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January 10, 2023



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Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Psalms 16:11


1. Epic Day

By Mike Huckabee

Today is a pretty epic day for the Huckabee family.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders, youngest of our 3 children, becomes the 47th Governor of Arkansas today at noon in a swearing in ceremony on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol.  There is no way to fully express the range of emotions I’m personally feeling watching her enter her service in an office that I had the privilege of working in for just short of 11 years.  Her move with her family to the Arkansas Governor's Mansion will mark a return to the home in which she spent a lot of her adolescent years learning places to hide.  Her 3 children will try the same stunts, no doubt, but they don’t have a chance!  She already knows where all the great hiding places are!  

Her becoming Governor is historic in that it marks the first time in American history that a daughter has followed her father in a Governor’s Office.  She is the first woman to be elected Governor in our state.  But I believe the real history is yet to be written as she will bring vision, bold ideas, and a great team of quality people to the office.  Above all, it’s my fervent prayer that she takes one piece of advice from her Dad:  “Never forget who your boss is!”  It’s not the donors who helped get you there.  It’s not the lobbyists, the legislators, the staff, or the press (certainly not!).  It’s the citizens of the state who maybe didn’t vote for you, couldn’t afford to contribute to your campaign, or have a thing they can do for you.  No matter how they dress, what they do for a living, where they live, or how much education they have or don’t have, THEY are your bosses.  Serve them.  Love them.  Pray for them daily."

She enters with a servant’s heart and the heart of a Mom.  I’m proud of all 3 of my children, but today, it’s her special day to celebrate with her incredible husband Bryan, their 3 children Scarlett, Huck, and George, and thousands of friends from across the nation.  And her parents celebrate with her!

Wish Sarah well! Leave her a comment here.

2. FDA, WHITE HOUSE pushed social media to censor individuals

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, we offered a preview of Alex Berenson’s upcoming report from the “Twitter Files,” gleaned from information that Twitter CEO Elon Musk has made available to a handful of independent journalists. Last night, Berenson appeared on Tucker Carlson’s FOX NEWS show.

Berenson had just written on Substack about former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb now being on the board of Pfizer, “which obviously has an enormous financial interest in the vaccines,” as he told Tucker on Tuesday. He said Gottlieb personally was pressuring Twitter to suppress individuals. (Aside: There seems to be as much of a revolving door between the FDA and pharmaceutical companies as there is between the ‘Justice’ Department and Democrat law firm Latham & Watkins.) Dr. Gottlieb apparently didn’t just call for Twitter to suppress Berenson, but also even to silence his own successor as acting head of the FDA, Dr. Brett Giroir. Both Drs. Gottlieb and Giroir had been Trump administration appointees.

“That’s how much Scott Gottlieb and Pfizer didn’t want discussion of of the vaccines,” Berenson said. (At the time of this writing late Monday night, Pfizer had yet to respond to anything being revealed in the “Twitter Files.”)

When Gottlieb would hit a trouble spot in his quest for content moderation, Berenson explained, he’d go to a senior lobbyist in Twitter’s Washington office named Todd O’Boyle. O’Boyle must’ve been extremely busy and perhaps at times felt quite put upon, because when the White House wanted to censor something or someone, they’d go to him, too.

Berenson sees this as evidence of “overlap” between Pfizer and the White House, in their common goal of creating the phony appearance of a scientific consensus to discourage vaccine hesitancy.

Berenson is suing Pfizer, Gottlieb, the White House and others, viewing his lawsuit as, “I think, a unique opportunity, assuming I can survive the motion to dismiss, to actually see how the company and the White House were talking in the summer of 2021, as the vaccines were clearly beginning to fail for those of us who were paying attention.”

He stressed again that access to the “Twitter Files” isn’t just a matter of one big data dump he and his colleagues can go through. “It’s an iterative process where we’re questioning Twitter about what’s in there, and they’re coming back to us with answers.” He said that in a couple of weeks, this process will have revealed much about Dr. Fauci and “everything else.”

Elon Musk has already commented on Berenson’s report about Gottlieb. Referring to the above-described “overlap,” Musk tweeted Monday that “Some conspiracies are actually true.” Zing.

Here’s one standout example: Dr. Gottlieb saw a tweet he didn’t like about the vaccine, which was that natural immunity after COVID infection was superior to vaccine protection. As Berenson describes this tweet, “It called on the White House to ‘follow the science’ and exempt people with natural immunity from upcoming vaccine mandates.” But this particular tweet happened to have come from Dr. Giroir, Gottlieb’s successor at the FDA! And Dr. Giroir had even encouraged those without natural immunity to get vaccinated.

This wasn’t good enough for Gottlieb, who went to Twitter lobbyist O’Boyle about the “corrosive” post.

