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November 6, 2023

In his “Coffee With Scott Adams” podcast on Sunday, bestselling author, trained hypnotist and persuasion expert Scott Adams spoke of the importance of not staying in a partisan “bubble” where news is concerned.  Both sides of an issue, he said, are guilty of leaving out information that would add heft to the opposing point of view.  For example, any documentary that presents just one side is going to seem highly persuasive; it’s like any prosecution’s one-sided case as presented to a grand jury that gives rise to the expression, “You can indict a ham sandwich.”

We’d like to think Adams would approve of the effort we’re making to get the broader picture of the Biden financial scandal.

For example, while it would be easy just to absorb and spew out opinions from conservative sites that suit our own conclusions about what the Bidens have done, we take as many side trips into mainstream media coverage as we can stand without risking having our heads explode.  (Admittedly, it’s not many.)  It’s fascinating, in fact, to analyze what they’ve been doing to shape the narrative and how they shift their strategy as more evidence emerges.

So, let’s go to POLITICO.  This Sunday, November 5, they ran a story written by Ben Schreckinger headlined, “Fresh revelations contradict Joe Biden’s sweeping denials on Hunter.”  And, yes, that headline is refreshing to see and certainly borne out by the facts.  But then there’s this pesky subhead:  “The president hasn’t been shown to have committed wrongdoing, but a POLITICO review of recent developments casts doubt on several statements.”

Hold the phone --- “the president hasn’t been shown to have committed wrongdoing”?  That’s the disclaimer we virtually always see in some form in mainstream reports on this scandal.  For the moment, let’s set aside the question of whether Joe Biden has broken criminal laws --- he won’t be indicted as a sitting President, anyway --- and start by defining “wrongdoing.”

Is it wrong to lie to the American people about whether you or your family have taken money from China?  In a presidential debate yet, with millions watching, while pointing a finger at President Trump and accusing him of the very thing we now know HIS family did?  Joe Biden did that.  Is it wrong to lie (also during a presidential debate) and portray Hunter’s laptop as “Russian disinformation”?  He did that, too.  Is it wrong to repeatedly feign ignorance about your son’s foreign business affairs, deny meeting his business associates and such?  He also did that.  Indeed, the main point of the POLITICO piece is that we can now see he’s done those things.

So, unless lying your head off doesn’t count as “wrongdoing,” whoever wrote that subhead (to be fair, Schreckinger probably didn’t) is negating the very point of the article.

Schreckinger himself is to be commended for the facts he put in his piece, but he left out a lot.  Why would a brand new piece that came out over the weekend fail to include last week’s blockbuster revelations from the House Oversight Committee, the hard evidence in the form of bank records, the 20 shell companies, multitudes of bank accounts spread out among family members, and the money trail leading from a CCP-affiliated company through Hunter’s companies through James and Sara Biden and on to the “Big Guy,” to give him his cut of 10 percent, paid for by a personal check to Joe labeled “loan repayment”?  Is Schreckinger saving all that for a follow-up piece?  Will it still say there’s no proof of wrongdoing?

The POLITICO piece throws in a few obligatory disclaimers that are essentially immaterial.  For example, it says Republicans “have turned up no proof for the claims of Biden’s most zealous detractors:  that he took official actions on account of his relatives’ business dealings.”  Yes, proof of that would be even more serious, but we’d like to see the Oversight Committee shine a light on Biden’s suspicious action on his first day in office (!) to abolish the China Initiative against Chinese spying and theft of intellectual material, which is not mentioned in this piece.  In the meantime, whether “official actions” can be proved in court or not, the Biden family profiting from trading on his name is still BRIBERY.

Schreckinger also mentions there’s no proof Biden discussed business or offered favors to Hunter’s foreign business associates at the infamous Cafe Milano dinner.  Fine to include, but this is something else that doesn’t matter.

If you go on to read the POLITICO piece, you’ll also see that much information is left out about the firing of Viktor Shokin.

There was one thing the author DID include that we’d been unaware of and find very interesting.  One of the two digital experts who authenticated emails about the Cafe Milano dinner for POLITICO insisted on anonymity because he feared “retaliation.”  What about THAT?  Retaliation from whom??

The main take-away from this piece is that the mainstream media are slowly coming to terms with the President’s repeated lying about his family’s finances and business ties.  They really have no choice, because it’s coming out no matter what.  This evidence of corruption, when combined with Joe’s fading cognitive ability, plummeting poll numbers and increasingly chaotic administration, both domestically and globally, ensures that he won’t be the nominee in ‘24.  The media must be taking their marching orders from...somewhere...and they’ve been given the okay to start picking at the scab that is the Biden administration.

And to show that we’re not just presenting one side, here’s that POLITICO piece.

So, just who might be flipping that switch and giving the media that go-ahead?  Recall that President Obama was in the news last week for speaking about something deceptively called “inclusive capitalism.”  He made another appearance on Saturday, this time on POD SAVE AMERICA to talk about the conflict in the Middle East, carefully threading the needle by condemning the actions by Hamas but also sympathizing with Gaza.

The solution, he said, would be “one that is based on genuine security for Israel, a recognition of its right to exist, and a peace that is based on the end of the occupation and the creation of a viable state and self-determination of the Palestinian people.”  As if genuine security for Israel were even possible, given Hamas’ mission of destroying all Jews and their recent unprovoked demonstration of that unquenchable desire.

Obama spread the blame around, saying you “have to admit that nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree.”  He asked of his time in office, “What could I have done during my presidency to move this forward?  As hard as I tried --- and I’ve got the scars to prove it --- was there something else I could have done?”

We’re bringing this up here not to get into a discussion on Israel (we’ll cover that elsewhere, along with the outraged reaction to Obama’s moral equivalency and “occupation” blather), but to show that Obama is still very much in the mix and is starting to make his appearance increasingly felt.  He can’t run for another term, but the Democrat on the ticket next year will no doubt be his hand-picked successor, to continue his legacy while he pulls the strings.  That’s his preferred way of operating; he’s admitted as much.  So if you wonder why the mainstream/left media are coming down harder on Biden all of a sudden, this might have something to do with it.





Here’s a more comprehensive analysis of what President Biden must have known about his family’s influence-peddling, which is to say, “...During Joe Biden’s two terms as Vice President, the influence of his public office was sold to governments and nationals in at least four countries to the tune of $20 million.  James E. Campbell asks some sharp questions.  And this was written on October 29, before the Oversight Committee had reported their latest on the Biden bank records.

As reported in the DAILY CALLER, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has opened an investigation of the federal intelligence agencies for alleged obstruction in the probe of the Biden family business dealings.

He accuses the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) of giving Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson a briefing in August 2020 that was used by political opponents to falsely claim their investigation was based on “foreign disinformation.”  Jordan is also investigating the FITF for allegedly coordinating with social media companies to censor speech online, including the NEW YORK POST Hunter laptop story.  Details here…

By the way, Jordan is bringing in Special Counsel David Weiss tomorrow (Tuesday) for a behind-closed-doors deposition.




If you didn’t see Maria Bartiromo’s SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES yesterday --- maybe you forgot to reset your clock --- here’s what you missed regarding the Biden scandal…

In a great interview, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson comments on Jim Jordan’s above-mentioned investigation of the intelligence agencies.  Their suppression of evidence of Biden corruption is “a massive, massive scandal,” he says.

Kentucky Rep. James Comer says that with most of the bank records in hand, his issue of subpoenas to the Biden family are “imminent.”  Citing the POLITICO piece about Biden’s lies that we wrote about above, he suggests that the media are starting to turn.

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