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November 16, 2023

1) Deal reached

President Biden has reportedly reached an agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping for both sides to limit the development and use of Artificial Intelligence in nuclear weapons systems. While that might be a relief to people with “Terminator” nightmares, others are calling Biden’s deal an “incredibly poor decision,” because the US is currently ahead of China in developing AI, and there’s no reason to believe China will actually abide by the deal, so this will give them time to catch up and overtake us while we’re left holding a worthless piece of paper.

I think that anyone who’s surprised that Joe Biden would make an incredibly poor decision, and trust one of our adversaries to abide by a nuclear deal they have no intention of complying with, could use an injection of artificial intelligence.

2) Michigan Democrat attempt to keep Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot is rejected

Tuesday, a Michigan judge rejected another attempt by Democrats (the defenders of “our democracy”) to keep Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot because he’s an “insurrectionist” (which he has never been charged with or convicted of.) The judge found that such a ruling would violate Congress’ powers. Unfortunately, like other judges in many important cases these days, he dodged the issue that’s sparking all these lawsuits and refused to rule on the question of eligibility under the 14th Amendment.

These nonsensical lawsuits have already been thrown out in Minnesota and New Hampshire, but a Colorado judge has thus far refused to budge, so it might yet take the SCOTUS rousing themselves to do their job and squash the idea that people can be barred from running for office due to crimes they didn’t commit.

3) A new SCOTUS “Code of Conduct”

Senate Democrats have been trying to use bogus ethics charges to drive conservatives off the Supreme Court so they can stack it with liberal activists. So far, it hasn’t worked. Their accusations against Clarence Thomas have proven to be hot garbage, and even the liberal Justices on the Court have made it clear that the Senate has no power to dictate standards to a separate but equal branch of government.

Still, in a misguided attempt to make the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) back off and go away, the SCOTUS unveiled a new “Code of Conduct” to clarify judicial ethics rules.

If you guessed that that would satisfy the Democrats and they'd stop whining and go back to trying to win power legitimately, then you don’t know them very well.

Personally, I think the best test of whether someone has an unparalleled judicial temperament is if he manages not to explode at having his ethics questioned by a Senate Democrat.

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4 )“No guts” in Andover

City officials in Andover, Massachusetts, are facing furious blowback for allowing the Palestinian flag to be flown below the US flag on the city’s flagpole. They claim that due to Supreme Court rulings, they could be sued for refusing, and they previously allowed an Israeli flag to be flown there. But some residents accuse them of having “no guts” and say doing what’s right and refusing to fly that flag is more important than trying to dodge a potential lawsuit.

There’s a lot more about this story at the link, along with the news that the flag “will remain in place until Dec. 7.” Personally, I seriously doubt that.

5) A wild week in Congress

I thought we were past the days when disagreements among Congress members were settled with dueling pistols or one member caning another, but it looks as if the good ol’ days may be making a comeback. Rather than go through all of this week’s wild and wooly Congressional throwdowns, I’ll let Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media recap them and just add a gentle admonition that people in important public positions should maybe display a little more decorum. And possibly switch to decaf.

6) Not making this up

Apparently, opening up the border to Mexican drug gangsters and terrorists wasn’t a big enough danger to rural communities, so the Biden Administration would like to release grizzly bears on them, too. No, I’m not making this up.

7) The Wall of Lies is starting to crack

From the moment Donald Trump announced he was running for President in 2016, the Democrats and their media poodles have worked overtime to distort everything he says and does, and to try to silence him and his supporters so that they never hear any contrary views. For years, he was a popular celebrity, sought after by all the talk shows and charity balls, and the biggest star on NBC.

But then suddenly, he was branded a Russian agent (he wasn’t); accused of only running to enrich himself (it cost him billions and he donated his entire salary back to the taxpayers); called a sexist and misogynist (he appointed more women to important positions than any previous President); and accused of calling Mexicans “rapists and murderers” (he was referring to MS-13 gang members, who brag about being rapists and murderers), saying there were “very fine people” among neo-Nazis (he didn’t; he said they should be “condemned totally”), and harming minorities (under his tenure, all demographics saw record low unemployment and real wage growth for the first time in decades.)