As David Zweig at THE ATLANTIC has reported, another doctor whose tweets caught the eyes of Twitter moderators was Harvard Medical School epidemiologist Dr. Martin Kulldorff, who had dared to tweet in answer to a question that young people who had already been exposed to COVID did not need to be vaccinated. “COVID vaccines are important for older high-risk people, and their care-takers. Those with prior infection do not need it. Nor children.” Internal emails at Twitter showed an “intent to action” by a moderator, saying Kulldorff had violated Twitter’s “misinformation” policy (!) by sharing “false information.” They went on to label it as such, merely because it differed from CDC guidelines (which were presumed, often falsely, to be correct). All replies and ‘likes’ were shut off, preventing the tweet from being seen by many people.

Never mind that Dr. Kulldorff was a top expert in his field. He had contradicted some leftist Twitter content moderators whose job included censoring valid scientific opinion between their yoga sessions and wine breaks.

Becker also included the story we brought you yesterday about the Twitter accounts of fake ER doctors driving fear of COVID death. Some of these fictional "doctors" even supported draconian Chinese-style lockdowns. (From November 27: “Come on china! Stop protesting. I wish we had similar lockdown measures here.”) As Becker concluded, “Twitter’s manufacturing of a ‘COVID consensus’ by allowing fake accounts pushing misinformation to flourish, while suppressing experts who held scientifically valid positions, goes beyond editorial malpractice. It did immense damage to the medical profession by undermining the scientific method and the public policy process.”


RELATED: The Biden White House, particularly Andrew Slavitt, Biden’s COVID-19 “czar,” apparently took an active role in getting Facebook to censor people they didn’t like, including Tucker Carlson, who critically examined the push for people to get vaccinated after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was temporarily paused out of concern about blood clots. This is the video they were having a cow over…

This story is coming out not as part of the “Twitter Files” but during the discovery phase of an ongoing lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri, who make the wild and crazy allegation that the Biden administration improperly worked with and pressured social media companies to suppress speech.

Documents unearthed for this lawsuit show that Facebook actually refused multiple calls to permanently delete Tucker’s video, even after the White House insinuated that their lack of cooperation had contributed to the January 6 riots. I am not kidding. Slavitt wrote darkly to an unidentified Facebook staffer that “...the last time we did this dance, it ended in an insurrection.”

I never imagined I’d be saying this, but Facebook deserves credit where it is due for refusing the government’s strong-arm tactics to get that video permanently removed. Details of what Slavitt referred to as “this dance” –- what many would call a dance with the devil –- are at the DAILY CALLER.


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3. Sad news

By Mike Huckabee

I am very saddened to have to report that Lynette Hardaway, best known as Diamond in the team of Diamond and Silk, has died at 51.

The cause of death was not revealed, but she had reportedly been released recently from the hospital after suffering a serious COVID infection. Her family described her as a “True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity.” That story includes a link to a GiveSendGo account set up for a memorial fund that will go to her sister, Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson (“Silk”.) It also has former President Trump’s heartfelt tribute to her.

The two African-American sisters became surprise Internet celebrities in 2016 as early enthusiastic supporters of Trump for President. Their blunt honesty, clear-eyed conservative values and hilarious commentary on politics were a refreshing blast of reality, blowing away the smug, racist assumption that all black Americans are required to be Democrats. They became beloved by millions without the aid of PR agents or Hollywood backing, but purely on the irresistible force of their personalities, which also made them superstar guests at Trump rallies. The social media giants tried to censor them, but they refused to be silenced.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies and prayers to Lynette’s sister and all of her family. She was truly a diamond. Here’s one of my favorite interviews ever, when Diamond and Silk visited me on “Huckabee” in 2018. Just listen to that audience reaction when they walk out, and you’ll hear how much the people loved them.


4. CORRECTED: Governor Greg Abbott meets Biden at the border

By Mike Huckabee

Sunday, President Biden finally visited the Texas border to view the disaster his open border immigration policies have caused. But the Democrat officials in El Paso made sure his photo op wasn’t spoiled by anything ugly, like reality. They cleaned up the streets and emptied the migrant camps in advance of his visit, to make sure that the tragic results of his policies were hidden from public view. Both a volunteer worker and a local reporter used the same phrase to describe it: “A dog and pony show.”

Local officials claimed that was a purely coincidental, regularly-scheduled clean-up, but that seems suspicious, considering it was done under cover of darkness. has some before-and-after photos, showing the crowds, squalor and trash before, and the sparkling clean, depopulated movie set created after Biden scheduled his visit. That visit lasted only three hours, so brief that some critics are derisively calling it a “drive-by” or a “hit-and-run.” Even so, for all the bearing it had on the reality of our border situation, Biden might as well have held it in the Mexico section of Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World" ride.  

Biden even posed for photos in front of a border wall, after shutting down construction on Trump’s wall and calling it “racist.” And he posed with border agents, but never apologized for falsely accusing them of whipping migrants.

