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January 26, 2023



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But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

John 1:12 KJV


1. Kari Lake update

By Mike Huckabee

UPDATE on Kari Lake’s lawsuit over the Maricopa County, Arizona, election debacle. Lake’s team released what they say is blockbuster new evidence that in a race she supposedly lost by only 17,000 votes, nearly a quarter of a million ballots were rejected in Maricopa County on Election Day. (FYI: I can’t tell from this whether the ballots were rejected or misread by tabulators and later counted.) Also, they released examples showing ballots with voter signatures that obviously don’t match those on file and said there are nearly 40,000 with the same issue. Details at the link. Stay tuned, this isn't over…


2. Leftists are on the wrong side of history

I keep wondering how we got to the point where leftist beliefs are supposedly not only mainstream but the only accepted truth, so that any questioning of them must be silenced as misinformation or sedition. Despite the inexplicable popularity in some quarters of their crazy, divisive, proven failure ideas, the majority of Americans still disagree with them. Tuesday brought news of several new surveys of the public that prove that it’s not you and I who are on “the wrong side of history.”

First up, remember all that balloon juice we heard from Biden, Stacey Abrams, et al, that Georgia’s common sense voter integrity laws were racist voter suppression and “Jim Crow 2.0.?” We all knew that was garbage, and it was proven when record numbers of Georgians, including blacks, voted. That forced Abrams and her acolytes to claim, curiously, that just because many more black people voted than ever before, that still didn’t mean the black vote wasn’t suppressed. That’s one of those statements that I say is not so much a political argument as an IQ test, and they’re hoping you’ll fail and believe it.

Now, the University of Georgia has polled midterm voters, and here’s what they said about the 2022 elections: about 73% of both black and white voters rated their voting experience as “excellent.” When asked if they had any problem voting at all, 99.5% of black voters said no, as did 98.7% of white voters. Zero percent of black voters said they had a poor experience voting.

You probably shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Abrams, Biden and the rest to apologize, retract their slander and reimburse Atlanta businesses for the $100 million or so in lost All Star Game revenues that their slanderous lies caused. That might make it inconvenient for them when they trot out this same false narrative again in 2024. 


Next, despite scare stories about how Republicans are terrorists who are going to destroy America by demanding spending cuts before they raise the debt limit again, an RMG Research poll found that 61% of registered voters agree with the Republicans. That’s the total of 45% who say there should be spending cuts first and 16% who say the debt ceiling just shouldn’t be raised at all. Only 25% agree with the Democrats that the debt ceiling should be raised without cutting spending. Man, I would hate to see their credit card bills!

Finally, if Democrats thought opening the borders and doing away with immigration law enforcement was going to win over Hispanic voters who have been switching to the GOP, they’d better think again. A new Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey found that 63% of voters believe securing our Southern border is essential to national security. Three-quarters think that anyone who entered the US illegally should simply be expelled, and 78.9% of Hispanics agree. Just 14.3% of Americans think that anyone who entered illegally should be granted asylum or citizenship, compared to only 2.8% of Hispanic voters who support that.

This shouldn’t be surprising. I’ve been writing for years that the vast majority of Hispanic-Americans, particularly immigrant citizens, are hard-working, patriotic Americans who really appreciate why this nation is so exceptional. I’ve also written that the most adamant opponent of illegal immigration I ever met was an immigrant from Mexico City. She and her husband spent years following all the rules to become fiercely proud American citizens, and it infuriated her that people thought they could disrespect her adopted homeland by just sneaking across the border and demanding the same rights that she and her husband had worked so hard to earn.

I had a feeling her attitude was a lot more widespread than we’d been led to believe, and this poll proves it.


3. A Math Problem

I’ll confess, math was never my favorite subject in school. But one thing I like about math is that there’s no subjective slant to it. Numbers don’t care what your color or gender is, they don’t care about your feelings, and they don’t bend to make you feel good because your daddy was mean to you. It’s the fairest and most egalitarian subject possible. In math, there are only two answers: correct and incorrect. If a black lesbian comes up with the correct answer to a math problem and a white male doesn’t, guess which one is correct. Math recognizes no identity status victims.

So it’s no wonder that leftists hate math so much. Now, some math professors are trying to convince us that math is racist, sexist and homophobic and must be changed to accommodate all their pet “isms.”

It’s not only ridiculous, it’s also as dangerous as letting wokeism infest medical schools. You wouldn’t let a doctor trained primarily in “social justice” operate on you, and I’ll bet you wouldn’t get on a plane designed by engineers and mathematicians whose educations were corrupted by it, either. But that’s exactly what a math professor at Vanderbilt University wants to do. Warning: you might need an extra-large pooper-scooper to dig your way through all the LGBTQ+++ jargon and double talk this guy spews like a fire hydrant.

Here’s a math problem for you: Tuition and fees for current Vanderbilt freshmen to get a four-year degree will total $256,309. If they get a degree in math from this professor, how many years will they have to work at Starbucks to pay off their student loans?


4. Feel-good story

By Mike Huckabee

 Conservative journalist Bill Robinson revealed on Newsmax that he owes his life to Donald Trump.

