the same as being killed by a gun, perhaps the death penalty might be in order.

  • Ed Thompson

    01/08/2023 07:07 PM

    Joe Biden is coming to town—- hurry and clean the place up, hide everything and put everyone somewhere else out of sight or Joe and the head of Homeland Security might actually SEE WHATS WRONG WITH EVERYTHING THEY HAVE BEEN DOING!!! From what I saw on the news he might as well be visiting Wellsboro Pa and going to the Pa Grand Canyon! ElPaso has been scrubbed clean with buses filled with illegal aliens shipped out and others hidden in shelters away from anything they might see. I can hear it all now, “Mr President, what did you see at the border in Texas? I saw nothing wrong or bad or anything, right? The Republicans are lying about everything “. Now where’s my Icecream? I had to fly the plane myself!

  • Mary Angeline Bell

    01/08/2023 06:53 PM

    I have watched in a federal courtroom as a line of people stood before a judge. They were immigrants and had passed a 25-question test on the constitution. They took a loyalty oath, and then each received a small flag and that very important naturalization paper declaring them American citizens. Some of these people were refugees from Communism or other harsh conditions. They had been through hardships and waiting periods to come to this moment. It was humbling to me to think that the rights and privileges which they were just then receiving, I had at birth. I did not choose where to be born, but I knew that my American citizenship puts a responsibility upon me. What a contrast to what we are seeing now on our southern border. Oh, yes, there is a humanitarian issue. Some people are fleeing harsh conditions. But the human traffickers and the drug traffickers are out of control. I'm horrified by the tons of fentanyl pouring in. My pastor and his wife lost a 24-year-old son to fentanyl almost two years ago. And a number of those illegals have contributed to the spike in crime in our major cities. I love my country and I'm sick of those who are tearing it down.

  • Lee Carlson

    01/08/2023 06:02 PM

    Being an oilman from Tulsa I am well aware what this President is doing to this country. Thought his VP ie Pres was suppose to be in charge of the boarder. All I can say I hope we can survive 2 more yrs of the worst Pres my life time