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January 23, 2023



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Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

James 1:12 KJV

1. Must-Read

The media haven’t covered this much since it undermines their pet naratives, but at the end of December, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Adams vs. School Board of St. Johns County struck down the insane claim that the Title IX ban on sex discrimination allows people who simply claim to “identify” as the opposite sex to use their bathrooms and showers.

This article explains why this case is monumentally important to returning sanity to our schools, why another court ruling that supported the “gender identity” claim was wrong, and how the clash between the two rulings will force the Supreme Court to accept the appeal, and – we hope and pray – finally reestablish biological reality as part of US law.


2. Scary hack exposes FBI’s incompetence

By Mike Huckabee

As if the FBI didn’t already have two black eyes for the way it’s been so clearly corrupted and politicized, now its reputation for competence is also under siege.

Last week, a Swiss hacker known as “maia arson crimew” posted a blog entry allegedly showing how she easily hacked into an unsecure server controlled by the U.S. national airline CommuteAir. Within half an hour, she was able to obtain info on their crew members, including security credentials that let her access the TSA/FBI “No Fly List” with 1.5 million names on it, including aliases that various terrorists might be flying under.

That link includes CommuteAir's response, which seems pretty lame (that was a “development server” with no customer info on it, the list was outdated because it was from 2019, etc.) The hacker is described as a leftist and anti-capitalist who was previously indicted for conspiracy, wire fraud and identity theft for allegedly hacking dozens of companies and government entities and posting the data online.

CommuteAir was previously hacked in November, and the hacker mocked them, writing, “Even the fact that they had already been hacked before apparently wasn’t enough for them to really invest in (cybersecurity.)  And that really just shows like where the priorities lie. I just hope they maybe learned their lesson the second time.” Don't count on that. 

Our federal security agencies seem to have lost sight of their core mission when they’re being lectured on their incompetence by indicted hackers. At least the bright side is that this came out during the WEF gathering in Davos, providing the public with one more timely reminder of why it’s a very bad idea to put your faith and trust in self-proclaimed government experts.  

3. Ruh Roh: Biden resubmits his blocked judicial nominees

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s a strong drink of medicine for any Republicans who didn’t bother to vote in 2022 to keep the Senate from slipping from a 50-50 tie to 51-49 Democrat because “it didn’t make any difference.” President Biden is now resubmitting his judicial nominees that were procedurally blocked by Republicans for being leftwing activists who are lenient on violent criminals. And now, it will be much easier for them to get onto the bench for life.

Here are some quotes from Chuck Schumer that I hope will burn themselves into your memory before the 2024 elections:

"The practical effects of the 51-seat majority, it's big. It's significant. It gives us a bridge. We can breathe a sigh of relief…Obviously, judges and nominees will be a lot easier to put on the bench. We are so proud of our record with judges. It's one of the most significant things, maybe the most even of things we've done…It's been amazing how Republicans have been able to use the 50-50 Senate to procedurally hold up so many appointments. It's going to be a lot quicker, swifter and easier." 

Memo specifically to voters in Philadelphia who helped put Dem rubberstamp vote John Fetterman in the Senate and bring this about, even as you are suffering a historic violent crime wave thanks to your leftist D.A.:

Nobody else in America wants to hear any complaints from you about the violence by criminals that leftist officials keep setting free when you just enabled the confirmation of leftist judges who will keep doing that for the rest of their lives – which thanks to their court rulings are likely to be longer than yours.

4. Presidential race is heating up

By Mike Huckabee

I hate even to bring this up when we’re still in the first month of 2023, but the 2024 Presidential race is already getting rolling and potential contenders are inflating trial balloons, like Nikki Haley…

And Joe Manchin!

I always warn people to beware of polls taken well before elections, and this is the ultimate example, but a new Harvard-Harris Poll shows that Trump has taken a clear 5-point lead over Biden (46-41%, but the questions are how would the undecideds break, and between those two, who in the world is still undecided?)

DeSantis also leads Biden but not by as much, which I have to assume means a lot of people haven't been paying attention to how well Florida is run compared to Biden’s smoldering DC dumpster fire. The poll also shows Trump as the clear GOP primary frontrunner, with a 20-point lead over DeSantis. This is why I expect Biden’s DOJ to try to find something, anything, to indict Trump for, even if it’s something Biden did and worse. I also expect that it won’t make much difference to Republican voters, who will see it as more political dirty tricks by a federal agency whose credibility is not merely down the toilet, it’s halfway to the sewage processing plant by now.

Finally, some analysis by Dick Morris that takes factors into account that most half-informed talking heads aren’t even aware of, like how the number of primary candidates might benefit or harm Trump, the impact of the GOP base’s anger at Mitch McConnell, and Florida’s “resign to run” law that would require DeSantis to step down as Governor to run for President.

