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November 21, 2023



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Released: Freedom Rankings Report

The CATO Institute released its annual Freedom Rankings of the 50 states. Based on how each state’s policies impact economic, social and personal freedom, New Hampshire came in #1 as the most free state, followed by Florida. At the opposite end, the good news for California is that it did not rank as the least free state. It was at #48, just ahead of Hawaii (#49) and the least free state in America, New York at #50.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you can't get free stuff in New York, because illegal immigrants are getting tons of it. It does mean that New Yorkers are burdened by high public debt, high state and local taxes, voracious government consumption of resources and oppressive land use and labor policies. Wealthy residents of New York City pay among the highest combined state and local taxes in the country, and I’ve long said that if they ever realize they can do the same job over the Internet from a beachfront mansion in safe, sunny, income tax-free Florida, New York City will be done for. I suspect that day is drawing very close.

Incidentally, I don’t think I have to point out the prevailing political views in the least free and most free states, and how those have created the current situation, with residents of the former fleeing to the latter in droves. But just to show you that Democrat policies can always make a bad situation terrible, the rampant crime in New York City created by woke DAs and defunded police is about to get even worse, thanks to the Biden open borders policy.

New York Mayor Eric Adams announced that because of the high cost of dealing with all the illegal immigrants, the already strained-to-the-limit budgets for police, sanitation and other public necessities will be cut by 5%. They’ll also be slashing the budgets for education and museums and cultural institutions, and freezing hiring in such departments as education, health, aging and parks.

It’s gotten so bad that even rapper Cardi B went on a foul-mouthed social media tirade, complaining that the dirty city is going to get even dirtier, “crimes are gonna go through the roof” and “we’re gonna be drowning in rats!”

Yep. And just remember: you voted for it. And if I were a betting man, I’d bet the farm that next November, a lot of New Yorkers who are complaining about the crime, illegal immigration, budget cuts and more will vote for more of it. That includes some who aren’t even dead yet.


Here’s a truckload of cognitive dissonance that I’d like to dump on all those leftist college students in the streets and on TikTok who are railing against America and Israel and suddenly discovering the mind-blowing wisdom of Osama Bin Laden:

Last week, the rock band Coldplay played their first-ever gig in Muslim-majority Indonesia at a stadium in Jakarta. While the 70,000 seats sold out within hours, outside the stadium, about 300 members of a conservative Muslim group called the "anti-LGBT movement" protested and clashed with police. They shouted at concertgoers, calling them “LGBTQ supporters” and accused Coldplay of damaging the nation’s faith and morals by supporting gay rights.

News flash: These sound like exactly the sort of extreme views espoused by Osama Bin Laden, who also wanted to impose strict Sharia law worldwide. That not only calls for executing gay people, but forcing women to cover themselves from head to toe and never leave the home unless accompanied by an adult male.

While that would definitely cut down the size of the pro-Hamas campus demonstrations, I can’t help wondering if Osama’s new fan club members were aware that by supporting him, they’re endorsing killing gays and treating women like chattel. Or maybe they’re just being really loud and insistent about something they actually know less than nothing about. Wouldn’t be the first time.


Hey, Joe

Someone needs to alert President Biden to the growing threat of imagined Islamophobia.

Turmoil at X

There’s more turmoil at Twitter (now “X”), that I’m not going to try to explain because it would take so much space and time. But you can find out more at this link, and to pique your interest, it involves accusations of anti-Semitism and Elon Musk promising to file a “thermonuclear lawsuit” over those accusations against the leftist cancel culture purveyors, Media Matters.


Yes, in 2023, it’s actually necessary to stipulate in the headline that the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant was a biological woman.

Sinking like a stone

The latest NBC News poll shows President Biden’s approval rating has been falling since January, when it was 46%, to its lowest level ever now at 40%. Nearly two-thirds of Independents disapprove.

The biggest driver of the drop came with young voters aged 18 to 34. Their approval of Biden has plummeted from 46% in September to 31%.

Of course, as we’ve seen recently, that could be because so many of the Democrats’ young radical base are Hamas-supporting anti-Semites, and Biden is supporting Israel. He’s caught in an electoral Catch-22, because he needs their votes to win, but if he does what they want, he won’t get any votes from the non-crazy wing of his Party. I believe it was Kurt Schlichter who pointed out that the Democrats are in trouble because a large part of their base suddenly wants to kill another large part of their base. That’s rather hard for even the nimblest politician to straddle.

