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October 25, 2023

Note: In case you missed my weekend TBN monologue and the transcript in Sunday’s newsletter, please watch it here. The following piece builds on what I said, once again asking the question of why the White House --- under Obama and Biden, NOT Trump --- has been so protective of Iran.


First, some history. Did you know the October 7 attack wasn’t really about Israel? Such barbarism against Jews and other non-Muslims has been going on for many centuries, with the same kind of depraved inhumanity-to-man we saw from Hamas just two weeks ago. As Milt Harris writes for PJ MEDIA, Israel and the politics surrounding Gaza are “excuses for a bloodletting that, in the eyes of extremists, is not only justified but obligatory.”

Harris explains that the Ottoman Empire based its authority on religion. It follows that they would use religion to expand that authority, and they surely did, furiously conquering other lands with a seething blood lust.

The 1529 siege of Vienna was just one such example, and Hamas’ butchery of two weeks ago is reminiscent of those tactics. (Yes, Harris describes some of the worst atrocities.) Harris has questions for today’s “anti-colonialist” defenders of Hamas: Was that (horrible atrocity) an expression against colonialism or capitalism? Was this (other horrible atrocity) a response to globalism or Zionism? “Perhaps this was simply Islam,” he ventured, qualifying that later to read “Islam in this form.”

Other grisly attacks continued into the 20th and 21st centuries. Harris describes two that took place in 1929, one in the Jewish city of Safed and the other in Hebron, the “Hebron Massacre” --- noting that some Jews survived the latter attack after being hidden by Arab families. These two attacks shocked the Jewish community and led to the development of Israel Defense Forces.

Harris describes another attack near an archeological site in Egypt in 1997, during which machete-wielding attackers systematically killed and mutilated the bodies of 58 tourists, mostly from neutral Switzerland (they don’t care), and 4 Egyptians.

In the 21st century, of course, there have been numerous other vicious attacks, and Harris goes into detail. He makes the point that every time they commit some gruesome attack, there is some “paper thin” excuse for it. Two weeks ago, it was that the border wall suppresses them and makes them feel as if they’re in an “open-air prison.”

All this attack demonstrated to thinking people is that this wall wasn’t nearly secure enough! Israel doesn’t keep Hamas behind a fence because they’re oppressors; they do it for the same reason that zoos keep crocodiles behind a fence.

In Harris’ words, “The truth is that each attack manifests itself out of Islam. No one wants to admit that fact, lest they are called Islamophobic. Instead, we allow the weak excuses that are offered to justify their barbarism. When Muslims gang raped and sawed in half a Hindu schoolteacher in Kashmir, it was about India’s treatment of Muslims. When they rampaged through the Bataclan theater in Paris, killing everyone within reach, they were protesting France’s treatment of ISIS. When they rape a woman at a music concert in Israel next to the bodies of her murdered friends, they’re protesting for Gaza.”

As if ANY excuse could’ve justified such barbaric onslaughts against innocents.

And if the more recent attacks were actually motivated by such excuses, they wouldn’t bear such uncanny resemblance to the slaughters that took place many centuries before.

Harris writes, “Islam in this form cannot be reasoned or co-existed with. Its violence is a religious duty written into its scripture and its laws. Its atrocities, murder, torture, mutilation and rape are all acts of sacred religious devotion. The Islamic kingdom of heaven can only be achieved when the entire world submits to Islam.”

As Harris explains it, “This is not about politics, Israel, the United States or anything else. It’s a thousand plus year crusade to subjugate all of mankind.”

We’d like to introduce you to someone who just doesn’t get this at all. He’s Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff of Germany, until recently the foreign European Union envoy to Gaza. Get a load of what he did in July, several months before Hamas carried out their paraglider attack. He actually got into his own paraglider and demonstrated to people in Gaza what they could do when they “are free.”