It's no wonder that since he left office, they’ve done everything possible to silence him, from banning him from social media outlets to trying to put gag orders on him, to keep their lies about him from being challenged. If the voters they count on to keep reflexively voting Democrat no matter how much it harms them ever heard the truth, they would be in BIG trouble.

I’m happy to report that it looks like they might be in BIG trouble. The wall of lies they’ve built around Trump is starting to crack as minority voters figure out that they have been bamboozled, and the Dems are panicking.

First, imagine the shrieking at DNC headquarters when they learned that Univision, the top-rated Spanish language TV network, has new owners with a more favorable view of Trump. With a New York Times poll showing him just 8 points behind Biden among Hispanics, who don’t really like illegal immigrants flouting the rules that they followed and taking their jobs, Univision ran a fair interview with Trump. They let him speak for himself, and refused to let the Democrats run ads during it attacking him.

Univision says it would extend the same policy to the Democrats, but that’s not good enough. Nobody in the media is ever supposed to give Trump a fair hearing. He’s always supposed to be vilified and ostracized! Treating him fairly might “humanize” him (a tacit admission that they don’t even think he’s a human.) Even his wife Melania, as beautiful and fashionable as she is, never appeared on the cover of a single’s women’s magazine in four years. They’re terrified of people seeing and hearing Trump for himself and discovering that he’s not the raging monster they’ve created.

Now, as much as that Univision story must have terrified the Democrats, just think of the industrial-sized jug of Maalox they’ll be swigging from after reading these stories. The first one is about black voters being so fed up with the horrible effects of Biden’s policies that even if they don’t vote for Trump, they might not vote at all.

And this is really the Democrats’ worst nightmare…

It’s a must-read about the co-founder and former senior director of the Rhode Island chapter of Black Lives Matter campaigning for Trump. Mark Fisher slammed the Democrats for harming the black community with their anti-capitalist and pro-abortion policies. He said, “We’ve been used and abused for so long by that party. They don’t value our vote. Their policies are basically racist policies, and I believe it’s a racist party that strikes at the heart of the black family and the nuclear family in general.” 

He also calls Biden a “deep disappointment,” adding, “And I believe Donald Trump, he’s the opposite. He’s gonna tell you how it is. He’s gonna give it to you straight. He’s not gonna be a hypocrite and stab you in the back like the Democratic Party loves to do.”

Fisher has also said of the relentless DOJ pursuit of January 6th protesters, “They’re lambs led to slaughter to be sacrificed as an example for all who might want to dissent in the future. This is what the government does to those who express independent thought and want to stand up for what they believe."

I pray that black voters will listen to him, and I also pray for him to be shielded from the wrath of the Democrats’ weaponized government and media. They’re dangerous when scared, and nothing scares them more than an outspoken black leader who refuses to toe their party line.

8) Now we know why

The former editor of the leftwing “news” site The Recount is facing a potential 10 years in prison after being charged with possessing and distributing child pornography. An Assistant District Attorney called it the “most egregious” case she’s ever come across. He had previously been celebrated for his work “discussing sexuality” with elementary school students.

So if you’re confused about why leftist media outlets are so gung-ho about putting porn into elementary schools, wonder no more.

9) The Latest Example

I previously told you that the extremely irritating, foul-mouthed, in-your-face leftist feminist site Jezebel was being shut down due to financial losses and failure to find a buyer. Now, we know more about the reasons for its demise, and talk about poetic justice!

Jezebel was killed because of the effectiveness of the tactic invented by the leftist cancel culture mob it supported. They constantly launched complaints against conservative sites, threatening advertisers and lobbying search engines to block and demonetize them. What that did, however, was train advertisers to avoid any sites that touch on any potentially controversial subject, and that was Jezebel’s business model. Leftists never imagine that the monsters they create to attack conservatives will turn and devour them, but they always do. Jezebel is the latest victim of the left’s own success at censoring and demonetizing “controversial” content.

Read the whole thing for more details and to enjoy maximum schadenfreude.

10) We can only hope…

Oh, look, another liberal celebrity is threatening to leave America if Trump becomes President again, even though, like all the other liberal celebrities who made the same threat in 2016, she somehow never moved away during the four years he was already President. How will we survive without her? That is, if she actually means it this time?