Related op-ed from Wayne Allyn Root: What if the Democrats get so panicked by Biden’s subterranean approval ratings that they replace him with their dream ticket of Gavin Newsom/Michelle Obama (or vice versa) – then discover that Americans blame all of them, not just Biden, for destroying border security and the economy and encouraging our enemies to launch World War III, and they see through all the indictments of Trump as the dirty abuse of power that they are, and elect Trump anyway?

The column actually ends a little too soon. I think it’s worth considering also how the Democrats would immediately revert to “election deniers” and do everything in their power to block Trump from taking office, and to ask if the Republicans are making any plans to deal with that possibility.

Inconvenient truth

Some “progressive” rabbis joined Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s rally demanding Israel call a ceasefire against Hamas, but things went hilariously off the rails when they started reading from the Torah and realized they had to skip over a lot of inconvenient parts about God giving that land to the Jews.

Britney Spears

I wouldn’t normally be writing about a topic like a memoir by pop star Britney Spears, but her new book contains a news-making revelation that not only shocked fans, it should also be shared with all young women who are lied to by the abortion lobby in so many ways.

Maybe if they read Britney’s own tragic story of what she went through when she was pressured into an unwanted abortion – both the never-ending feeling of loss and guilt from aborting her baby and the horrific physical pain and terror caused by the abortion pill (something abortion proponents don’t like to warn women about) – they’ll listen with a more open mind than when the message comes from politicians or activists.

A little relief

Since this is a short holiday week, I thought it might be fun to give you a little relief from your Monday blues with some satirical stories from the Babylon Bee. You’ll find more truth about the news from them than you will from MSNBC, and it’s a lot funnier.

Extra Laughs: Eighteen reasons why you really need an electric car:

We’re over the target: the left goes insane at release of all J6 video

On Greg Gutfeld’s FOX NEWS show Monday night, Greg showed some examples of headlines reacting with hysteria to House Speaker Mike Johnson’s release of all the Capitol video from January 6...




Recurring themes leap out: “far-right,” “conspiracy theories,” etc.  As Greg said, “Now, one of the ways you know you’re onto something is when the legacy media starts to sing in unison like the Beach Boys on AutoTune.”  They’ve flipped the script:  conservative Trump supporters are the terrorists and Hamas is the legitimate political party.

As we have done, he stressed that conservatives had long condemned the violence that Nancy Pelosi’s J6 committee showed us over and over, in video that’s “cut together so well it was up for an Oscar in the category of Best Editing.”  (For the record, it wasn’t, but its airing on TV should qualify it with that crowd for an Emmy.)

Be sure and see Greg’s monologue and opening panel discussion if you haven’t; the link is below.  It strikes so many right notes that, if my writers had the ethics of Joe Biden, they would’ve just stolen it and run as our own without attribution.  But Greg deserves credit here.

Gutfeld made it clear “to even the half-wits on THE VIEW” that no one is defending the violence that broke out.  (We certainly never did.)  “I may not support riots, but I do support the truth,” he said, “and we have the right to hear the whole story.”

That’s true “especially when many of the protesters were veterans and average citizens who just wanted their voices heard and have been prosecuted like they were Hamas --- actually worse than if they were Hamas, because no one was defending the Jan. 6-ers on campus.”

He noted that the video shows “the Capitol doors [were] more open than Hunter’s nose on a Saturday night” (which is saying something).  We see now that Capitol Police stood by and let protesters in and in some cases even escorted them.  How were these House-guests to have any clue they were doing something wrong?

As for the J6 “select” committee, Greg said, “Usually to get that kind of kangaroo court, you’d have to hop on a flight on Qantas.”  (Cut to:  airliner with kangaroo graphic on tail.)

“What’s now clear is that any video that didn’t fit the committee’s narrative was ditched like one of Joe Biden’s grandkids.”  (Wish we’d come up with that line, but at least we’re not plagiarists.)

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin has already complained about the “partisan nature” (!!) of the released video.  He complained on CNN that releasing it was “like giving a diagram [of the Capitol building] to future insurrectionists and terrorists and anybody who wants to invade our body.”  We won’t say what Greg said he was full of, but you know.

“I wonder if he knows you can take a tour and see most of the Capitol if you want to,” Greg offered, “and most committee hearings are open to the public.”  Of course, Raskin knows this, but he doesn’t expect you to think of it.

“The committee claimed to be ‘bipartisan,’” he said, “because they included ‘Republicans’ Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger...[who] cried more times during those hearings than a Kardashian at an onion-eating contest.  The puddles below Adam’s desk were so large, the hearings should’ve had a lifeguard on duty.”

