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November 10, 2023

Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, announced Thursday that more subpoenas from his committee were issued on the Biden impeachment inquiry.

A day after subpoenas went out for Hunter Biden, James Biden and business partner Rob Walker, they were also issued for business associates Eric Schwerin, who was managing director of Rosemont Seneca Partners, the firm founded by Hunter and Devon Archer, and Mervyn Yan; art gallery owner George Berges; and art patron Elizabeth Naftali, who made news for purchasing Hunter’s art for $500,000 at Berges’ gallery and also being appointed to a prestigious commission.  Remember this?

Yan is an unfamiliar name, but the committee subpoenaed him back in April, not for testimony but for financial records connected to Hunter’s business dealings.  Now he’ll be questioned.

The committee has also requested a transcribed interview with the trustee of rural hospital operating company Americore Holdings, which paid the Bidens $600,000, reportedly to use Joe Biden’s name and influence to get money from a Middle Eastern investment firm.

As reported by NEWSMAX, several earlier requests for interviews are expected to be backed up this week with subpoenas:  to Sara Biden, James Biden’s wife; Hallie Biden, widow of Hunter’s deceased brother Beau; Elizbeth Secundy, Hallie’s sister; Melissa Cohen, Hunter’s current wife; and former business associate Tony Bobulinski, whom one would think wouldn’t require a subpoena, as he’s already been refreshingly transparent about the “family business.”

Berges the gallery owner, on the other hand, has shown unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation.  Thus the subpoena.

There are more requests for transcribed interviews as well --- and here are some unfamiliar names:  Carol Fox of Americore,  Joey Langston, John Hynansky and Jason Galanis, who, according to NEWSMAX, is currently in prison after pleading guilty in January 2020 to “multiple fraudulent schemes.”

Comer waited until he had evidence in hand before bringing these witnesses in to testify.  “A plethora of bank records, texts, emails and a transcribed interview with Biden family associate Devon Archer all show the Bidens and his business partners sold access to the highest levels of our government, including Joe Biden himself, to the detriment of America’s interests,” he said in a statement.

House Ways and Means Committee chair Jason Smith said, “Every step of this investigation has uncovered a web of business associates linked to Hunter Biden and the Biden family business with Joe Biden as the brand center of it all...The three committees have identified extensive evidence of influence peddling even with only a limited view of the relevant information due to significant resistance from the individuals and government agencies involved.”

“Americans across this country have made it clear to President Joe Biden, the Biden family, and their associates that the gig is up.”

This additional report from Brooke Singman at FOX NEWS Digital includes some interesting details, such as the fact that art dealer Berges has long-standing ties to China and said in 2015 that he wanted to be the art world’s “lead guy in China.”  (Not the “Big Guy”?)

Singman also reports that Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell wrote a letter to new House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana to tell him to stop Chairmen Comer, Smith and Jordan from continuing their investigation.  “This is yet another political stunt,” Lowell said, “aimed at distracting from the glaring failure of Rep. Comer and his MAGA allies to prove a single one of their wild and now discredited conspiracies about the Biden family.”

So, what’s been discredited, exactly?  Lowell’s statement is so pathetically false, sounds like something said in a pinch by White House spokesman Ian Sams.  Any serious thought that these committee chairs would shut down their own investigations, after dealing with an FBI that had effectively done that very thing, is delusional.

Comer appeared on Thursday’s HANNITY show to talk about the subpoenas, saying they’ve issued ten so far and have requested interviews with another ten, with “a few more to go.”  They’ll end up with “about two dozen people,” he said, who have “a great deal of knowledge about just exactly what the Bidens were doing and who the people were that were wiring the money from the foreign countries to the Bidens.”

When asked by Sean Hannity if we know anything the Bidens did for all this money, Comer answered, “Not a thing.  Absolutely nothing.”  They got millions of dollars from “bad people from bad countries,” he said, “that were in trouble or wanting something,” going on to mention the firing of Burisma Holdings prosecutor Viktor Shokin in Ukraine.

Abbe Lowell reportedly wants the “Justice” Department to investigate witness Tony Bobulinski.  According to Comer, Bobulinski responded to this attempt at witness intimidation with, “Bring it on.”  Comer said, “The amount of interference by Biden and his followers is unprecedented in this case, yet we continue to provide new evidence on a daily basis of major criminal wrongdoing by the Biden family.  And at the center of this was President Joe Biden.”

As Newt Gingrich said last night, the case isn’t complicated.  “Joe Biden and his family are collectively ‘the Sopranos’ of...Delaware,” in that they really are crooks.  Gingrich went further to paraphrase legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy as saying, “We’re going to have to come to grips with the fact that we have a Chinese Communist agent in the White House --- the President.”  The word “agent” might be too strong, Gingrich said, but by any reasonable standard, Biden has been corrupted by “a series of our enemies.”

Comer and his investigators, Gingrich said, “are finally going to paint a picture so vivid that every American [whether ‘for’ the left or ‘for’ the right] is gonna understand...[we] have a President who is fatally corrupted and who was corrupted by our deepest enemies in the world.  He’s frightening.”

Comer told investigative reporter John Solomon Tuesday night that his committee WILL hold non-cooperative witnesses in contempt and that the last witness they interview will be President Biden.  This being an impeachment inquiry, the fundamental question will be “what role did Joe play in all of this?”

He says his committee can prove that Joe Biden benefited from his family’s foreign business dealings, but that he’s still looking for evidence on whether or not the money flowing to Joe from brother James had anything to do with “loans.”  The White House has come right out and said they won’t be cooperating on that.

The committee is also trying to determine to what extent Hunter used business proceeds to pay his father’s expenses.  The fact that they were sharing a bank account surely makes this determination challenging, but we’d say just the intermingling of funds says a lot.




As reported by JUST THE NEWS, Jeffrey Gelfound, a tax accountant hired by Hunter to avoid consequences that would embarrass the Biden family, was a cooperating witness for the IRS in the Hunter tax case and is likely to be a key witness if the first son is charged with tax crimes by Special Counsel David Weiss.  He could also be called by the Oversight Committee.  John Solomon reports that IRS investigators learned that Hunter had allegedly misrepresented his income and deductions even to the accountant he had hired to help.

Read about the “unusual” representation letter this accountant’s firm signed with this challenging client just days after the 2020 election.  For when you have time, there’s lots of information here.

So, how will President Biden react as the investigation gets closer to him?  Texas Rep. Pat Fallon predicts “he’ll lawyer-up because he doesn’t want the truth to come out.”  (The interview clip below will roll into another interview with Rudy Giuliani on the same subject; great observations.)

And, in more FBI-corruption news, three whistleblowers have accused high-level senior FBI officials of retaliating against agents for their political and religious beliefs, and also for their associations with former employees who were interviewed for the just-released Dinesh D’Souza/Dan Bongino documentary POLICE STATE.  Penalty took the form of revoking their security clearances, which in effect dooms agents’ careers.  In a statement to the WASHINGTON TIMES, the FBI disputed they had done this.  We have to say, though, it reads like a denial written by Christopher Wray, and that is not meant as a compliment.

The WT story is not behind a paywall, so I hope you’ll take advantage of this freebie and read it.

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