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January 13, 2023

Time once again to spin the Big Wheel of Random Racism and see what’s racist today! There it goes!  And it comes to a stop…on…..”Brownies!” Mark it down, Brownies are now racist!

To be clear, they mean the name given to the youngest members of girl groups like the Girl Scouts, not the delicious chocolatey baked goods, although I’m sure we’ll also soon learn that those are racist, too. The Canadian Girl Guides group is doing away with the name “Brownies” because they claim it was somehow causing girls to experience racism, and don’t be surprised if today’s ultra-woke Girl Scouts USA follows suit.

For the record, the term “Brownies” has been used for over a century and has zero to do with race or skin color. Indeed, girls of all races and skin colors are called “Brownies.” The name was taken from English folklore and refers to fairies who secretly help people do household chores. 

There’s also a term from folklore for people who spend all their time hunting for innocuous things to complain about so they can feed their addiction to power and attention by getting people to knuckle under to their ridiculous complaints. They’re called “trolls.” The proper response to them is to laugh in their faces and ignore them. Anyone who does that deserves brownie points.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to go eat a chocolate brownie before those are banned, too.