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January 2, 2023

Who --- besides me and my staff and other obsessive news-hounds --- paid really close attention to breaking stories from just before Christmas through New Year's Day?  Normally, that's a low point in the news cycle, but as it happened this year, it was the time we ended up with perhaps the biggest story of 2022, the release of the "Twitter Files," which showed us how pre-selected information has been spoon-fed to us, literally for years, a deception that almost certainly changed history.  And now, here's a related story that almost got lost over the weekend, but NOT QUITE.  You'll be hearing more about it in the coming days.
Jason Chaffetz, subbing for Steve Hilton on Sunday's THE NEXT REVOLUTION, offered an update on a story concerning an executive order issued by President Biden just days into his administration, EO#14019,  This order quietly directed executive departments and agencies to "partner with state, local, Tribal, and territorial election officials" --- even "selected and approved" non-governmental organizations --- to protect and promote the exercise of the right to vote, eliminate discrimination and other barriers to voting, and expand access to voter registration and accurate election information."
Well, that all sounds wonderful, doesn't it?  On the surface, the buzzwords make it sound like something to which no one could take a legitimate exception.  After all, who could possibly have a problem with "discrimination" and "accurate voter information"?  Never mind what the wording of this order might mean in practice.  Here's an excellent analysis from October, just before this past election.  Read it and be shocked.
As Joel B. Pollack wrote in BREITBART NEWS, it "reads like a Democratic Party wish list of 'reforms.'"  And that's just what it is --- probably ghostwritten by Marc Elias.  One provision of the order states:  "It is the responsibility of the federal government to expand access to, and education about, voter registration and election information, and to combat misinformation, in order to enable all eligible Americans to participate in our democracy."
No, it is not.  By now, we know the government is not to be trusted to determine what is election "information" and "misinformation."  (See Hunter's laptop.)  The federal government needs to KEEP ITS GRUBBY PAWS off "our" elections, and that includes the work-around of using social media and/or any other entity as an unconstitutional intermediary.  We've seen that in the name of protecting us against misinformation, they themselves are the biggest spreaders of it.  The disconnect between what they say and what we observe for ourselves is so huge, it simply can't be maintained, except for the relative few who are glued to the state propagandists at MSNBC and CNN.  (The border is not open?  Really??)
Anyway, the administration has, according to Chaffetz, ignored public records requests surrounding the implementation of this "partnership."  He points out that the federal government has no constitutional authority over elections; only state legislatures are supposed to have that.  There might be multiple laws that the federal government has violated by inserting itself into elections.
An organization called the Foundation for Government Accountability has sued Biden's DOJ for stonewalling requests for details on how the feds are interjecting themselves into elections at the state level because of this executive order.  Tarren Bragdon of the FGA spoke with Chaffetz, saying that Biden's order commanded the bureaucrats in "literally hundreds of federal agencies," using our tax dollars, to get involved in an intensive --- and, you can bet, highly targeted --- get-out-the-vote effort.  They're not supposed to be doing this sort of thing at all.
So the FGA wants to see the plans the administration has submitted to these agencies.  But even though this group won in court, all they've received are heavily redacted, essentially worthless pages.  If this involvement in elections is appropriate activity, why is the administration hiding so much?     
And get this:  the administration has cited EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE as the reason for not releasing the requested documents.  Huh?
"You know, it would be a lot easier if Elon Musk took over the Department of Justice," Bragdon quipped. "Then we'd see the files, and get the information.  But instead, we're taking the Department of Justice to court, and ultimately we'll win, and see what their plans are."

He continued:  "This is essentially having federal tax dollars contract with partisan groups to increase voter participation.  It's what political parties do, but the President is trying to do it through executive order and our tax dollars.  And this is just part of an unaccountable and out-of-control federal government.  We need to put a stop to it and hold their feet to the fire, and that's exactly why we sued them."  Good for them; we wish them the best of luck.  Let's go, Bragdon!
Here are more details about Biden's order, in a statement the FGA put out in September 2021.  Maybe now it will finally get the attention it deserves.
The FBI was already busily inserting itself into our elections, ostensibly to counter "misinformation," but as we all know (after the fact), it ended up promoting that very thing.  Over the holidays, law professor Jonathan Turley posted a great commentary about how the FBI has worked to protect the Biden family while targeting conservatives and is now even attacking its critics.  That's right --- if you criticize them, YOU'RE to blame as a purveyor of disinformation!  Turley has had enough and calls for a complete, top-down reform of the FBI.  This is a must-read if you missed it last week.
Speaking of the FBI and its efforts to protect the Biden administration, Margot Cleveland posted a couple of columns over the past few days detailing its relationship with Twitter and making it clear why the federal bureaucracy can NEVER be trusted to tell the truth.
You might have seen this one, as it came out right before Christmas after the release of Twitter File #7, but in case you didn't...
Her most recent column, from a few days ago, details how the FBI was working overtime to control the Biden story --- so much so that even Twitter executive and former FBI general counsel Jim Baker (of all people) was calling it "odd."
"'Odd' doesn't begin to capture the situation," writes Cleveland, "which, given the connection between those two FBI offices [Baltimore field office and FBI headquarters] and the Hunter Biden investigation, suggests a new wing to the Big Tech scandal:  one in which FBI agents proactively sought out people and speech to censor for the benefit of their politician of choice."
If you're still not convinced that the FBI needs to be taken apart and put back together in a totally different way, this must-read piece at AMERICAN GREATNESS by John D. O'Connor  (who doesn't sound too optimistic) should persuade you.  If anything is a threat to "our democracy," it's the FBI's usurping of authority.  And, yes, the institution rots from the head down, meaning FBI Director Christopher Wray.
Oh, and here's another reason why non-governmental entities should not be "partnering" with federal agencies to mitigate the spread of election "misinformation."  Have you ever heard of Arabella Advisors?
"Many of the Arabella-funded research projects cite conservatives predominantly as purveyors of misinformation, with several projects recommending solutions to mitigate the spread of misinformation, including censorship," the DAILY CALLER reports.  This is a must-read.  Remember it the next time anyone even mentions the word "misinformation."