RELATED: Michael Cohen vowed to flee the country if Donald Trump becomes President again.

So, America will lose one dishonest lawyer? Add that to the list of reasons to vote for Trump and the list of things that are “A good start.”

11) Lee Greenwood’s final tour

Lee Greenwood is one of my favorite musical guests on the “Huckabee” TV show, so I’m sad to see that he plans to make his 2024 tour his final tour, even though I respect his reasons for retiring. See him while you can, I know you’ll enjoy it.

Note from our pop culture guru Pat Reeder: 

This story mentions that Lee’s Grammy Award wasn’t for “God Bless the USA,” which has become almost a second National Anthem. It was nominated for Best Country Song of 1984 and Lee for Best Male Vocalist, but lost in both categories. To save you having to look it up, the winners were “City of New Orleans” and Merle Haggard for “That’s the Way Love Goes.” I’ll bet that makes you miss the country music of the ‘80s. “City of New Orleans” was written by Steven Goodman, who recorded it in 1971, and Arlo Guthrie had a hit with it in 1972, then Willie Nelson covered it in 1984. As to how it qualifies for “Best Country Song of 1984,” I have no idea.

12) GOP oversight committees are doing all the work right now

When we look back on this period before the ‘24 election to assess what our government actually accomplished, it seems certain that all the praise will go to the Republicans on the House and Senate committees.  They’re the ones actually getting things done.

Otherwise, talk about counterproductive.  Congress passes a continuing resolution to keep the government open, just kicking the can down the road as usual.  The Biden administration and state-level prosecutors continue their make-work program for attorneys, with their never-ending lawfare against Biden’s leading political opponent (!) while covering up Biden family corruption.  The White House tries to make light of President Biden’s doddering and lies about the economy.  Vandalism, theft and violence rage across the country, while the government focuses on controlling not actions but speech.

But the House committees (and Republicans on Senate committees) keep plugging away, getting the work done that the “Justice” Department should be doing but won’t.  And they do it in spite of Americans’ frustration and skepticism that nothing will come of their effort.  To them, it must often seem like a thankless job --- but we thank them.

Legal analyst Margot Cleveland has been keeping up with the job they’re doing.  After the House Oversight Committee issued a slew of subpoenas last Wednesday in the House impeachment inquiry, she wrote that they also need to pay attention to a detailed letter sent last month by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley to Attorney General Merrick Garland citing 25 DOJ and FBI personnel who still need to be interviewed.  “While the House Oversight Committee is understandably focused on unraveling the extent of foreign influence-peddling,” she writes, “the House should not ignore the second half of the scandal:  the DOJ, FBI, and now the Biden administration’s cover-up of the scandal and their cover-up of the cover-up.”

Keep in mind, Sen. Grassley, as only the ranking member of a Democrat-controlled committee, has no subpoena power, so he must depend on the GOP-controlled House committees to issue them.  That goes for both in-person testimony and documents.  So, heads up, Congress!

Yes, we want accountability for the Bidens.  But did you realize that Grassley has been working for SEVERAL YEARS on this other critical aspect of the scandal, the corruption within our “Justice” Department?  He is a hero.  If we can fix the internal problems at DOJ and FBI --- and we must --- it will be largely thanks to him.   His office has been the one relatively safe haven for whistleblowers, and Grassley says that if their allegations turn out to be true, it will establish that the DOJ and FBI “have been institutionally corrupted to their very core.”

It was thanks to a lead generated by Grassley that we now know about the FBI’s “1023” interview notes from a “highly credible” confidential human source (CHS) saying Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky had remarked that he’d paid “$5 million to one Biden and $5 million to another Biden.”

It was also Grassley who revealed that an FBI Supervisory Agent had done an assessment that resulted in scandalous Hunter Biden findings being falsely branded as “foreign disinformation.” He also cited the Foreign Influence Task Force for improperly briefing him and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson on “disinformation” to further the narrative that the Hunter story wasn’t real.