5. More Chinese intrigue surrounding Biden documents

By Mike Huckabee

Obama-era top-secret documents taken by then-outgoing VP Joe Biden are known to have been sent to an interim location --- reportedly in the Chinatown neighborhood of Washington DC --- before being moved to Biden's office at the Penn Biden Center.  The PBC, as you know, was funded by the University of Pennsylvania, which in turn had received about $50 million from the Chinese.

As reported by Maria Bartiromo on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES, the move of secret files and boxes in 2017 was overseen by Cathy Chung, an aide to Vice President Biden who’d been recommended for the job by Hunter Biden (!!!).  So far, it seems no one has even found of picture her.

The U.K. DAILY MAIL describes her as “a behind the scenes operative who previously worked for Democratic senators and is now deputy director of protocol for Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin...She turned up in the news on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, after she cc’d him [Hunter] at his Rosemont Seneca Partners firm on an email containing phone numbers for the Clintons, senators and most of the Obama cabinet.”  Mike Flynn and Mollie Hemingway were raising questions about her in 2020.  Here’s the story at AMERICAN THINKER.

The House Oversight Committee chairman, Kentucky Rep. James Comer, said, “I think most Americans would be shocked if they saw how many connections the Biden family has to people directly affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.”   He can no longer accept what the President said about this misplacement of documents being “inadvertent.”

“It’s gone from being just simply irresponsible to downright scary,” Comer said.  “And with the involvement of Biden’s personal attorneys, it seems to be not only an influence-peddling scheme but a cover-up,” and a risk to national security.  Even though the White House is not cooperating, he said, and the DOJ has used a newly-appointed special counsel to clamp the lid on information, “there are plenty of other sources,” he said, including the 150 bank records flagged as suspicious.  (We’ve pointed out the huge problems with this special counsel.)  And they’re formally requesting the Secret Service to give them “any type of correspondence” that would help them determine who might have had access to those documents.

According to Comer, they already have records showing Hunter was doing “consulting work” for others who were getting “million-dollar payments directly from the CCP into THEIR accounts.”

This is easy to track, he said.  “Investigating Hunter --- the Biden family --- is about like tracking a bleeding bear through a snowstorm.”  Evidence abounds that they’ve been peddling influence for decades.

Biden documents were sent to another university as well.  “There are are 1,850 BOXES and several hundred electronic documents that Biden transferred to the University of DELAWARE, "according to Newt Gingrich.  "I don’t know that anybody has begun to look through those boxes, which were theoretically sealed, but you need to look at them to find out, are there any classified documents [there]?  No one knows who’s given money to the University of Delaware, how much money they’ve given; they have a Biden Center just like the University of Pennsylvania.”

“I really do believe these are ‘the Sopranos,’” Gingrich said.  “I think part of the reason Chairman Comer is gonna have a really hard time is they have no interest in cooperating.”  And they’re aided and abetted by the Justice Department and FBI, who have, he said, “a level of corruption unprecedented in American history at the most senior levels...The corruption’s there, it’s been there at least since the middle of the George W. Bush administration...They have total contempt for the rule of law...”  

If you were the White House chief of staff, wouldn’t this seem like a great time to step down?  But Ron Klain maintains that the timing of his exit has nothing to do with the Biden classified documents scandal.  We wouldn’t be surprised, though, if he knew what was going on behind the scenes within the Democrat Party and the media (but I repeat myself) to take Biden down and were just getting out of the way.  At this writing, it’s being reported that Jeff Zients --- head of Biden’s COVID response team; oh, no --- is Klain’s replacement, but another aide said to be on the “short list” was Anita Dunn, the White House’s “crisis PR specialist.”  She also happens to be married to Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer, and the two of them were in on discussions from the start on how to handle the classified documents matter.  (How convenient:  he's got attorney-client privilege, and what he tells her is hearsay.)

If you wonder how the media get their specific verbiage to parrot, such as “Trump was HOARDING documents,” “Biden’s possession of documents was INADVERTENT,” and the Biden team is COOPERATING,” they likely come from Anita Dunn.  She apparently helped come up with the phrase “ultra-MAGA.”  Maybe she should’ve advised Biden not to repeat it so much that it became a joke.

This article at HOT AIR is a must-read look at what went into the Biden advisers’ decision to handle the documents scandal as they did, keeping a lid on it.  According to THE NEW YORK TIMES, “Dunn was adamant that the White House should keep the public information flow to a trickle and focus instead on how different Mr. Biden’s case was from the broader investigation into his predecessor.”  This approach is unusual among PR professionals, who usually like to get out in front of a story.  Also, Dunn put out the message that Biden was to be viewed as cooperative while Trump was seen as defiant.  Never mind that this was a distortion.