On Monday, Bonchie at REDSTATE reported in an opinion piece that Kinzinger had “an hours-long mental breakdown over Mike Lee and the January 6 tapes.”  That’s no exaggeration; you can see how it unfolded in almost a dozen posts on “X.”  Isn’t it nice to know we had a member of Congress so smart and articulate that he resorts to insults like “dough face”?

Kinzinger is a ridiculous, juvenile person.  Just look at this…

We’ll give Kinzinger this:  he’s to be commended for having an Israeli flag in his posts.  But he deserves scorn for joining with Democrats to show just one aspect of the J6 story, which is, in effect, the same as lying to us.  As Bonchie commented, “What they didn't show us is [that] the vast majority of people who were present did what crowds often do, which is to wander around aimlessly with no actual intent to break the law. There's a reason the vast majority of people present at protests that get violent aren't even arrested, much less hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That's because the DOJ doesn't typically go after people for being adjacent to riotous behavior.”

Gutfeld’s monologue wasn’t all funny --- one part of it would tear your heart out.  He brought up the case of Matthew Perna, showing the video of him ambling peacefully down a hallway inside the Capitol.  “...Clearly, the police are not concerned or even directing the protesters to leave.”

Note that Perna was the perfect example of someone whom Bonchie described as “adjacent to riotous behavior.”

Perna was interviewed five days after the rally and charged a couple of days later with trespass, and he accepted that because he had walked into the building, but the legal fallout mounted as charges were piled on and he lost his business and the support of his community.  He lost weight and became more and more depressed.  When the “Justice” Department finally up-charged him with terrorism (!) and he faced a nine-year prison sentence, he cracked.  As you’ll hear in his sister’s story below, he hanged himself before his court date.

Gutfeld pointed out that while peaceful people such as Matt Perna were destroyed and President Trump is condemned for “mean tweeting,” Antifa and pro-Hamas thugs who committed huge acts of violence --- the destruction of a police station in Seattle, the attack on a federal courthouse, even the riot at DNC headquarters --- weren’t investigated.

Dan Bongino delivered some powerful must-see commentary as well, starting about 16 minutes into his Monday podcast, linked to below.  He showed the video of Matthew Perna and told his heartbreaking story.

“The left didn’t want you to see this,” Bongino said, “because now they know you know we do not have two systems of justice; we have one.  It is a communist system of justice with a hierarchy.  If you are a Trump supporter and you...walk in the Capitol --- some through an open door --- you don’t get charged [just] with trespass.  You get a terrorism enhancement, potentially nine years in jail…”

But nothing happens to you, he said, if you’re a leftist who marches into the Capitol and occupies Kevin McCarthy’s office during a vote on a continuing resolution.  “You understand why they wanted to hide these tapes from you?”  The reason is, they don’t want you to be able to compare and contrast this to what the left gets away with.  More than anything, tyrants fear exposure.

“I want you to know, folks,” he said, “they will burn this freaking place to the ground, the left.  They will censor you, they will destroy your career, your finances, destroy the economy, they will put you in jail” so they can remain in power.

Bongino featured Geri Perna, the aunt of Matt Perna, on his radio show Monday to talk about how the government destroyed her nephew.

The wounds are obviously still fresh.  Here’s what Geri had to say in the aftermath of his death…

Here’s Tucker Carlson’s interview with her from around that time.  She said the local newspaper had censored a couple of lines from the obituary she had written, one being that “a lot of people were responsible for his death.”  At that time, she also spoke bitterly about the lack of support from Republicans on Capitol Hill.

RELATED READING:  Now that the thousands of hours of video have bene released and picked through, there seems to be no evidence whatsoever that Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn’s sworn testimony about being repeatedly being called the “n-word” by J6 protesters is true.

Also, here’s a provocative essay that will probably get us demonetized (That’s why we hope you’ll subscribe to the newsletter on Substack if you don’t already!)  Time has been on the side of those who expressed doubts about election integrity on January 6.  Here’s Rob Natelson with his eminently reasonable “Why I Still Doubt the 2020 Election,” which uses history to make a strong case that “changing the rules would be perfectly in character for leftists in charge of election machinery.”  It’s a must-read!


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  • Paul Kern

    11/21/2023 10:15 PM

    What has transpired is a travesty. The left and many RINOs have been shown to be in bed with the Devil! God and His people truly awake must work to restore sanity. The left is eating it's own!

  • Stephen Russell

    11/21/2023 04:06 PM

    J6 Videos:

    Awesome share on your TBN show