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December 7, 2023

We’ve discovered yet another reason why Disney fought tooth and nail to keep control of the Reedy Creek district in Florida where its theme parks are, and not to have it taken over by a state oversight board. According to an audit conducted by the Central Tourism Oversight District, for years, Disney has been proving the truism that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The report found that Disney was operating essentially as an “experimental absolute monarchy,” a private corporate kingdom that had accrued so much power that they could have built a nuclear power plant if they’d wanted (that would explain the six-foot mice.) 

The company dominated the Board of Supervisors, using employee benefits like free passes to buy loyalty and ensure board decisions favorable to Disney (aka “corruption.”) They exempted themselves from paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fees normally used to build and maintain infrastructure. Despite bringing in more and more workers, they used their influence to prevent the board from spending money on essential civic projects such as affordable housing, schools or public transportation.

You can read more about the Corporate Kingdom at the link. As you do, remember all the “progressives” who claim to oppose corporations and capitalism and champion workers’ rights, public schools, public housing, mass transit and all the rest of the things Disney quashed – but who sided with Disney in its fight to maintain its ironfisted grip on power just because the person trying to loosen it was Ron DeSantis. Politics uber alles!

Related: The Babylon Bee had some fun with the notion of Disney boycotting Twitter (X) because it allegedly doesn’t live up to Disney’s high moral standards.

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  • Ann-Marie Christine

    12/10/2023 08:24 PM

    I had the opportunity to read the case between Disney and DeSantis (and all other defendants). Disney definitely puts the bad-guy spin on our FL governor and his Cabinet. The biggest take-a-way for me is that Disney never should have been allowed to get so far away from our State's moral and ethical guidelines within their special district. I am glad that Ron DeSantis and team finally did catch on and deal with it. Government oversight committee should have seen and reported something years before. Youth at stake, adults already brainwashed there (@Disney)

  • Floyd Unger

    12/08/2023 03:27 PM

    Excellent tis about time for the truth to come out. Actually I have been avoiding Disney and anything not from it’s roots for many many years…decades.