Dunn “kept it out of the news for a couple of months,” HOT AIR observes, “but it still got out and when it did, the White House winds up looking very shifty in keeping it quiet for so long.”

Of course, you can’t keep a story like this quiet unless you have the cooperation of the DOJ, which, of course, they had.

Documents keep turning up, though, including six more from Biden’s residence on Friday, some of which date from his time as a senator.  They must have carbon-dated them.  I always assumed Biden’s early documents from the Senate were cave pictures.

So now Bob Bauer is having to admit Biden took classified documents home even when he was a senator.

Jonathan Turley’s new column illustrates WHY most PR professionals to try to stay ahead of the story.  Turley makes it clear that Biden should not have started out using the word “inadvertent,” as it’s becoming impossible to make that case.

Yet another document, this one discovered not on paper but in Hunter’s laptop, provides “smoking gun” evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in one of Hunter’s deals with the Chinese company CEFC, this one involving $25 million.  Attorney Bob Fenet emailed Hunter and Joe’s brother Jim to say he’d set up “a call from Joe Biden and Hunter Biden on Monday morning to discuss the purchase of the 5 million tons of gas.”

Wow, 5 million tons of gas.  That’s almost as much gas as we’ve heard in the past two weeks from the Biden White House.

One likely quid pro quo was Biden's abrupt shutdown of the China Initiative, which had been intended to investigate Chinese espionage and their theft of American intellectual property.  POLITICO reported this in February 2022, but it’s shocking when seen in light of what we know today about the Bidens and the Chinese.

Finally, this commentary from Wayne Allyn Root reads a lot like what we might say ourselves.  Just read the headline and you will see why.


RELATED STORY:  Speaking of a ‘Justice’ Department that prefers to hide important details, here’s an update on a story that’s never left our minds.  They’ve just admitted that when Robert Mueller said Seth Rich hadn’t been involved in the Russia Collusion email scandal, the FBI hadn’t even looked at Rich’s work laptop.

This news was released Friday night in the typical “document dump” designed to discourage media attention.  (Not that most media would have given it any.)  They admit that CrowdStrike performed the only review of Seth Rich’s laptop and that the FBI never examined the contents.  Apparently, they relied strictly on the three-page report from CrowdStrike and never investigated it themselves.  What?

EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell in Late Friday FBI Data Dump - MUELLER Claimed Seth Rich Not Involved in Russia Collusion Email Scandal Without Ever Examining Rich's Work Laptop


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  • Gary Conner

    01/29/2023 03:29 PM

    Thanks for the input on Biden! It continues to astonish me the corruptness of Biden and what his lack for the law! He is not above the law and just shows his overall incompitence!

  • Jerry

    01/24/2023 09:42 AM

    If America wants crime stopped start with the WH occupants and work your way thru the Agencies find the corruption prosecute and deliver to Getmo today. If The US wants to help other countries fight against the trouble makers on the planet yes I say do it however whatever the cost the US spends it gets productive land and entitlements to natural resources. And we do not get involved unless we eliminate the problem long term. Biden can not handle this nor will his handlers they will fight against the US as Russia China Iran and the North Korea are doing today. Americans you elected official to destroy America and turn it into the dump our cities are experiencing today I will be long gone when total ruin will happen my only regret to you is I will have family left to endure this Government. This government is what will destroy you and only you can prevent total ruin elect conservatives or be swallowed up by the swamp a land of quick sand and evil creatures.

  • ken moore

    01/23/2023 09:05 PM

    illegal immigrants send all of them to delaware use train box cars with 300 boxcars in each train load move them to delaware illegal is illegal why should i have to obey our laws why do i need to pay tax to support the crazies

  • Anne Turner

    01/23/2023 08:56 PM

    There again rules only apply to the little people, like most of America. When my husband was working for a government contractor and he had classified documents on his desk, he had to ask an office mate to watch them when he took a couple of minutes to go to the bathroom. At one point he had a special clearance and he had to inform them we were flying over Cuba on our way to a cruise ship and the countries we would be visiting. Once on a military base there was a meeting in a car so as to guard the discussion. When I worked for a government contractor even certain admin things on certain contracts were done in a lead lined locked room. The Biden’s then, and now, do as they please, when they please, as do the Clintons and most likely the Obamas. I wouldn’t take bets on any of the Biden’s taking responsibility for anything or bearing the consequences. No doubt the FBI is “ too big to fail”. Basically they will get away with all this because most people don’t want to care.