Robinson desperately needed a kidney transplant, and with a shortage of donor organs, his chances of survival were low. The waiting list was so long that 33 people a day were dying for lack of donor organs. But then, Trump issued an executive order called “Advancing American Kidney Health” that streamlined and modernized the process for kidney matching and delivery and lowered costs for donors and recipients. It allowed Robinson to obtain a new kidney, and he thanked Trump for him being alive today.

It’s a great story, but I almost hate to tell it. If Biden learns this was a Trump executive order, he’ll probably reverse it.

5. Stop helping us

By Mike Huckabee

One of the benefits of writing about news for a living is that my writers and I see news from all kinds of sources all over the world, and not just the filtered narratives that support a single point of view. That also gives us a big-picture view that helps us spot connections between various stories that other people might miss. 

For instance, California’s leftist leaders keep passing bills that make it harder and harder to run a business, which is why so many employers are fleeing.  But they’re pushing for even more regulations to micro-manage fast food outlets and force owners to pay up to $22 an hour for labor. They don’t seem to care what that would do to profits or food prices. Why would they, since most of them have never run a business?

If you only heard their side of the story, you might think they were really helping the workers. However, we also read this story. See if you can spot any connections:

This is why Ronald Reagan said one of the three biggest lies in history was “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

Speaking of California’s insane leftist politicians, they’ve driven so many productive taxpayers out of the state that they’ve come up with a new scheme to try to keep taxing them even if they move out. They call this making the rich “pay their fair share” and “tax justice.” That’s hardly the term I’d use. Or maybe they just mean they’re planning to tax justice next. I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’ll bet the Eagles didn’t realize when they sang in “Hotel California,” “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave,” that they were writing California tax policy.


6. What McGonigal might know; Biden team anything but "cooperative"

By Mike Huckabee

Most of us had never heard of former FBI agent Charles McGonigal until Monday, when he was indicted by the U.S. attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York for acting as a foreign agent and we saw he might have had ties to the Bidens through CEFC.  But in just a few days, a lot has come out.  Fortunately, legal expert Margot Cleveland has examined what is known and offers a good analysis.

As she describes it, McGonigal wasn’t just any agent working on the sham Crossfire Hurricane investigation --- he was involved in the decision to launch it in the first place.  He was not low-level; he was special agent in charge of the Counterintelligence Division for the New York Field Office.  In fact, then-FBI Director James Comey promoted him to that position after his role in the decision to investigate Trump.  This is another black eye for the FBI, which by now has run out of eyes.

McGonigal was charged, along with interpreter Sergey Shestakov, who is now a U.S. citizen, with conspiring to launder money and with violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, or IEEPA.  Specifically, they did this by violating sanctions imposed on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, taking money for him in exchange for investigating a business rival of his.  Shestakov is also charged with lying to the FBI.

Just an hour later, McGonigal was also charged by the DOJ with making multiple false statements, concealing material facts, and falsifying records or documents, for a total of nine counts.

According to the FBI indictment, they concealed their involvement with Deripaska by communicating through a representative (“Agent 1”).  They’re alleged to have used shell companies to hide the money Deripaska paid them.  McGonigal had first met Agent 1 while still employed at the FBI and went to work for Deripaska after he retired.

The FBI executed search warrants and seized McGonigal and Shestakov’s electronic devices on November 21, 2021, so this investigation has been going on for some time.  McGonigal is now in trouble for receiving large cash payments in return for questionable favors, and for not accurately reporting his financial situation, connections with foreign nationals, and relationships with several unnamed individuals, identified as Persons A, B, C and D.

The apparent tie to Hunter Biden is through Person A, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Albania.  McGonigal accepted $225,000 from him, traveled to Europe with him, and met numerous foreign officials through him.  McGonigal was allegedly the one who suggested the money-making scheme, in August 2017.  He traveled with Person A to Albania, “where he allegedly lobbied the Albanian prime minister on behalf of Person A.”

Cleveland has details of the allegations that McGonigal lobbied prosecutors in New York to open an investigation into a political rival of the Albanian prime minister in February 2018.

According to the Office of the Inspector General’s report on FISA abuse, “dossier” manufacturer Christopher Steele had also done some lobbying for Deripaska in 2016, passing information to DOJ attorney Bruce Ohr to get Ohr to intercede for him on some matter involving a European company.  Yet Steele never registered as a lobbyist under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, or FARA, and has never been charged.

Ohr even called an interagency meeting on December 7, 2016, to advocate working with Deripaska, “and later told a subordinate that the basis for the suggestion was that ‘Steele provided information that the Trump campaign had been corrupted by the Russians,’ and that the corruption went all the way up to President-elect Trump.”  HERE WE GO.  Using that piece-of-garbage “dossier” again.