At least Texas Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t play along with the political theater. In a meeting with Biden, he hand-delivered a letter, telling him that Texas had gone from historically low illegal immigration under Trump to “the worst illegal immigration in the history of our country” under Biden. He called Biden’s trip “$20 billion too little and two years too late” and called on him to “do his constitutional duty to protect our nation.”

You can read the letter in full here:

I wouldn’t look for it at any liberal media outlets. They probably won’t report it, and you’ll just get that “It’s a Small World” song stuck in your head.  

Related: While President Biden is sending out ludicrous tweets of him posing in front of a racist border wall and calling on everyone to work together to solve our broken immigration system that he broke, some experts are warning that this is all just a pretext for his Administration to announce a plan for mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens that he’s let into the US.


5. From Our “Oops!” File

By Mike Huckabee

After Democrats literally made a federal case out of President Trump having documents marked “classified” at Mar-A-Lago (seized in an outrageous and unprecedented raid on a former President’s home), it was reported Monday that a batch of documents from Joe Biden’s time as Vice President, including classified documents, had been found in the offices of the Penn Biden Center, a pro-Biden think tank.

Yes, that would be the same Joe Biden who excoriated Trump (“How could anyone be so irresponsible?”) for having those documents in his home, where they were guarded by both private security and the Secret Service, and not in some office where anyone could access them. Incidentally, this was known several days before the November elections, yet we’re just now hearing about it. Hmmm…

It’s been quite entertaining to watch liberal talking heads who wanted Trump put in the electric chair for mishandling classified documents (none of which turned out to be anything particularly important, at least as far it’s been reported) now do a U-turn and either ignore this story completely or else offer excuse after excuse for why this is totally, TOTALLY different from that horrible Trump scandal. Bonchie at has some fun pointing out their situational ethics.

I’ll help them by pointing out a real difference: Trump was President and had the unquestionable power to declassify any documents he wanted. Biden was Vice President and could only declassify documents from his own office or those he classified himself.  

Margot Cleveland at the Federalist also points out a key difference, but it’s not one that will help Biden’s case: National Archives bureaucrats worked with Obama and Biden to let them keep their documents in locations chosen by them while deliberately targeting Trump for doing the same.

With Republicans demanding to know when the FBI is going to stage a raid of Biden’s various homes and offices to search for classified documents, Attorney General Merrick Garland put a Trump-appointed U.S. attorney in charge of investigating the Biden documents. Do I expect anything at all to come of this? No. But it just became a lot harder for the Biden DOJ to trump up that nothingburger of a case against Trump without facing charges of not only being political enforcers but also gigantic hypocrites.


Related: Trump weighs in on the excuses being made for Biden, and Rep. James Comer, the new Chair of the House Oversight Committee, says he will be looking into it as well (just in case the DOJ is thinking about sweeping this under the rug.)

6. A very good profile of Sarah

By Mike Huckabee

This is a very good profile of my daughter Sarah and her agenda as the incoming Governor of Arkansas. I’m sure she’ll be pleased that it not only mentions she’s the first female Governor of the state, but she’s also now the youngest Governor in America.


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  • Connie S Eggen

    01/10/2023 04:10 PM

    Congrats to daughter Sarah!

    Boo on all of Biden and his dirty actions!

    Too bad the same 'investigators', who went after Trump so heartily, couldn't give at least a 10th of the same effort to out the dirt from Biden's past and present!

  • Jerry

    01/10/2023 04:04 PM

    I am thrilled to see Sarah as the the next Governor, I watched her during the WH Press releases was a pleasure watching with elegance take on the the ruthless scum that represents our scum MSM. She is tough gracious and just a great person. Sincere Congrats to all. Well done MOM and DAD. The duel of Diamond and Silk are a favorite of mine and will be missed as I have missed them during this unfit President'z regime. I viewed the Wall, dumb dumb biden was standing by in ElPaso and guess what NO MIGRANTS climbing or sneaking thru, dumb dumb proved Trump correct walls work. Biden always looks out of place when on TV although biden did make a thought full statement that American tax dollars are sent around the world to help people and other agendas. Must of read them from his notes as pre scripted. The photo operation for biden on the border was just another disaster proves that this Fool can only fool the Fools.

  • ken moore

    01/10/2023 03:01 PM

    illegal immigration holding reserve should be in delaware while other actions be considerated not in southern border stated i say send em to delaware until thier status be considered if the wall is not finished

  • sheryl titone

    01/10/2023 01:58 PM

    MAZEL TOV TO THE HUCKABEE/SANDERS FAMILY!! I wish I lived in Arkansas!!

  • stephen russell

    01/10/2023 11:56 AM

    Honoring Diamond & Silk:
    Events Center
    Arts School

    For home state, area