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January 18, 2023

This has got to be the greatest coincidence EVER.

Yesterday, we told you that Hunter Biden had filled out a background check to rent a property in California and listed his address as Joe Biden's Delaware house and his current rent as just under $50,000 a month. And, no, that was not a typo.

The exact amount he wrote on the form was $49,910. Come to find out, this is exactly the same amount that was paid as a rental deposit to "House of Sweden," an office complex in Washington DC, on the space the Bidens were planning to share with Chinese company CEFC.

The amount appears in an October 13, 2017, memo from the general manager of the complex, another document found by the NEW YORK POST's Miranda Devine on Hunter's "laptop from hell." Hunter had inquired about terminating the lease after the deal with CEFC was no more, and he was told, "Please note that there is a security deposit paid by you of $49,910 which will be returned to you within 15 days after the termination of the lease (after inspection of normal wear and tear."

It's hard to know what to make of this, except that it's too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. No wonder the House Oversight Committee is so eager to follow the money.

If Hunter was actually paying his father $49,910 a month in rent --- or, "rent" --- this was not reflected in Joe's tax returns. We also reported yesterday that Joe Biden's tax returns for 2016, 2017, and 2018, covering the period above, had been removed from the website where Biden had posted all his returns. If you went to that site and clicked to see any of those three years, you would be directed to a Democrat fundraising site.

According to the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, those links went down in July 2022 and, as of Tuesday, are back up. A spokesman for the DNC said that "a couple of links to previous tax returns were broken." The writer at CRANKERS makes websites for a living and says this could NOT have been an accident. "The DNC just spoonfed people a tablespoon of horse manure on that one," he said.

As attention is being focused more specifically on the Biden money trail, this 2010 email from Hunter's laptop seems especially pertinent. It's to Hunter from Rosemont Seneca executive Dick Schwerin, recommending that Hunter talk to his dad, who "could use some positive news about his future earnings potential!" Much more detail about their wealth-building plans here...

Recall that Jonathan Turley has criticized the DOJ's decision to let Biden's own attorneys --- and at least one White House attorney --- comb through documents at the various locations where classified material has been found, explaining that these attorneys are working on behalf of their client's interest, not the public interest. According to a new story in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, the DOJ did consider having FBI agents supervise the searching.

But, stunningly, the DOJ decided against that, opting to leave the attorneys on their own. They say this was "to avoid complicating the later stages of the investigation" and also because the attorneys have been cooperating. (Hey, it only took them six years.)

Question: If they're not monitoring what is being done, how do they know the attorneys have been cooperating? Again, as Prof. Turley said, they are operating in their client's interest. And none of them, except the White House counsel who is participating, even have security clearances. Turley said that "...use of private counsel without clearances following the first discovery on November 2 could itself be viewed as reckless and gross mishandling."

Turley noted on Sean Hannity's Tuesday show that the Biden attorney who found the first classified document at the Penn Biden Center was interviewed by the FBI, but the usual "302" notes were not taken.

It looks to me as though Biden and his team are getting just the kind of kid-glove treatment that Hillary and her team received. The 'Justice' Department is just taking the word of Biden's attorneys. When Mar-A-Lago was searched --- by FBI agents --- Trump's attorneys weren't even allowed to WATCH.

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  • Barry G Schlecht

    01/22/2023 01:08 PM

    My concern is that Biden has quite possibly sold that secret information to China.
    Follow the money.

  • Lester Henderson

    01/18/2023 11:52 AM