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Comments 1-10 of 13

  • Jerry

    01/09/2023 01:35 PM

    Biden and his Mob has set up to take down the United States with using the people Obama had in place for 8 years was just a trial run of the to get a start of dismantling America. The disable America today is showing its decline. Biden is not a person with massive intelligence just smart enough to do what he is told. Biden is a half wit for sure and sits at the controls of the Oval Office; Obama let biden and his family engage in corrupt activity on the national stage to keep him from self incrimmating Obama and biden himself. The corruption is so deep to bring justice is almost impossible for the reign of power is connected by all the agencies. Biden even used the Catholic Church and brought satan itself into Gods home that is how far Satan has gone so far even as far down to the lowly clerks of this administration. So in my view the new GOP congress leader show is just a smoke screen for a bunch of GOP members that really are part of this corrupt government. I see GOP 20 20 Senators and Representatives it is very clear to me That RINOS are real.

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    01/09/2023 09:14 AM

    Where’s John Durham??? Remember the promise of accountability ?? he has been shuffled off to a corner somewhere and his final report, if it is ever written, will be whitewashed and once again the swamp dwellers will slide away. You have some very good reading and points of interest. But unfortunately anything dealing with the most corrupt city in the world, Washington DC, another batch of investigations, millions of dollars and a parade of witnesses, and a final report detailing abuses, and then the world’s biggest circular file will be used, again. There is no accountability in the swamp. I don’t care if you have a D or an R in front of your name, the swamp dwellers will protect each other, oh, they will offer up a few sacrificial lambs to make it look good.

  • Donald Probst

    01/09/2023 08:33 AM

    Mike, thank you for doing the research and putting this all in one place so "we the people" can be informed of what our government is up to. I hope enough people see this and that something can be done to stem this type of subterfuge.

  • Jack macdonald

    01/08/2023 10:26 PM

    Forgot to mention in an earlier submissions regarding the Biden border visit. Biden was making his first border visit which prompts me to wonder why he couldn't tune in to Fox News to learn all he need to know. Maybe Peter Doocey should have recommended it. It seems to me that a "leader" should avail himself to as much information as possible in order to make informed decisions. Ten minutes out of his "busy" schedule would be sufficient. Secondly, that might be an assignment for the VP.

  • Sherry Cummings

    01/08/2023 07:38 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,

    I disagree with your opinions on some of the house representatives voting against McCarthy doing something wrong. I was proud that they stood up for the American people and demanded concessions and let McCarthy know he is on notice that we come first and not the swamp. His record of going along with the Democrats is troubling to many of us.

  • Thomas Anderson

    01/08/2023 06:10 PM

    Okay, I'm convinced that the Democrats and the federal bureaucracy have illegally meddled in our elections and spread misinformation. Now I would like to see the states do something about it! Too much talk and not enough action!

  • Thomas Anderson

    01/08/2023 06:06 PM

    Okay, I'm convinced that the Democrats and the federal bureaucracy have illegally meddled in our elections and spread misinformation. Now I would like to see the states do something about it! Too much talk and not enough action!

  • Wilma I. Smith

    01/08/2023 05:23 PM

    Appreciate you so much. Your comments are excellent and you face reality. Why don't you run for president? On the other hand, that's a difficult job now. Who would want that job????
    Blessings to you.

  • Joanne Avella

    01/03/2023 02:32 PM

    After seeing the fraud and rigging of the last election in Arizona I feel it is too late. When RINOS team up with radical democrats conservatives do not stand a chance.

  • Robert Summers

    01/02/2023 10:15 PM

    I agree the FBI needs taken apart , dismantled, I don't agree with putting them back together in any form. Roosevelt, and j, hoover brought them into being against our constitution. The fed never is supposed to have its own police force. They make the laws, states are supposed to handle enforcement. The fed marshals could also be tagged under that but at least until Obamanation and now obam 2 they weren't targeted at US citizens. The FBI has been since it was formed and over my lifetime I've watched the digress to its current sorriest state of operation.