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January 16, 2023

Last week, the news media, in one of those simultaneous blitzes of stories that look suspiciously coordinated, suddenly inundated us with stories about how baaaaad gas stoves are and how we need to be saved from them by having Democrats ban them (thank you for looking after us when we can’t do it ourselves!) But they didn’t anticipate how much Americans love their gas stoves, and there was a gas explosion among the public.

Suddenly, the Dems and their media stenographers turned on a dime, and the story somehow became “Hysterical Republicans falsely accuse Democrats of wanting to take away gas stoves.” AOC even made a video mocking Republicans (she was probably sore from all the mocking she's received for claiming gas stoves cause brain damage when she has one herself.) She failed to mention that she’s from a state where the Governor just that week pushed a new bill banning gas lines and equipment in new buildings. As I pointed out earlier, they can say they’re not trying to ban gas stoves because they’re actually trying to ban natural gas power altogether, which would render your gas stove useless. They’ve already done it in several blue cities like San Francisco.

But this particular attempt at gaslighting isn’t working because the very real anti-gas stove stories were still so fresh that the papers that ran them hadn’t even made their way to the bottoms of bird cages yet. For those who really do have brain damage from whatever source and have lost their short term memories, the Wall Street Journal reminds them and us that the Democrats' current narrative on gas stoves directly contradicts what they said a whole seven days ago.

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  • Rick Ashcraft

    01/17/2023 12:24 PM

    Above pic is of one ,who has self inflicted brain damage