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October 25, 2023

Ever since World War II, the world has asked, “How could the rise of Hitler and the Nazis have happened? Why did good Germans who opposed the Nazis not see it coming and do something to stop it?” Well, it might be time to stop asking that question of Germany, and for other so-called enlightened liberal nations around the world to start asking it of themselves.

For the past decade or so, these nations have allowed unfettered immigration of people with known violent, anti-Semitic values, while they allowed radical left professors who hate Israel, America and freedom to take over our universities and shut down any opposing views, in the name of “diversity,” of course. Now, they see their own children rallying in the streets in support of the slaughter of Israeli innocents and are stunned as they wonder, “When did this happen?” Well, some of us have been sounding alarm bells about it for years as they refused to listen. And we’ve been telling them the answer to that question: “It happened when you weren’t paying attention!”

We’ve also heard for years about the phenomenon of Holocaust-deniers, conspiracy theorists who refuse to believe the concentration camps were real. At least they have the feeble excuse of it all happening in the past, before they were born. But what to make of our new wave of Holocaust deniers, who refuse to believe the mass slaughter of innocent Jewish civilians by Hamas that happened just two weeks ago?

Israel didn’t want to have to show the world the horrific evidence, but the nouveau Holocaust deniers left them no choice. On Monday, they allowed reporters to view uncensored footage of the murders, rapes, beheadings and other unspeakable carnage that was shared live on the Telegram app among the Hamas monsters even as they were committing it. As this report notes, it left even seasoned war reporters visibly shaken by its unthinkable brutality. (Warning: contains disturbing images that still don’t even begin to convey the full horror.)

It also includes a statement from a Hamas terrorist (sorry, deniers at the A.P., but that’s what they are) who was captured. He admitted that they were told by their leaders that they were on a suicide mission and they were “to step on the heads of civilians, to behead them and do whatever they felt like.” When asked about how Hamas is being compared to ISIS, he agreed, saying, “We burned, we slaughtered, and beheaded people” and “We became animals — [we did] things humans do not do.”

So now, the world has been allowed to see the unedited footage that nobody should ever have had to see, and heard the confession of one of the perpetrators in his own words. Will that fill the deniers with shame and make them come to their senses?

I pray that it will, but I’m not hopeful. I’ve stood in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, and yet some people continue to deny they exist. Some people just have an infinite capacity for denying reality until reality refuses to be denied any longer.

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