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January 11, 2023

Biden finally responded to the news that there were mishandled classified documents from his VP tenure in the office of a Biden-associated think tank in DC. But if you thought he was going to provide an actual explanation for how they got there, then you don’t know Joe.

Also, according to CNN (surprisingly), we now know that some of those documents include intelligence memos and briefings dealing with the UK, Iran and (wait for it)…Ukraine.

I’d suggest that we should investigate Joe’s (and Hunter’s) dealings with Ukraine, but I don’t want anyone impeaching me.

Finally, while Biden accused Trump of being “irresponsible” in the handling of documents (even though Trump’s documents were under lock and key with armed guards at his home while Biden’s were reportedly in an unguarded think tank closet), the next question is: Was there anyone in this Administration who wasn’t within easy reach of those unsecured classified documents? )

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