The House should take their cues from Grassley’s letter, Cleveland says.  “Every member of the Foreign Influence Task Force should be questioned by the House,” she advises, “and every communication between the [FITF] and Brian Auten, and the various FBI offices involved in wrongly closing out sources should be subpoenaed.”  The sources themselves should also be subpoenaed, as well as any materials used in the assessment.

Grassley also “highlighted several relevant field offices,” Cleveland says, noting the Seattle field office as “a new thread to pull.”  Also, the Cleveland field office.

She can tell, based on Sen. Grassley’s specific wording in that letter, that the House should ask for all records with the words “Russian disinformation” from January 2019 to the present.  She suspects he knows what the DOJ is still hiding.

Cleveland’s piece mentions numerous other information-rich targets who should be subpoenaed, all taken from Grassley’s letter.  She suspects that Grassley’s interest in Special Agent in Charge Tim Thibault might be telling, even though Thibault previously tried to portray himself as new to the job and “on the periphery of decisions to close-out sources.”  The House needs to dig deeper.

Cleveland also had a column about Delaware U.S. Attorney (and now Special Counsel) David Weiss’ testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last Tuesday, noting that he STILL can’t keep his story straight on whether or not he had “special attorney” authority to charge Hunter Biden in DC or Central California.

The interview was behind closed doors, but Cleveland reviewed a transcript and saw that he mostly refused to answer questions under the usual guise of not commenting on an ongoing investigation.  However, he did respond to questions about his charging authority.  Did he or did he not have “special attorney” status under Section 515, which allows a U.S. attorney in one district to bring charges in another, “when specifically directed by the Attorney General”?

Cleveland relates the details on how his story keeps getting tweaked and says Weiss and Garland have been playing a “ridiculous lawyers’ game.”  (To hear the variations --- “has full authority,” “will be given full authority,” “has been assured he will be given full authority” --- reminds us of Bill Clinton musing about what the definition of “is” is.)  “Why have we been playing six months of word games?” she asks.

Then she answers her own question, saying that to tell the truth would require them to concede that they --- in particular, Garland --- had misled Congress and the American people about Weiss’ independence.  This would also confirm whistleblower Gary Shapley’s version of events, his claim that Weiss would’ve needed permission to bring charges against Hunter in California --- permission that he obviously didn’t get.

Also last week, in his opening statement to the committee, Weiss ludicrously assured us that “political considerations” played no part in his team’s decision-making.  Though he told the committee he wouldn’t comment “on any aspect of the investigation or a prosecution,” he assured them that “throughout this investigation, career prosecutors on my team and I have made decisions based on the facts and the law.”

Seems as though the one thing missing from this hearing was a laugh track.

Cleveland focuses on Gary Shapley’s testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee that someone had tipped off Joe Biden’s transition team of the plan to interview Hunter Biden and 10-plus other witnesses on December 8, 2020, giving this group “an opportunity to obstruct the approach on the witnesses.”  When asked about this by the Judiciary Committee last week, Weiss initially said it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to comment.  He said he would address it in his special counsel report.

But as committee members pushed for answers, they uncovered an apparent liaison between the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Biden transition team, a former deputy counsel to then-VP Biden named Alexander Mackler. It’s fun to read Cleveland’s piece and see how Weiss twists and turns when pressed on this situation.  He finally refused to answer the question of what he would do if he found out about such a relationship, saying he would not “speculate on” a “hypothetical” other than saying that “as a general matter, it’s problematic.”

Weiss’ hesitance to address such considerations of political bias on his team is a spectacular failure on his part.  Cleveland calls it “willful blindness.” Weiss buried his head in the sand, she says, leaving the evidence of politicization for IRS whistleblowers and congressional committees to expose with no help from him.  At a time when the government seems to be doing nothing to make things better, these are the people in DC who are getting their jobs done.

13) Report released

This morning, the House Ethics Committee released a report finding that there is “substantial evidence” that New York Republican Rep. George Santos broke the law, including fraud and using campaign funds for personal purposes.

Okay, not to engage in “whataboutism,” but…what about the rest of them?