Cleveland also links to a piece she wrote THREE YEARS AGO about this very meeting that shows how far ahead she was in exposing the scheme to take down President Trump.  (She saw their involvement with Deripaska as part of the strategy to go after Paul Manafort to get to Trump.)  She found details of the meeting about 200 pages into the IG report.  But no one in ‘Justice’ ever did anything with this information.  A fascinating read in light of what we now know…

McGonigal wasn’t mentioned by name in that three-year-old report; he was working behind the scenes in his conversations with Ohr and others.  But now that he’s been indicted and we know he’s capable of being bought, his involvement in the Russia Hoax is extremely troubling.  With the legal trouble he’s in now, though, he might want to cut a deal, and perhaps he has something to offer Special Counsel John Durham, who has yet to issue his final report.  Is his choice of an attorney any clue?  That’s Seth DuCharme, who used to work for...John Durham.

BUSINESS INSIDER had a story about McGonigal in September 2022, reporting that “a former FBI agent who was involved with the investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia during the 2016 election has himself come under scrutiny by federal prosecutors for his ties to Russia and other foreign governments.  (Remember, the FBI got the warrant and took his devices in November 2021.)  Back then, the story received little attention.  Very interesting background.

Until we have a better idea of the content of classified documents found at Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center and, especially, in his home and garage, we won’t know if they reflect Hunter’s activities in Ukraine and with China through CEFC.  Is alleged foreign agent and money launderer Charles McGonigal a part of that?  We don’t yet know, but there does seem to be a connection through Albania and CEFC that needs to be explored.  Did Hunter have access to classified documents in his father’s possession as he solicited and received big money from foreign interests?  We need to know this, and so do the oversight committees.

But on Wednesday, after the Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed by Biden’s Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines (deputy CIA director under Obama) on the classified material held by Biden, Trump and Pence, committee members from both sides of the aisle came out of that meeting frustrated.  No matter how many times Karine Jean-Pierre reads the word “transparent” from her notebook, the Biden team is not being “transparent” at all.  They are NOT “cooperating.”  One would assume that if they could, they would.  Those are just meaningless talking points given to KJP by “crisis” PR specialist Anita Dunn and/or other untrustworthy partisan hacks.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the ranking member on the committee, called Haines’ briefing “very unsatisfying.”  He said the committee is being stonewalled, when the information they want has no bearing on the special counsel investigation and would not interfere with any criminal investigation.

Surprisingly, even the Democrat chairman, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, expressed disappointment in what they were getting from Biden’s team.  “We’re left in limbo until somehow a special counsel designated it’s okay for us to be briefed,” he said.  “And that’s not going to stand.”

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said essentially the same thing.  They can’t wait for the special counsel to investigate, he noted, as that could take “years.”  In the meantime, national security may have been compromised.  So, what to do?  He thought the Senate should inflict “pain” on the administration by slow-walking nominations.

What do you bet Biden chooses the “pain” over coming clean?  Reportedly, the National Archives is stonewalling Kentucky Rep. James Comer’s House Oversight Committee as well.  I wonder what it is the Biden team really, REALLY doesn’t want anybody to see.

Finally, Mark Levin said Wednesday on HANNITY that Biden should be investigated by a federal grand jury.  That was done in Trump’s case even though the Archives knew where his documents were and, as far as Trump knew, they were still negotiating.  In Biden’s case, documents are turning up here, there and everywhere.  Biden needs to be questioned under oath, because “only Joe Biden can tell us how some of these documents wound up where they did.”

Merrick Garland’s DOJ knows it can’t even dip a toe into any investigation of the Bidens, because one email will lead to more and more.  They already know he lied to the American people about his involvement in Hunter’s business, so they just can’t go there.  Great segment…




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  • William P Appelt

    01/26/2023 09:48 PM

    Reading your newsletter further confirms the corruption of the left side of our government. Biden must have put himself in this swamp so deep that he will never find his way out. Age will not help him, but you never know, he may actually have us all fooled, if it is not age, it is obvious evidence of nothing less than the ultimate evil we have been fearing about. Thinking about "Left Behind" series and all that while writing that last sentence, scary? Either way, he is not alone, the others are jumping in to do damage. Hobbs, playing Secretary of State to doctor the election in her favor, Schiff running for Cal Senator to further his lying agenda, the list goes on and on.
    One has to know how long this can really keep going. We are not fools but we do show some failure. We are not paying attention and keeping up with the game they are playing. We have to understand them to compete.
    Your newsletter has helped feed the intelligence we need to understand. For That I thank you !

  • Robin Rebhan

    01/26/2023 05:52 PM

    Mike, I watched Kari Lake on your show December 17, 2022. I think she represented everything a member of Congress should be like. Knowledgeable, informed, well spoken and stands up for what is right. We most certainly need more members of Congress like her. And thank you Mike for having guests on your show that we would not hear about from the press or media.

  • William Fuhrer

    01/26/2023 11:42 AM


  • Anne Turner

    01/26/2023 11:19 AM

    Regarding the voter polls: And yet the midterms produced a DNC Senate, and barely produced a GOP House. Something doesn’t compute.

  • Jerry

    01/26/2023 11:00 AM

    I understand how Pennsylvania elects it governor it’s senators DAs the representatives the election boards the state of Pennsylvania has become the new mistake of the country as the state rots before one’s eyes the Bligh of what was a decent state has become a disaster and a disappointment another achievement for democrats


    01/26/2023 10:06 AM