Oh, and Mr. Sven Kuhn von Clueless has since blamed Israel completely for any retaliation against Hamas. “It doesn’t matter what Hamas did,” he said. Israel’s foreign ministry says this man is being used as a propaganda tool by Hamas. They’re right --- he’s the ultimate useful idiot.

Now let’s go from the most clueless to the most clued-in. Investigative reporter Lee Smith, whom you know from such books as THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT, also has a great deal of experience covering the Middle East, and Jan Jekielek interviewed him this weekend for AMERICAN THOUGHT LEADERS on EPOCH TV.

Smith spoke first about willing American media being tools for spreading terrorist propaganda. Example: THE NEW YORK TIMES printed a picture of supposed Israeli “war crimes” that turned out to have been completely posed. (Surprised they didn’t get a Pulitzer for it, ha.) Israeli activists have a name for fake video, he said: “Pally-wood,” with “pal” meaning “Palestine.” He praised Elon Musk for coming out against it on his platform, “X” (formerly Twitter).

“There’s a very large part of Gazan society, unfortunately, that’s devoted to sustaining Hamas operations,” Smith explained. In other words, many more people are involved than, say, a fighting force of a few thousand. Some dig tunnels, some are responsible for creating and spreading propaganda.

In speaking of the terrorists’ use of human shields, Smith began to sound very much like Milt Harris in the article we linked to above. “What does this tell you about...the nature of regimes like Hezbollah, like Hamas?” he asked. “It’s not just that they’re non-Western, right? We’re not just talking about a clash of civilizations or a clash of cultures. We’re talking about a particular type of regime. It’s a ‘pathocratic’ regime...rule of the pathological. We’re not talking about an oligarchy, we’re not talking about a democracy, a tyranny, a monarchy. We’re talking about rule of the pathologically evil.”

Of course, his words immediately remind us of Nazi Germany and THEIR twisted plan to exterminate all Jews. Smith brought up Saddam Hussein and the current Iranian regime as other examples.

We have to understand the nature of these regimes. These are people “who would put their own neighbors, their own families” in front of themselves as they waged war. They’d “risk the lives of their own families in order to kill others.” They are SICK.

Concepts like “proportionality” don’t work, because we’re talking about powers that “don’t operate in the same way.”

He noted that many Arab countries --- Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, to name three --- hope Israel will destroy Hamas. “But this is something that you’re not gonna hear in public.”

About ten minutes in, Smith brought the discussion home to America, saying the Biden administration is lying when they say they’ve found no evidence that the Iranians weren’t involved in the attack on October 7. We have records of meetings between high-ranking Iranian officials and the top leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah, “training operatives specifically for this assault,” he said.

Biden lies about this, he said, because his administration is still trying to restore Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. Hand to his forehead, he asked, “Why does American and European leadership want to legalize the nuclear weapons program of a pathocratic state?” Why are they normalizing twisted regimes like Hamas and Iran? And that IS the big question, isn’t it?

It was Obama’s “communications infrastructure” that allowed him to misrepresent the Iran deal as one that would work against Iran getting nuclear weapons. That deal is actually just the opposite.

Trump withdrew from the deal in May 2018. Also under Trump, the head of Iran’s “terror master” was assassinated. Critics said these actions would bring more chaos, even war, to the region, but it didn’t. In fact, while Trump was President, there was a period of relative stability there. They knew he meant business.

Trump also deserves credit for the very important Abraham Accords, Smith said. These were “the Trump administration’s recognition that the Obama administration, through the nuclear deal, and through other initiatives, wanted to rearrange the Middle East to prioritize relationships with Iran.”

To do this, Obama had downgraded relationships with traditional U.S. allies, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. Trump reversed this as well, going around Iran while firming up relationships with those allies and building a structure “counter to the Iran deal.”

So, there’s one more thing Trump was right about. If anyone has the strength and resolve to deal with “pathocracies” like Iran, he has shown that he does.

If you have a subscription to EPOCH TV, Smith offers more detail in this interview.

But his recent article in TABLET covers the same topic, in much greater detail. Highly recommended...

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