14) Here’s today’s link to regularly updated news on the war in Israel from Fox News:

The latest: Israeli forces secured a Hamas-run hospital in Gaza and for all the useful idiots accusing Israel of genocide for “attacking a hospital,” they released video of what they found inside. It included AK-47s, ammo, grenades, military uniforms and a bulletproof vest, hidden in such places as behind an MR1 machine and in a medical supply cabinet. They also found a laptop containing information about hostages they’re still holding. The IDF says it holds evidence that Hamas was using the hospital as a base of operations within the last few days.

IDF Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said, "These weapons have absolutely no business being inside a hospital.” (In fact, using such facilities to hide soldiers and weapons is a genuine war crime.) "The only reason they're here is because Hamas put them here, because they use this place like many other hospitals and ambulances and sensitive facilities inside the Gaza Strip for their illicit military purposes."

Must-See Video: An Al-Jazeera reporter interviewed an elderly patient who was injured in the battle for the hospital and tried to get him to condemn Israel. Instead, the man asked why Hamas is hiding among the people, adding, “They can go to hell and hide there.” The reporter quickly turned away from him, and the man appeared to kick him.

Speaking of useful idiots, with Hamas finally starting to crumble, the UN Security Council called for Israel to hold an “extended pause” in its war on Hamas, and UN human rights chief Volker Turk appeared to call for an international investigation into alleged war crimes...committed by Israel.  He declared that "extremely serious allegations of multiple and profound breaches of international humanitarian law, whoever commits them, demand rigorous investigation and full accountability." Odd, I thought that Israel was making Hamas face full accountability for its profound breach of international humanitarian law, and idiots at the UN want them to stop.

Note: The UN Human Rights Council currently includes such pillars of human rights as Cuba, China and Pakistan, although to their credit, they did eject Russia after it invaded Ukraine. And guess who chairs the 2023 UN Human Rights Council Social Forum. That's right: Iran. Why are we still funding this unfunny clown show?

15) Trump and Hitler

As noted yesterday, you can tell an election year is drawing near because the leading Republican candidate is being called “Hitler” by the leading Democrat candidate, a practice that started with Truman doing it to Thomas Dewey. Now, President Biden is claiming that Trump’s rhetoric echoes that of Hitler.

Funny, I can remember a leading politician standing in front of a blood red background and condemning half the population as enemies of the state, but that was Biden. As this story points out, we have seen such fascistic practices as the suspension of the First Amendment, government agencies being weaponized against political enemies and a two-tiered “justice” system, but those all happened under Biden. And of course, I can turn on my TV and see violent, black-clad mobs chanting for death to the Jews, but those are all Biden voters.

As for Trump, I see him standing up for Israel and visiting with his Jewish grandchildren, which suggests that if he wants to emulate Hitler, he’s doing it all wrong.

I guess if the Dems are going to scare people into reelecting them, they have to paint Republicans as equal to the worst monster in history. If they compared us to the third- or fourth-worst monsters, voters might say, “Eh, it would still be better than the Democrats.” But as I’ve pointed out before, comparing Trump to Hitler might backfire because we’ve now seen just how many of their constituents would probably vote for Hitler.

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  • Lionel

    11/17/2023 05:57 PM

    Zero comments Mike? Or just Zero comments you are with and don't censor like the Left?

  • George A Reynolds

    11/17/2023 08:22 AM

    Here is a suggested Bible verse to post on your newsletter:

    Proverbs 17:15 (NIV) "Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent -- The Lord detests them both."

  • George Reynolds

    11/17/2023 12:24 AM

    Here is another update of three terrorists apprehended before getting into Jerusalem to commit mayhem, but not before they shot and injured six Israelis.

  • George Reynolds

    11/16/2023 11:57 PM

    Another good source for news about Israel's war against Hamas is Joel Rosenberg's All Israel News at Here is a Muslim Rescue and Recovery worker telling about his experiences after the massacre.

  • David Smith

    11/16/2023 06:40 PM

    The city flying the Palestinian flag is North Andover. I sent an email to the Select Board of Andover criticizing them and learned it was North Andover, so I apologized to them. They were more concerned about my “hate” filled message than the flying of a terrorist flag in the town north of them. ?????

  • Stephen Russell

    11/16/2023 03:29 PM


    When will Andover MA adopt Sharia Law?? Same for Minn MN

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    11/16/2023 12:52 PM

    I'll buy Babs a first class bus ticket to Canada ;-}